Monday, May 28, 2012

~The Fairy Hobmother~

Scilla and Cornflower are whispering a little secret in their compound~
The secret all about the Fairy Hobmother~ I had heard of The Fairy..but The Fairy Hobmother had never visited me..I guess The Fairy Hobmother never knew how fond I am of Fairies~:)
I am:) The Fairy Hobmother.. visits you on your blog..and offers you a hostess gift of a gift certificate at Amazon. I think that's quite gracious and nice..and I accepted.. If you would like to have the Fairy Hobmother visit you..all you need do is leave a comment and maybe the Fairy will pick just never know!
I am spending much more time gardening..
Than baking these will be sharing more gardens and crafts than food perhaps.. So keep your fingers crossed..and you too may get a visit from The Fairy Hobmother..The visit will bring a smile to your face:)
Makes you feel like a child:) The Fairy Hobmother~ Thanks Again~


  1. I have heard of that special fairy, but I didn't think she came to Canada. Anxious to find out what you chose.
    Your garden is so enchanting; just enjoying your photos of it makes me happy.
    Like you, I think fairies really do exist somewhere in my soul.
    Bonne semaine Monique.

  2. I love your garden and craft photos, Monique. You always inspire me to spend more time with my flowers. The fairies definitely have a special place in your garden. What fun to have the Fairy Hobmother stop by for a visit.

  3. Your pictures are lovely. I have lots of fairies in my garden -- we have an elderberry grove in one corner specifically to attract the fairy promenade on Midsummer's Eve.

  4. Une publication pleine de charme... Il est bon de faire des rencontres féeriques... Il suffit de prendre le temps de contempler la nature et je suis certaine que beaucoup de fées vivent parmi nous...
    Merci ma chère Nana pour ces merveilleuses photos.
    Gros bisous à vous et à ce charmant petit!

  5. Monique, your garden is enchanting. Your "boys" must love visiting. Always sometime special find.


  6. Oh Monique, what a gorgeous post...
    I too love and believe in fairies.
    Your photos are exquisite.
    How lucky the alphabet boys are to have that garden to discover and explore.....
    reminds me of that movie.....
    "the Secret Garden"
    Much love
    Shel ♥

  7. PS.....I will pop by the Fairy Hobmother now.....what a gracious fairy she is.

  8. Monique, you know how much I love fairies. I adored all your garden pictures! I can see clearly that you and I both have the same tastes in things. That's pretty special I think! xxoo

  9. I love the Fairy Hobmother and have indeed been visited once.

    Your photos are so beautiful, ethereal, lovely and romantic - to make any Fairy Godmother smile.

  10. Thank you..and good luck to all of you~

  11. I've had a visit too! Such fun.
    This is the time of year to enjoy the outside, gardening and all the lovely spring flowers, Monique!

  12. I always suspected you were a magical creature!
    You made me smile so much today my face hurts! A good hurt!
    Bisous my sweet!

  13. The fairies are cute but the happy face balloon and lego shoes are my favourites :)

  14. Me too:) Diane asked me if they were Noah's feet:) I said yes:)

  15. I'm so glad a tangible fairy payed you a visit :) The fairy picked the perfect place!

    I agree with Noah's Mom - the lego shoes are the best.

    Wishes do come true!

  16. Such nice pictures to look at this morning, have a great day!

  17. Your posts always make me smile. I can see when the Fairy Hobmother would want to stop and pay you a visit. Your gardens are so beautiful...I would want to spend as much time as possible in them as well.

  18. It is only fitting that the Fairy Hobmother visit you! It is a perfect match....a real-life fairy tale...

  19. OH I am clapping my hands...I do belive in fairy's. I do...I do...I do.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

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