Thursday, January 24, 2013

The French Laundry's Apple Kuchen~

I was totally smitten when I landed upon   a lovely recipe and glorious photos at this pretty blog..For an apple kuchen..

I loved how all the apples were so thinly sliced and inserted in the dough~

I enjoy baking desserts that are pretty as well as delicious  and this recipe offers those two things:)

It's so easy.. and looks like a little piece of art~

If you go to the link at the will find the recipe there..
I did not make her sauce..I made a simpler one that Jacques likes..
I didn't have all that cream:)

It's one of those cakes..that you just like to take photos of also:)

You need such basic things..

and apples..
and I omitted the cranberries too~

And go for the FRESH nutmeg..makes all the difference~
And I did put cinnamon sugar~

Perfect for company..or simply for yourselves..

She is so's just so delicious:)

Jacques loved it~

Once you have made will be can I arrange the delicate slices differently?:)
Have a Great weekend~


  1. ~Beautiful as always...

  2. It's a work of art! You are so talented, and I know this was not easy to do. Gorgeous styling too. '-)

  3. Ah, the French Laundry! This is beautiful and, I'm sure, delicious!


  4. So pretty one does not dare touch it! Lovely photos (and I can almost "smell" the tarte aux pommes when it came out of the oven! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. If I made that masterpiece, I'm afraid I would not let anyone eat it. We would just stare at it's gorgeousness!

  6. Oh yum! I am seeing apple in the blogs these days!

  7. :-)
    I promise..the cake is so easy:-)
    And I man do lined the don't need to make them that small.

  8. It looks delicious!!!.....lovely

  9. The kuchen looks great! I'd love to bake it for the weekend but as I don't like to use much heavy cream, I wonder, would you mind sharing the recipe of your sauce?
    Thank you!

  10. The recipe I used for the sauce is actually a more liquid version of an icing that goes on one of my husband's favorite cakes..It is a recipe from The English Kitchen..Marie:)

    It's the icing for her Ginger cake with caramel icing..
    Helen..if you go here..

    you will find the recipe to both Marie's delicious cake..and the icing recipe I used..but added more liquid than called for..More milk..and less icing sugar..just a touch..not much less..Until you have the consistency you want..I placed it in a little pouring vessel..and warm it up for every serving~

  11. Très très jolie tarte ! je crois que je préfère même celle-là à l'originale et merci aussi de m'avoir fait découvrir le blog d'où vient la tarte !

  12. It looks gorgeous Monique wonderful served with a creamy sauce.

    "All Things French"

  13. Oh my goodness...yours is so very beautiful! I will make it this weekend for sure!
    L xo

  14. Wow, what a stunning cake! So clever to place the apple slices just so and not overlapping in the usual way. Your photos are fabulous, Monique. Gorgeous post.

  15. So very pretty. We all like apples here! :)

  16. Your photos are always so gorgeous as are your collages, but when this one opened up I gasped! What a stunning dessert. Even Marie would have lost her head over this one!

  17. Thank you for your help.
    Made it yesterday and it was as you said pretty and delicious as well!
    Added a hint of cinnamon in your sauce. Excellent!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. I just found your blog and love it. 'Can't wait to look around more. :) Beautiful, beautiful! 'Happy to meet you.

  19. Helen..So glad you liked it..Love the added cinnamon tip:)
    It's all gone of course here..but will make appearances again.
    Thank you..

    Bon Dimanche~

  20. Oh, this is beautiful, Monique! I love how the apples look arranged that way - so artistic. I will visit to get both recipes :) The sugary 'snow' looks so pretty on top.

  21. Not only does it sound good, it looks beautiful. We love apples and will definitely try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.


  22. Monique, I have the FL cookbook, and can't imagine how I ever missed their Apple Kuchen.

    But I'm thinking it may have something to do with the beautiful photo of your delightfully delicious cake.
    I can't recall seeing anything this pretty before, anywhere!

  23. Oh yum that looks amazing...pretty like you say but I know it is delicious.
    I just "saw" you at Posie Gets Cozy..gosh I would love to hold that baby! Isn't she so sweet? It's like she has several thousand "aunts" online :)

  24. Oh yum that looks amazing...pretty like you say but I know it is delicious.
    I just "saw" you at Posie Gets Cozy..gosh I would love to hold that baby! Isn't she so sweet? It's like she has several thousand "aunts" online :)

  25. Oh my Monique. Yours looks even lovelier than the other one. Truly. I Must try this. I have not got that cookbook . . . clearly have to put it on my list of wants. I will make this soon, hopefully. You have tempted me!

  26. I recently made an apple kuchen yet yours is so so much more beautiful. Now I'll have to try it again like you did. Stunning.

  27. Thanks:) Enjoy it..I am so sure of this one..I know you could all enjoy:)

  28. The cake is so beautiful, and I am sure it;s very tasty also. Fresh nutmeg is always the best for cake. I think it would be interesting to bake individual cakes. Lovely!