Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sablés Bretons De Jeanne~Merçi Amélie~

One thing I love about Blogging ..is when I visit my usual spots ..and happen upon new little gems..Like this one..I love it!

It happens to all of us..out of the blue we click on a comment that leads us to another part of the world..or almost next door..
I have made Sablés Bretons before..at least 4-5 times.. some may even be on my blog somewhere(wish I had organized myself better at the beginning..)..but I saw she had used her stamps  (So cute)..  and this one.. I had  a stamp  from Christmas.. the Home Made one.. so I tried her recipe almost immediately:)

The thermometer outside  indicated 93 F..Sat. morn when I made them..after vacuming and washing my floors  while Jacques corded 2 cords of wood..I know..we should relax more..:)Anyways..I thought these cookies would be a treat for him at lunch~

I have a THING for these cookies~ Not chocolate..not ooey gooey..just right~Not a shortbread..another of my faves..But to me these say France!~I bought a ceramic trivet inscribed::"  Biscuits Maison..Nantes"  The Lu one.. in Provence~I treasure it..so when I saw Amélie's post..
I coveted..

I started perusing the famous Coffret Larousse  .. L'atelier Petit Beurre~ and found that I could go to a certain store..order it..and  they would get it for me..Hmm..I would have rather just picked it up first time.. they did offer it online but I had never ordered from them..
Lo and behold..still Googling... I found Isa.. had bought one and I  emailed her asking where she had got hers..she immediately replied via email..with the place she bought hers..but alerted me to Amazon.ca in French.. and they had it.. 3 days later it was here:) Thank you Isa.
Isa is a very popular QC blogger with a great following and a newly published lovely cookbook~

So busy..w/  a family etc..yet she took the time to respond immediately and offer advice..

So nice~
The little coffret comes w/ a quality cookie cutter/stamp  and a delicious little cookbook..to show the size of the wee book I placed it in   the bear's hands in our guest room..

The  day before..I had taken my Paris tea tin and filled it w/ Mint..blueberries..The Fairy Rose.. bluebells and lavender..A little Pinterest idea:)
I like little arrangements on my kitchen windowsill..

Anyways..You do not need the perfect coffret..the recipe I used was not found in the booklet..It was found at Amélie's..and you can use a cutter or stamp of your choice~

 The day I found it I wanted to make them.  right now..:).so I used  my little Home Made Stamp.  the one I bought at Christmas..  note that .the Brigitte Cookie cutter could have worked as well..~

They are really good..I will take the liberty of translating it for you~

200 gr sifted flour
90gr of homemade vanilla sugar or 80gr of plain sugar w/ one envelope of vanilla sugar
125 gr semi salted butter
3 egg yolks + one yolk mixed with one tbsp of milk and one tsp of icing sugar.
In the mixer ..mix the sugar with the egg yolks on med.speed..hen add the softened butter in little clumps..then the flour..Mix everything quickly and as soon as a ball forms..Stop:)(Or else they will be hard)
Make a roll with the dough of ap 6-8 cm of diameter..Wrap in cling wrap and let rest at least 1 hr in the refrigerator.
Remove from fridge and cut slices of ap 2-3mm with thread(I use unwaxed,unflavored dental floss).
I put mine on my parchment paper..and pressed w/ my stamp that  was lightly floured..removing the excess..(not much)You can use a cookie cutter.
Use the egg yolk/milk/icing sugar mixture and baste the cookies..
Bake in a preheated 356 degree oven  for 5-7 mins.(I did 325 convection..  until they started turning golden~
Cool immediately on a cooling rack.
You can go visit Amélie here..

You will be so happy you did.


  1. These are so pretty. I love the stamps!

  2. So pretty! These are a favorite cookie here. ;-)

  3. I am new around your blog and I like it..I am your new happy follower :D YAAAAAAAAAAY..

    Thanks for sharing..


  4. What cute cookies. Thank you for the translation. My sweet tooth is acting up. These would be perfect...

  5. Oh happy day! These are just perfect! I would love to give these a try!
    Thank you..
    Shel x

  6. Delightful as always Monique! I love those Biscuits Bretagne! My absolute favourites. I wish I had a cookie stamp. Yours are adorable! C'est magnifique! Yes, I do know a little French. Mon pere demure a Bagotville, or La Baie as it is now called! I always adore your posts. You should write a book. It would be truly sweet, just like you. xxoo

  7. So, so pretty Monique and the stamp makes them even more adorable. You have exquisite taste.

    You and Jacques are certainly busy on Saturday mornings. I think you 'both' deserve treats.

  8. They're just right her cookies.. w/ tea..coffee..or nothing:)

    Marie I could have sworn you had the Home Made stamp?!
    The other is definitely Euro ..and I was just lucky:)

    Sam you must have eaten plenty in Provence:)

    I was happy to share this recipe..i am glad you are enjoying it..have a great day everyone.

  9. Believe me that these are amazing cookies, and she is right you can eat them alone, or with whatever beverage you like!

    And they are so pretty to look at...enjoy!

  10. The stamps give these delicious bites such personality!

  11. Merci pour ce gentil clin d’œil vers mon blog. Ravie que ces petits gâteaux te plaisent autant. "Jeanne" est la marraine de mon mari, une fine pâtissière ! Bisous

  12. This is my favorite kind of cookie as well. Not fancy, not too sweet. Love the little round stamp too.

  13. These look so buttery and delicious I know I would not be able to stop eating them! Love the delicate stamped messages too.

  14. Oh my goodness, you have been busy the past 10 days!!! These little biscuits look so flaky, delicious and beautiful! The, the doggie bread, the California rolls - everything looks wonderful and a couple of new ones to keep for my recipe file and for my boys too :) Beautiful photos - as always!

  15. I have the homemade stamp! As soon as it is a little cooler I will turn on. Y oven and make these. I love the Lu biscuits!
    These look wonderful!
    You are so talented! xo

  16. I don't know why, I love writing stamps. Do tell us where to go to get them? For some reason I have it in my head to make little cookies like this with initials on them for dinner parties. I thought it would be fun. I do think I'll use this recipe... its perfect and so are your pictures, as always!!!

  17. Good morning~

    The little cutter is available through one of my favorite stores..Renaud-Bray..

    I was able to get mine at Amazon.ca the French one..But Amazon .com has it also


    But D..I think the brigitte Cookie Cutter would sit you if you want to personalize even more..they are terrific and you can put anything!

    I see Fancy Flours has that one now!


    The larger round home made stamp I bought in a little gift store at Christmas time..
    So many cute cutters now:0

    Bon Weekend!

    And again Lucy congrats on your essay that is so well written and all the cookbooks you won!