Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blog Rolls:-)

 Don't get me wrong..I can appreciate a beautiful loaf of French Bread..with the crispy crust and holey interior~
But just need rolls:)
And sometimes you don't need 36 rolls..or even 24..or 12..
When it's just the 2 of you.. 6 is more than twice of what you need..
But I just couldn't stop picking at it!
It's that my mom's cast iron pan..
It was soft and pillowy and sesame ~Y..
With buttah? Bettah:)
I am s o glad I pinned this recipe..from here:)Cookistry~

As it is a keeper for J and I..
Even for shredded beef  dunks and pulled pork..and spicy pork burgers etc:)

They take minutes..  the basic ings..I could whirl everything around in the bread machine on dough..let rise..and bake..
Trop Bons..
Just don't expect a baguette or artisan bread finish..


You can link to the blog above..
Or just jot down from here~

La Recette~

 Small Batch Buttery Buns~

1 tsp instant yeast
1 1/2 cups flour
1 tbsp sugar(I used brown turbinado)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup water
eggwash..1 egg beaten with 1 tbsp water
 sesame seeds..

Put everything in your bread machine as per manufacturer's instructions~.
Dough cycle..
When done..let sit in machine an additional 15 minutes..

Sprinkle corn meal in your chosen pan..
Form into 6 balls..and place in pan..or tin..

I used my mother's cast iron skillet..
Let rise..

Preheat oven to 350F
Baste with the eggwash and sprinkle seeds

Bake for 25 mins..ap..mine took more like 30..
Serve warm or let so good~!
I know I am early on this post..but when inspiration strikes..share:-)


  1. I'm forwarding this one on to my chef. He likes to bake bread. '-) Wish I had one right now. They look so tasty!

  2. I LOVE the fact that they make a small batch!!!

  3. Oh I do too..And buns are just perfect fresh and to have many a waste..
    It's an ideal little recipe:)

  4. Looks so delicious...yes sometimes a roll is just nice...good butter, maybe a filling, or just simply a good confiture!

  5. I can see why you kept "picking at" those pillowy clouds! They are beautiful little guys. Homemade bread/rolls...perfection! Wishin' I had a bread maker...

  6. Beautiful. I love how you baked them in your cast iron skillet. I have some of my regular dough rising. I might make a few 'buns'. Thanks for another good idea Monique. ~Ann

  7. That's why I seldom bake bread for the two of us and only when we have company because there are always too many. I'm so happy to have a small batch recipe and I can't wait to try these! Merci!

  8. I love rolls too! Those look perfect and really tempting.



  9. Blog rolls...very clever,Monique. Soft and pillowy caught my attention and I love that the recipe makes a small quantity. These rolls will be wonderful with the post of soup simmering on the stove today. And I have a cast iron skillet just the right size.

  10. I love this recipe and the idea of rolls for's perfect. Thanks for stopping by and sharing about having your Mom's teacups, I love to see all different ones and especially ones handed down, I sadly have nothing of my Mom's and Baba' I am determined to have lovely things to give my grandchildren.
    Your posts always look so great, you have so many pretty to sit with my tea and enjoy reading!

  11. Those look beautiful M! Perfect for the two of us and not tooooooo much temptation! What could be better than freshly baked rolls!

  12. :)

    They are nice..We will have pulled pork and these will be featured..
    M.. I wonder why you do not ave a teacup treasure from your mom and baba..I remember MY mom..telling me neither she nor her 3 sisters..or brother.. had any souvenirs of her mom..because her dad remarried.. and the new lady received everything..
    Even in those days..some tings never change..:)
    You ave so many treasures..they will ave armloads..You have lots of kidlets..that's a good thing:)

    Let me know if you like them:)

  13. Tes présentations sont très belles et cela donne envie, bien sûr, à faire les recettes!
    Bonne semaine.

  14. Such a beautiful post..we love buns here too...and 6 is just perfect for us too!
    I love how you always bring your mom into your posts...pure love...
    I have an old old chip fryer from my mom that I use over and over for has featured on my blog too!
    Love reading your beautiful blog Monique

  15. The buns look absolutely divine!


  16. Those buns are so beautiful! Fresh from the oven...

  17. Everything is better in your mom's cast iron skillet.

  18. Oh true:)

    Jody I made some of your buttons cute!
    Thank you..
    Tellement plaisant de partager:)

  19. A small batch of Buttery Buns.
    Wow, your willpower amazes me. But ok. I will follow your recipe... multiplied by 3.

  20. We have been trying to be good during January but with the snow we are having I am craving baked goods, breads and cookies and cakes. These are beautiful.

    We are having the same trouble with only two of us we can eat on something for days, until we are sick of it. We have one daughter still living at home but she never eats anything here. It is like relearning to cook. I still do most of my goodies for Sunday when we have a houseful so I don't eat the whole batch. It is a great idea to make a small batch. Bread? I can eat the whole loaf in a sitting - hot bread is definitely a weakness of mine.

  21. Mine too..for years I never even ate bread really:-) Now it is such a favorite.
    Sol..bread and salty..:-)
    Sweets I can pass up

  22. Les photos sont des invitations à la gourmandise ! Bisous.

  23. J'adore ta poêle en fonte ... J'en cherche une ici mais toutes celles que je trouve ont des manches trop long. Je ne pourrais pas les faire entrer dans mon four ... Et je les ai toujours trouvées trop lourdes aux EU pour les rapporter avec moi en avion ! ;o) ... On ne connaît pas le skillet américain, ici ... tant pis, c'est beau, les rêves ... ;o) re-bises et bravo pour ces petits pains !

  24. Oh my, I must make these Monique! Todd would love these soft looking pillows with his soup. He likes soft rolls. Jotting this down! You cook the nicest things my friend! Thanks so much for all that you share. Your gentle spirit, you gentle words . . . you are the best. xxoo

  25. Wow are these perfect! And I love small batch. Perfect for one dinner. Recipe duly jotted down.

  26. Rolls look so good, I can smell the aroma of fresh baked treat. I love that they have sesame seeds.

  27. I love downsized recipes. As soon as I make a loaf of bread, or rolls I start looking to improve it. Can't wait to try these.

    btw, your site is so beautiful.