Monday, July 9, 2012

Edibles~I love to grow them~

Our summers are not extremely long here..But the those few short us the opportunity to GROW things we normally buy.I love flowers..I love herbs..But then again I love to garden and I love to cook:) They go hand in hand~
To walk outside and pick add to food..makes me feel rich.
So far everything is coming up so well..Hot and dry here my tomatoes get a bucket of water a day:)
I am particularly proud of my calendulas and sunflowers as those are 2 that  I started from seed..amongst a basement in QC:)well..mine to be exact..  I will gather the seeds of the calendula to grow again..This year I had to buy them.
Today..I picked special blooms.. and herbs  basil..  2 kinds.. calendulas..pansies..nasturtiums,lilies..and a zucchini add to a home made quiche for dinner.I baked the quiche earlier in the day as it is HOT HOT HOT here..Très hot:)

The like most quiches..they just vary w/ what you have on hand  and what you enjoy..

I used a  small  but deep removeable bottomed tart pan..several layers of Phyllo light crispy..

 2 eggs.. baby spinach I sautéed w/ olive oil,garlic and salt..roasted red peppers,spring green onions sautéed in buttah:),some different cheeses I had on hand.. brie..parmigiano..mozzarella..some rich cream..salt and pepper  ..lots of basil..not really too much of anything and everything because the pan is not huge.The added touch was many edible blooms chopped thinly..If you look closely enough you will see the deep blue of pansies.. the cream and gold of he calendulas,the peachy cream of the lilies..
I love quiches..I made my daughter's hearts of palm and tomato salad  to accompany..and some fresh bread..(I'll share this new recipe soon)..
A nice light dinner for a hot summer's day..

"I'd rather have flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck" ~ Emma Goldman

That's me too~



  1. It is terribly hot here also...fortunately, no humidity. I have never cooked with edible blooms before....with the exception of a squash blossom. Is there a distinct flavor?

  2. It looks so pretty...
    nothing beats picking one's own fresh herbs and flowers...
    soul food.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hi Kate..Nasturtiums are the pepperiest:) They add a lovely touch..Calendula has a slight taste too..slightly adds loads of color and interest to salads such as quinoa.. couscous..

    You too have a wonderful week..

    You never know what lies ahead do you?
    Just read on AOL a very talented young Canadian chef.. Chef Anthony Sedlak..29 just passed away.Sad.He was so nice.

  4. Those flowers are so nice. I don't grow them but would love to someday.

  5. La petite note de Emma Goldman me plaît particulièrement...
    Ta petite quiche m'emballe tout autant, je la dégusterais volontiers à l'ombre de grands arbres... Je vois une longue table avec plein d'amis autour et parmi eux... je te rencontre!
    Gros bisous ma chère Nana.

  6. I added some nasturtiums this year to my herb bed, but I keep forgetting that I can eat them!

  7. Go for it Pam:)And they need very little water:)
    M~A,tes mots sont.. si doux..toujours.Un plaisir .

    Easy to grow Hélène:)

  8. I agree, love flowers in food... especially since I've not been able to have them for a few years. Now I am looking forward to using herb flowers to make a great pasta (old Chez Panisse recipe) and I think one of these quiches... lovely dish!

  9. WE are finally seeing summer weather here, but now the summer fires and smoke are here too. My nasturtiums have not bloomed as yet, but I can't wait!!

  10. I don't have much experience when it comes to cooking with flowers, but I' sure I'd love your magnificent quiche!



  11. Roses on the table, ME TOO! (good thing, they are not quite as expensive:)
    Your photo mosaic is just lovely.
    Enjoy your garden!

  12. Garden edibles are so much fun to grow. We planted nasturtiums, but they never came up unfortunately. Pansies are fall into winter flowers for us.

    Your quiche is so pretty Monique with the Phyllo dough. It's been hot here too.

  13. That looks so warm and hearty I think it would be perfect for our Winter table too. :)

  14. Love your quiche, I've never thought of adding nasturtiums. I usually put some in salades, or on the side of the serving plate to add some bright colour. Mine are covered in blackfly this year so I haven't been able to use them.
    Enjoy your garden & lovely recipes you share with us.

  15. Kelley:) I too!
    I know it's been so hot so many places.
    I have adjusted though.. it's so easy wearing less clothes than in winter:)

    I hope you are here when your nasturtiums bloom:) Ah..but if I was in Italy and HAD to miss them? I would cooperate:)

    I have stopped growing many things because of bugs.Dahlias..because of earwigs..Lilies...the beautiful oriental ones because of the lilybeetle..One day perhaps my white roses will well as my Cape Cod roses..they attract the rose chafers..

    Have a great rest of week..

    Take care~

  16. My mother absolutely adored nasturtiums. She made a butter with them and added them to salads. I also remember she always had a little bunch of them in water on the kitchen counter.
    Your quiche is the idea of individual ones AND using phyllo instead of pie crust. Yum, Monique.

  17. Pretty post with all those gorgeous edibles. Enjoy your summer, Monique!

  18. I love edible flowers. Growing herbs and edible flowers is one of my favourite parts of gardening. I have a fondness for borage flowers. The quiche looks divine :)

  19. I'm late to the technique of adding edible flowers to food, but it sounds so beautiful and somewhat romantic. This is a gorgeous quiche.

  20. Beautiful photos! I love edible flowers. I have to try your delicious quiche... Thanks for stopping by with your wonderful comments, it always makes me happy seeing your lovely pictures!


  21. I love the quote by Emma Goldman - I feel that way too. There is nothing more beautiful than a bouquet from my own garden. Bits of flowers make a lovely garnish for your quiche, Monique. Phyllo is my favorite crust.

  22. I love everything about this post- flowers, food, photos, words...
    I'd love to be able to comment more, life is so hectic around here and I barely find the time for self- care and errands. I hope I find a sort of balance soon, it's so hot and humid here too, and this adds to my tiredness. As a remedy, I'm painting Christmas- soo "refreshing"!

  23. J'aime cultiver les fleurs comestibles aussi. J'en ai fait une page sur le sujet car j'ai vu tellement de choses incroyables et dangereuses sur les blogs. Bisous et merci de ta gentille visite qui m'a permis de te découvrir avec plaisir.

  24. I love the look of your pretty. I'm going to have to look for the deeper pans. I use my herb blossoms all the time but don't think to use any of the edible blossoms from the flower gardens.