Monday, January 14, 2013

Aromatherapy~Knitting Therapy and a Recipe~Or two~

MMM..I love this scent~ I have mentioned it to you before..It is my one liquid kitchen splurge~
Every time I wash my hands..I love the scent that lingers..It actually makes the kitchen smell delicious..
I have also recently discovered Meyer's..And I just love the Countertop Basil scent and product..I found it at Target in the USA~ But Canadian Tire also carries it here..just not in that favored Basil scent.
I bought the Lavender  and really the Basil beats it~
I find it a pleasure to clean with something that appeals to me aromatherapy wise:)
Anyone else?

Craft therapy wise ..I enjoyed my debut with the neck warmer I mentioned.. I knit ap 30 stitches.. until it could fit comfortably around my neck..twisted it once and sewed it up..Added a felt flower from this link..
(Thank You Mollie Makes~:) )
I enjoyed every minute of making it and will make more..would love to better myself and do something a bit more detailed..But it fits well like a thick turtle neck without the sweater part..and sits high and firm:) Great for necks:)

If you can watch a can knit pattern..  one ball of wool..(Michael's) and size 10 needles I used..
Just thought I would share..because I enjoyed it so much..

Baking wise..I had wanted to make these for Christmas and ended up making them afterwards..
They are so good~
I liked them even better w/ the white chocolate drizzle on top..
They would be pretty for Valentine's too~

Cranberry Pistachio Shortbreads with White Chocolate Glaze~

You can find the Joy Of Baking recipe here~
I simply melted some white chocolate and drizzled~
  Very Good little cookies~

I made the Cranberry Bliss bars everyone raved about on Pinterest ..Starbuck's?  And although they were good..No one really said wow what are those?

A good little Oatmeal Muffin was made..Courtesy of Curly Girl~
What I liked about these...
 is that the oatmeal is cooked first.. makes them very different.

I love freshly grated nutmeg..  and the addition of the brown sugar on top was nice..
These are not too sweet and delish warm..I used only all purpose unbleached white flour.
La Recette~  Thanks to Curly Girl..Have you been there?  So nice!

Have a good week everyone~


  1. It look like such a fantastic and relaxing way to start a new year.

  2. Thank you:)

    It's been everything short of relaxing..:) so this is total therapy:)~

  3. Thanks for sharing my muffin recipe. Your blog is very pretty, glad to find it! :)

  4. You are so prettily productive! I've never tried the soaps you mention but will definitely look for them next time I'm at Target! I use a lot of peppermint oil extract and lavender extract in my homemade things . (Lavender oil goes into homemade apple cider vinegar astringent to tone it down, peppermint goes into our homemade mouthwash). My special favorite is eucalyptus oil as its so refreshing and seems to impart energy to me!
    It's true that these little luxuries enhance everyday life for so little cost in relation to the bits of joy they bring!
    Tracey xox

  5. You have been a busy Nana. I also like herbal scents in my kitchen hand soaps. It just feels right.

  6. Bonsoir... You are not the only one who enjoys Meyer's Basil countertop spray. I just love the scent, and it does a pretty good job, too! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. You have started the year with pleasurable things...knitting, scents, and baking. That is the best way to start a year. Your neck warmer is lovely....great for this time of year....I will take a look for Basil scented spray...sounds fresh and clean!

  8. That is such a pretty neck warmer! Your biscuits look delicious too and yes, I like a good handwash in my kitchen the moment I have one that smells of cool cucumber. It's soothing on my hands too!
    Have a good week

  9. Lovely cookies and muffins. That neck warmer is so pretty. I love the color you've used. I cannot knit and don't have the patience for it, but I'm always admirative of people who can.



  10. You've been so busy, biscuits, muffins & in between knitting. Your neck warmer looks lovely especially with the little flower on it. You say your not a knitter, but it looks so professional. did you use a pattern ? or is it something you designed yourself while thinking you should be doing something. I admire your enthusiasm.

  11. I have a bottle of Myers' basil scented hand soup at my sink and it makes washing hands such a pleasure. As much as I love lavender (it's the scent I use in the bathrooms), I prefer the basil in the kitchen for some reason.

    I don't have the patience to knit, but I do admire people that have the talent to create something so pretty. And who doesn't love oatmeal cookies...

  12. You know, I am crazy about Caldrea's Green Tea and patchouli. And do you know, they stopped making it!!
    I've bought most of the leftovers I could find but they are now rare as hen's teeth.

    I need a new scent for my kitchen hand washing. Now I'll try the basil. I am just never crazy about most of the citrusy scents that are around. Thanks so much for the recommendation!!

  13. My eyes were so drawn to those oatmeal cupcakes. Love your cupcake paper wrappers. Must try that recipe!

  14. Monique, your post is so timely. I still have some cranberries and some shelled pistachios. And I even have
    white chocolate. Now I know what to bake. Thank you ~Ann

  15. I've always found needlework so relaxing - what a lovely piece, Monique! The color and texture of the pattern is wonderful. Well done!

    Delightful recipes :) Wishing you a wonderful week.

  16. I too love, love, love the Meyer's Basil too. I find it funny you can find it at a tire store in Canada:)
    Your neckwarmer is beautiful. I am trying so hard to teach myself to knit, but I am not having much luck. I read books, watch videos, but still I am awful. I really need to find someone who will teach me in person.
    You have a beautiful blog and I am so happy you found me so that I could find you!!
    Happy day to you:)

  17. I have an insatiable lust for I shouldn't even look at your recipe! but I love your handwash..I haven't seen it around here. I use Maius Fabre, savon de Marseilles, verveine being my favorite.

  18. I hope they turned out well Ann~ pattern..just made 30 stitches.. on my needle.. and knit until I almost ran out of yarn..just enough left to sew it together..whilst:) twisting first..

    Susan.. your handiwork is treasured:)
    I love Savon De Marseilles Ronelle.. :) the other..well I have not seen it yet:)

    I think many of you would enjoy the Basil.
    I will stock up:)

    That's what I love about the's along that very fresh scent but not floral.
    I adore lavender..but in the kitchen this works well:)
    I buy a Lavender floor wash in a West Indies store in Mtl..:)

    It's not too overwhelming..Tracey your notes are always so pleasant and informative.:)

    It's so nice to read your comments..I am very happy when I find a blog that appeals to me..If I have left comments:)It's because they do..

    Have a good rest of the week.

  19. I can almost smell the cucina scent. I just love it but have had a hard time finding it lately. I will keep searching.
    I can't wait to try the oatmeal muffins, cooking the oatmeal first sounds interesting.
    Wishing you a happy week!

  20. Lovely! I love the Method Pink Grapefruit scent! It makes my hands smell delicious!
    Such a beautiful post! As always!
    Bisous xo

  21. Scents are so important... aren't they?

    These cookies and little cakes look scrumptious... Have a lovely weekend... xv

  22. Lots of goodies here today Monique. I have been making my oatmeal muffins with leftover cooked oats for years. I cannot remember where I got the recipe from, but it is a very old one. I love your muffin cups! They are so pretty, but then again, everything you do is so pretty. Love the neck warmer. So nice, love the colour and that felt flower, well . . . it just sets it all off perfectly. How utterly adorable. Love you much. xxoo

  23. I will have to look for the scented hand soaps, I use lemon now. Your neck warmer is such a lovely color and so pretty with the felt flower...nice job.

  24. I will have to look for the scented hand soaps, I use lemon now. Your neck warmer is such a lovely color and so pretty with the felt flower...nice job.

  25. Thank you:)
    Have a lovely weekend..
    Snow snow and more snow here this weekend~
    Mon Pays Ce N'est Pas Un Pays C'est L'Hiver~:)

  26. So many good and delicious things here. My mother used to knit all the time, it was relax therapy for her. Thank you for lovely post.

  27. Your shortbread is so pretty - love the elegant flavours and white chocolate drizzle. The simplicity of the muffins sounds great, I love the subtle flavours all coming together.