Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Love~

My favorite book so far this year ....Fiction../Non Fiction..Was the Art Of Hearing Heartbeats~A my books:)
I have read quite a few this year..thank goodness for Goodreads that keeps me up to date on what I actually read..I forget about books!Sometimes covers change.. I start reading  and think..I've read this!Goodreads is a Good thing~

But.. a totally different genre of book has just charmed me to bits.Remember last year I bought the Artist's Journal Workshop..I LOVED and still love that book ..and what would you call it? Fiction/NonFiction?
Or Art?  If Art is a category..then the one I just read is my favorite Art book this year's associated w/ non fiction also as it's a true ..journal:)
For all of you that like to play with paints..or dream of France..or dream of journaling ..or dream of visiting France and journaling..
This one's for you~

I was excited when I got it..same day I received a book I bought for Noah..our July 4th grandson..for his birthday...
But this one was for me..
In a font I enjoyed..made me feel young :)  With pictures:)..  art actually..that inspired me.. and a very neat journal,from the author..Vivian Swift..
The cover really says it best..Le Road Trip~The title alone caught my attention when I first saw it~
But there are also a lot of very informative tidbits..for travel..and a sweetness about her love story..:)
I visited parts of France..(Not nearly enough..)  We genuinely desire going back..

I know my friend Shel wants to go too..I went w/ Diane..and our husbands.Ronelle a very gifted artist.. lives in Tours..I met Ronelle through blogging..not in person..but she is the instrument to me knowing about Tours..
Barbara lives in France..Fifi's sister lives in Provence..Susan is another talented artist /blogger/nana friend of mine:)
My friend Nancy lived in Paris and the Southwest of France...My friend Terry lived in Paris..

Paris..we'd like to go to Paris for a few days..but we are country folk....and are looking forward to one day going back to the small towns  we discovered..and to discover new small towns:)

I am so grateful to Carol..Paris Breakfasts..  whose blog I follow  and love.. she was the one who brought up Le Road Trip on her beautiful inspiring blog.
She is a fabulous artist..La reine de Paris  in my eyes:)And told us about this book..
I've Googled many things after reading Carol's blog.from a lovely little artist's bakeries..
She is so generous with tips on watercolor..and I think I have saved her images for yrs now:)
Just love what she does..

Ok getting back to the book....Canada Day weekend is when I read it..after a day of gardening.,church(with wonderful music and light pouring through the old windows not unlike the ones in France..).. we finally sat out back w/ a glass of wine..and I finished the book..I handed it to my husband..who loved France and loves wine and makes my favorite wine..and I said:" You might enjoy this one"~
He is..
In fact he came in a little later while I was preparing "grelots" for his chicken..  the best chicken I have ever eaten apart form the honey lavender chicken we had in Gordes...that I tried to recreate and offered to Fifi for her magazine..and he said :"That is a cute book..I will continue reading it..":)
How cute is he?
So it's for everyone~

Bon..enfin..she inspired me to get out a journal.. my little WN pocket set.. and my watercolor brush that always has water in it~  My case to carry the brushes and kit and white crayon and marker and pencil and eraser.
I also took a photo out of my  Europe of J..(You see that's another thing I liked about her book..You have all heard me mention Jacques a million times..but usually in emails..or letters I write J.. as she did in her book to name her husband many times..I know this is of the least utmost importance (is that an oxymoron?)to my enjoying the book but it was just so de rigueur to me)in a boulangerie that we had liked in Bonnieux..  I wish I had taken a photo of J in the wine co-op when Audrey Tautou's twin was helping him..First time I actually saw my husband.. try and be more charming:)
Although when I look at how I painted the boulangère's face..Audrey's twin was better off unphotographed by me to eventually be immortalized in a quick watercolor.

Can you see J's mustache?  and the scale?  the bread?:)The lavender?

I think it's a mess..and I will work on this one..
But how great is it to be inspired to get the paints out Canada Day weekend after dinner w/ a glass of wine and try:)

This book does that~

Footnote..I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy this book so very much..I have ordered When Wanderers Cease To Roam~
And that small rose  w/ the reading angel?Is my favorite rose in the garden at this time of year~
It's hardy in my zone..I didn't even cover them this year~And it blooms at the same time as Lavender~
Should I ever redo ..or make new gardens..I think one area would be just for these roses and lavender.As it is one sits at the foot of the entrance of my round cutting garden on each side..
and two others are elsewhere..but here? The greeting is so nice.

Footnote..July 13th 2012..
I received When Wanderers Cease To Roam is just as charming..and a keeper book too.


  1. some really neat links here, thanks.

  2. My pleasure..:) You are one of my favorites too:)

  3. I immediately headed to Amazon and added all of them to my wish list so that I don't forget!

  4. Pam..You are a role model reader for me:)

  5. As always, you amaze me. I shall live vicariously! For me to try to paint, is better for me to quilt!

  6. How amazing you are.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  7. I am ashamed to say that I never heard of Vivian Swift before. With all this watercolours of yours, Carol's and Vivian's in mind, I need to dig out my watercolours again, now that teaching is over for a little while. Merci bien :)

  8. I used to read lots of books, but sadly, I haven't opened one since quite while... :-(

    Those are gorgeous watercolours!



  9. This is your "happiness" post Monique....
    how I love it all....
    love the watercolour of Jacques...
    and yes...I believe we will "meet" one day in fair foire de Paris.
    Bon weekend
    Shel x

  10. I'm going to see if I can find two copies of this book. My dear friend is off to Paris in September and so are my son and daughter-in-law. Thanks for the recommendation.


  11. Really it i so charming.It is a lovely book(s) to offer..I would not have known of these books w/out Carol..
    It's just so nice to get inspired this way.
    Their art is art I can relate to.
    Quiet times seem deeper when you are holing a pencil..a brush..scissors..

    Like when we were children..and your mind wanders in such nice places..Lighter places~

  12. Monique, you are so talented in so many ways. La Table De Nana is my first stop every morning. ~Ann

  13. I need something to inspire me! Maybe it would have to be a power outage or a computer breakdown ;) You always have a way of stepping back and creating something wonderful.

    This sounds like a charming book and I love seeing your rendition of J at the boulangerie!!!

  14. Lovely links, and I just love the painting... Beautiful! :)

  15. Oh, goodie! I'm off to Amazon to order a copy of these. Thank you! Love seeing your charming journal watercolors. Wish I could paint like you. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  16. Sarah..I think they have your name on it:)
    Have a great weekend everyone.
    Susan you could have your own book:) My tulips are still showcased here:)
    There is a section just on beautiful bread Ann:)

  17. Super post. Books are going on my wish list right now, Monique.
    You are sooooo talented; I adore your watercolors.

  18. Couldn't we all spend more time in France?! It's such a dreamy life. It sounds like this book does quite a good job of facilitating a temporary escape.

  19. I am glad you are enjoying the links.
    I really enjoy links that bring me to discover something new and inspirational also..
    Nono..not talented Barbara..I wish:) Jack of all trades.master of none..
    I think it must be such a gift to master or almost master something..and focus on it:) to try..:)

  20. there is such an art to capturing a moment in watercolors. I am in awe of those who do it well. HAve you ever seen John Singer Sargent's watercolors of his travels? Lovely book selections. I wish I could have a summer to garden and read... that would be lovely. You give so many suggestions for doing it. I dream of Paris often!

  21. I will Google him this morning:)
    Be careful what you wish for:) I too wish that for you..You could do it well.I am glad you planted edibles..Look what you do with them! Bon Dimanche D~

  22. Oh M it has been such a long time since I have blogged and visited my favourite bloggers, and today I felt like I had come home. Your blog is so beautiful and the boys are growing up so beautifully, it has been three years since I first stumbled through your doors and I have seen them grow on your sidebar ha ha. Your home is beautiful, your trees gorgeous and as usual your blog is such a wonderful remedy for me in this cold part of the world today. Thank you my dear. xo

  23. Have visited all your links...lots of fun. Le Road Trip sounds like a fun book for this summer's reading.