Thursday, May 31, 2012

Candied Violets~Violas~

I bought the Jardin sign for my friend who single handedly is creating a verger..and a potager~ I am beyond impressed:)
I liked the little sign so much I took photos before offering it to her.. I added more of my favorite things~ Violas~ My Mother's Favorite Books~ And My Maman. Not in order of importance:) AS the last would be first.. I sugared some hopes of adorning a light dessert for my husband~ It is easy to candy violets~ Look them up on Google:) You can make a mix of egg white and water..and brush on..then simply scatter fine granulated sugar on top.. I lay mine on wax paper and turn over occasionally..until dry.. If you fear egg can..simply follow step 2.. Old fashioned egg-white version: Violet flowers, at least 20 in excellent condition with stems still attached, untreated with chemicals 1 egg white Caster/fine sugar Sugar and water version (no egg-white): Violet flowers, at least 20 in excellent condition with stems still attached, untreated with chemicals 1/2 cup water 1 cup granulated sugar 1/4 tsp almond extract or 1 tsp rosewater (optional) Caster/fine sugar (to sprinkle) I have a pesticide free I have no worries re my flowers.I grow a lot of edible blooms because I find them beautiful.Topping a salad..decorating a dish.. in ice cubes.. the possibilities are endless~ Calendula,roses,lavender,nasturtiums..etc... The complete instructions can be found HERE~ I think end of May..June is the most glorious time in the garden..
Everything amazes me..Every Day~ Because it changes every single day~ What a great gift from nature gardens are.
We lived in the city when I was little and there were a few of these Bridal Wreath Spireas around,my chubby little hands would gather several clusters tightly to make a bouquet for my mom..I still remember and had to have some here..They are flowering abundantly right now and with the rain we had..they are bowing to the sun~ In appreciation I am sure~For me. In an early Spring garden I like to have; Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths Forget-Me -Nots Violas Ajuga Lily -Of TheValley Bleeding Hearts Columbines Ferns Hostas Johnson's Blue Geraniums Flowering trees such as Lilacs,Crabapples,Serviceberries. Vinca Muscari Scilla Anemone Magnolia. I am certain I am forgetting some..but these have bloomed here so far.. At the moment my favorites are The Korean Lilacs..Beautiful..lush ,full.Not like regular lilac trees.


  1. I have always been amazed by the pictures of your garden. Lush and lovely...I cannot imagine having so many blooming plants. The color phases that the garden goes through must be beautiful...
    Love your violets...

  2. Everything so beautiful my friend! Everything bloomed so early here...we had so much rain the peonies and Iris were not blooming for very long....i love your pics, looks like Eden!
    Bisous xo

  3. I do that every year with the pansies and violas -- this year I added rose petals (for I'm doing a class) and they taste of roses (with no added rosewater) and I've also done the whole blooms of lavender -- great for decoration and delicious as well!

  4. Monique, everything you do amazes me! Beautiful photos. I know your friends will appreciate the thoughtful gift.

  5. Everything is blooming beaucoup trop vite here also!~
    You are all really kind with your thoughts.remember we really only show what's doing well.:)

    Martha I love the idea of the whole lavender..thank you so much for sharing that.I have never thought of it!
    Have a great day everyone..

  6. Your gardens are amazing Monique. My grandmother loved to grow violets and had a tall stand full of them in her family room. I've seen candied violets on cakes, but never knew how to make them. Merci beaucoup.

  7. I have to agree with you about the Korean lilac...i loveee them too!
    It is so good to be back and to find this beautiful table once again with a place for me!

  8. I love the jardin sign - so pretty. This is the most wonderful time of year - my favorite too. I love seeing all of the changes in the garden.

    I have to pull violets out of my garden as they volunteer themselves everywhere. This would be a wonderful way to use them. I'd love to try this with nasturium!

  9. Splendid flowers! Nature is really perfect. Candied violets are divine. A lovely sign.



  10. My jaw always falls open embarrassingly when I come here...
    How does she do it?
    You are one of the most creative people M.
    I'm in complete awe :O

  11. How wonderfully beautiful Monique! I am in awe of your garden. You are such a talented woman. You truly are. Hope you know I love you! xxoo

  12. Beautiful post Monique; I have never candied violets, but now I will. That is so cool that your friend is making un potager; the name is enchanting me.I do love that little sign. Bonne fin de semaine.

  13. You are all really nice.. I have time on my hands to garden..and the space to do it with sunshine and shade.It's a gift to me..I walk around the gardens many times a day:) Seeing what's an hour things can change.It's my exercise my garden.not the walking around..but the weeding ..edging..:)

    The little violets spread here too.. and not all that easy to remove when they are in a spot that does not favor their being there..
    I liked the little sign as soon as I saw it also..It's still here wrapped up..I haven't had the occasion to give it to her yet
    Have a great day~

  14. Did you make that sign? Remarkable wire work... it's a painful job and you did it beautifully.

    I do like candied violets... always buy them which is nuts, right? SUch a simple recipe to make them...

  15. D~ You make everything so well:) You could beautify Candied Violets..

    No I didn't make the sign..we have a lovely store in Mtl..:Renaud~ Bray..You can find very unusual things and the best books:)
    Love that store:)

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  17. I've been wanting to experiment more with flowers and cooking. This is an excellent way to start. How elegant and spectacular the flowers must have been on the dessert plate.