Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day Trip~ Little Italy~

Ciao~ We like going to Little Italy~Everything looks good to me there..Dante store..all the winding iron stairs..:) Old and weathered and colorful..or not~  The market..Milano's.
We went the week of The Grand Prix and never even thought about The Grand Prix! The Main.St -Laurent..was blocked off and all the side arteries~ Oh lala..we had to park far from Milano and the resto..but the walk was many Fiats:) And people! There was a joy in the air.. the terrasses lined the road..Jean-Talon..the tents..the cars..Believe me I am not a car person..But I have become a Fiat person.And seeing the vintage ones was such a treat:) Not to mention finally seeing some of Milano's renovations..It looks great! More kitchen paraphenalia.. Really nice..I was able to pick up certain items they only have..and we were greeted as nicely as ever.
 At our resto we had the fresh lasagne and vongole pasta..This was a carbonara we had the last time.I am a pasta nut.  All their pastas are quite edible:) This is not the terrasse where we ate..but it is in that area~ At Milano..I can get lovely products.. like this colorful pasta,, Evoos, .. Gnocchis:)(N and D)..My moisturizer that I first bought in Italy and tried on for the first time in the villa in San Gimignano~Actually some say Olive Oil is just as good~
This brand is now found at my Costco also..We like it very much.I have mentioned it before.Olive Oil should leave a peppery  after taste,at the back of your throat,,perhaps peppery is not the right word~But you feel something.
I have liked going to Little Italy for a long time.But must admit since seeing the real thing..I love it even more..

Undoubtedly one of my many favorite vistas is the one above..It was surreally calm,the expanse glorious..and looked like a painting~It kind of looked like it would be heavenly to live there...It was a fun project to try and paint this little vignette when I came back as the cover of our photo album~
I see how timid I was with color  and I see I have not done enough watercolors in the last years to improve..I don't even know if I could still do this one..I have to take the time to sit and practice.
I'd like to remedy the fact that I just stood I do love watercolors..and have  paper..pencils..brushes..pans. journals,pads  .:)

I appreciate everything I see and learn..
I will share something with you soon that has to do with art and journaling in a way...It may inspire   some of you.
It is inspiring me~


  1. A beautiful post. Your country is truly gorgeous. And this area just reminds me of Europe.
    Suspense...ohh I love it! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve:~)
    Have a good week.

  2. It is so beautiful, I love your painting, just the way it is: so airy... Fantastic!

  3. Monique, all you do and share inspired me! Thanks for sharing this trip to Little Italy. Made me wish I could tag along.
    Ciao~ Sarah

  4. I saw you this afternoon in Fifi's beautiful nice that you where in it.,

  5. Thank you for your lovely post,while I was scrolling down, I felt I was there with you. It's nice to visit somewhere, where you are able get some of your favorate things.

  6. Thank you..The thing I love most about blogging is you.
    All of you:)

    Sarah..I thought of you while enjoying my current read that I will soon share~
    I thought of many of you..

    You'll see:)

  7. Hi Monique,
    Beautiful post of your Little Italy. Wish I could visit there someday. Your photographs are so very beautiful, as is your lovely painting. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  8. What a fun day trip. It is nice that you were able to pick up some of your favorite items. You captured the scene nicely in your watercolor.

  9. We would love to go to Italy and hope to the next time we're in Provence. It's not that far actually. You've inspired me to make sure that happens.

  10. You have to go Sam:) It is so you...
    Hope you get there..Like you inspired me for St-Rémy:)

  11. Any day that reminds us of Italy is a good day.

  12. What a beautiful place to visit - the Little Italy and of course the real one too! It must be so nice to have a local place so handy and full or wonderful places to shop.

    I love your watercolor :)

  13. Très chouette, ta peinture ... J'aime bien ta façon de décrire l'huile d'olive ... C'est vrai que la gorge se trouve comme enrobée d'un voile légèrement poivré ... Tu as tout à fait raison ... C'est particulièrement net dans les huiles non filtrées de première récolte que l'on trouve par ici ... et c'est tellement bon ! ;o)

  14. Thank you for sharing your Little Italy, I must head north and visit your country has been too long. I think your painting captured the loveliness of the country as did the photo.