Sunday, July 22, 2012

She's In The Kitchen~

And she taught me how to make these~

Look..pretty pickled onions:)  To serve with many things..
I was anxious to try Katrina's recipe..I had the jars and cute new printable Avery labels..The Martha Stewart collection.They are affordable and print up well.
These pickled red onions can be served with many things..At Katrina's blog(the header got me the first time I laid eyes upon it:))..she will make suggestions as to what these onions go well with..
In the interim..Courtesy of Katrina...Here is the easy peasy recipe~

Here's how to make them:

2 juicy red onions
pinch red pepper flakes
1 cup red wine vinegar
1 cup white vinegar
1 t. kosher salt
1 t. bottled capers
fresh dill sprigs

Wash a quart jar well, and dip into boiling water.  Use tongs to lift out the jar and drain.

Peel the red onions, trimming off the ends and papery outside, then slice thinly.

Place onion slices into a small pan, cover with water, and bring to a boil.  Simmer for a minute, then drain the onion slices.

Using the same pot, measure out the red wine vinegar and white vinegar and bring to a boil for 1 minute.  Set aside for a moment, and add the red pepper flakes, the kosher salt, the capers, and the dill springs to the jar.  Add the drained and blanched red onions, then cover with the hot vinegar mixture.  Top off with a sprig of dill and let cool, then screw on the lid and place pickled onions in the fridge.

I have begun making sliders again~
They are a 10 in a sweet little slider~



  1. I love pickled onions. Love the look of the jar.

  2. Une jolie recette. J'ai beaucoup d'oignons rouges au jardin. Bisous

  3. Parabéns! Seu blog é lindo. Tanta beleza para desfrutar.


  4. Monique, we like to make sliders here so will have to try adding some of these. Looks delicious!
    Thanks for the thoughtful comment on my Nantucket post. You are so sweet to offer the little basket earrings, but I doubt I'd ever wear them. You should use them as an embellishment on one of your creative ideas. Hope you get back to the island one day. ;-)

  5. We love pickled onions.
    Your bottle looks so exquisite!

  6. OK Sarah:) i thought they would look cute on you:)With your beautiful basket collection:)

    Shel..the red jewels:) is nice to see more of you was a treat when I heard of your visit to PEI.

    Have a great day everyone:)

  7. Oh, they came out beautifully - and I love your sliders! My jar is already 2/3rds gone , we've used it on all sorts of summer platters and sandwiches, cold chicken and avocado salad. Nicely done, Nana!

  8. Your new headed is beautiful.

  9. Another project for this week. Thank you and love those little sliders!!!!
    Wishing you a happy week!

  10. Love the sound of pickled red onions, I'll definately have to try that recipe. After nearly 50yrs of marrage next month, my lovely hubby will love me even more than ever, if I produce a jar as good as yours look.Thanks Monique.
    Barbara Lilian xx

  11. I am almost 40 yrs Barbara:) What a sweet response..Bon Anniversaire!
    Bonjour aussi.. Kelley~ thanks to you again~

    Jojo your last post was so dear~

  12. Pickled onions are delicious. Yours look so pretty! I will give them a try.

  13. Oh my, those look fabulous Mme Monique!! I have red onions and I have some Kilner jars so I just may do this if I can find the right vinegar. The Toddster would LOVE these! Everything you do is so beautiful. I love your sweet spirit which you share so very generously with us. It makes me feel all warm and happy. Love YOU. xxoo

  14. Your jar makes the onions even more special Monique. So nice to know where to find the labels too.

  15. Thanks for the introduction to Katrina, Monique. This is a great recipe and I love your printable labels. I must spend more time at Office Depot in that section to see what they have!
    Love, love your inscribed trivet! Such fun. The cookies are adorable and you've tied them perfectly for presentation.

  16. Monique, your sliders are so cute. And those onions. Moe loves onions. I just might have to make these for him.
    You always share the best recipes.

  17. I think you should try to sell these pickled onions! The jars are so beautiful, I'd want to keep the onions in them just to preserve the image.

  18. I think you should try to sell these pickled onions! The jars are so beautiful, I'd want to keep the onions in them just to preserve the image.

  19. Delicious and perfect in sandwiches or burgers!



  20. I've never made them, that looks so easy I will have to try. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I love onions in all forms but have never tried them pickled. I must - they look so delicious. Speaking of anniversaries...we just celebrated 38 years last weekend :)

  22. Oohh lala!
    L xo

  23. Happy Anniversary! you know how closely we follow each other:)
    I hope some of you try these.. as they are so good and a cinch to make..they remind me of all pickled things my dad loved~
    Again Katrina..Thanks so much~

  24. I love pickled onions and the recipe is nice because it makes just the right amount.

  25. Here I am in 2017, forgot all bout this post - I do thank you, my dear Nana!