Thursday, January 3, 2013

Paris ~ Cookies.

Our Grandson Noah came for an afternoon this past Monday and it was cold..not as cold as today..-11 F but CCCOLD  nevertheless.
So after lunch..and coloring..and playing with some toys we decided to watch A Monster In Paris as he wanted to see Francoeur again~
he remembers everything.I had never seen it..and really enjoyed it..I have yet to see the end though..his mom came to pick him up before I had a chance..
So taht was Noah wanting Paris..  that blog I enjoy so much..Paris Breakfasts..she is there at the I get my little share of charming Paris aquarelles and vistas.
I went to Plattsburgh NY yesterday with my other daughter..there's a Target there..and even in their dollar aisle..they had all these cute pink j'adore Paris stationary..I resisted.:)

G Depardieu is constantly in the French I am getting my France fill there.
There's Pinterest with favorite French pinners..Bloggers..
I'm glad it's popular..always was and always will be..
Because I gave into temptation once again for a cookie cutter :)

I know it looks quite like the other French "Tampons" I have..but see?  there are little flexible chocolate molds to put OVER the cookies to make "Petits Ecoliers "type cookies..but of France:)

So much fun to make..They come with a little with most of their "coffrets"
I found them easy to make..
and very good .
I did however find the actual tampon..too big for the size of the chocolate.So I used my "Biscuits Maison " tampon after the first try..and they were then perfect.
These kits..coffrets..are really like a new toy when they arrive..I watched my grandsons with their shiny new Lego boxes etc..and thought ..well that's what I feel like ..a new Lego box..with pieces and a booklet..
J'aime beaucoup.

Cute eh?

There are many recipes in the darling little cookbook..
But I used the recipe I had used for the Biscuits Maison..since they had worked so well with the "tampon"

La Recette~

200 gr sifted flour
90gr of homemade vanilla sugar or 80gr of plain sugar w/ one envelope of vanilla sugar
125 gr semi salted butter
3 egg yolks + one yolk mixed with one tbsp of milk and one tsp of icing sugar.
In the mixer ..mix the sugar with the egg yolks on med.speed..hen add the softened butter in little clumps..then the flour..Mix everything quickly and as soon as a ball forms..Stop:)(Or else they will be hard)
Make a roll with the dough of ap 6-8 cm of diameter..Wrap in cling wrap and let rest at least 1 hr in the refrigerator.
Remove from fridge and cut slices of ap 2-3mm with thread(I use unwaxed,unflavored dental floss).
I put mine on my parchment paper..and pressed w/ my stamp that  was lightly floured..removing the excess..(not much)You can use a cookie cutter.
Use the egg yolk/milk/icing sugar mixture and baste the cookies..
Bake in a preheated 356 degree oven  for 5-7 mins.(I did 325 convection..  until they started turning golden~
Cool immediately on a cooling rack.
Please see link to see where the recipe actually came from.
You could really use any cookie recipe that cuts out well~

My Note..I did not baste as I was adding chocolate on top:)

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays.I am enjoying reading yours and some other lovely blogs..So many of you have already put away the tree ..the decorations..on an organization trend:)
We leave ours up until  Epiphany..even when it was real.. OY..we just put it up later and took it down later.
I must admit because it gets so dark so early..the lights in the tree and the mantle..add an "ambiance" I enjoy.
It's always "funner" to decorate the tree than undecorate.I always plan on putting the decorations away in a more orderly fashion..but it never looks like the blogs or Pinterest.
We all agreed Pinterest had an influence on us..From decorating hors d'oeuvres this Christmas..
Today..I will tackle my craft room that looks nothing like Blog Craft Rooms or Pinterest craft fact at the moment..I have several ornaments  cut out..and ready for winter production:)
I needed to pick up sequins to continue and some today I will organize my chaos:)

I had a dream someone came to visit and they had tidied everything up and set up a bed with a quilt on it..Must have been because we looked at quilts at TJMaxx and HomeGoods yesterday..and maybe because Noah and Giuliana are having a sleepover here Saturday.
I picked up needles yesterday and a ball of wool to try and get back into knitting..Found the pattern on said knit until you have almost no yarn left..that's the pattern..I will have to Google to remember how to finish and stitch it together..
It's here:)..To Knit~

Like a neck warmer:)..would love to learn to friend offered me a beautiful pot holder/doily and dish dryer.So intricate and lacy and pretty..
We'll see:)
Have a lovely weekend~


  1. These are Coquette's favorite cookies....I bought the little ones like the size of a coin...but they don't compare to yours of course!!!

  2. Your cookies are filling my head with dreams of Paris. These are a wonderful addition to your kitchen. The chocolate topped cookies that one finds in France.....yummy! ~ Sarah

  3. Lovely! I purchase the "Little School Boy" cookies like this and put a large marshmallow in between with the chocolate sides against the marshmallow. I stick them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Instant s'mores!


  4. Hi such a beautiful sweet blog. Lots of great pics. love the cookies and fab designs. Found you from Hyacinths for the soul blog. Either I missed it or cant find were to sign up for your blog. Via email would be great if possible..



  5. Dear Erica..I will look into how to sign up..I have no clue..
    Thank you..
    I love visiting Sarah..We both enjoy Mary E so much..not to mention the camaraderie etc:)
    Coquette is so cute Di..I would be buying special things all the time too:)

    That's a great idea for my Alphabet boys the marshmallow..They love Smores:)
    Sarah..I am coming to visit now..w/ my little lunch beside me..
    Have a great day.

    There used to be a way to Follow?:)Let me look into this..

  6. Erica..for months I have been remiss with the Follow me button..and never had the email option..I think when the new Blogger came into effect..I lost it.
    Tank you very much for your inquiry.
    I fixed it:)

  7. Lovely post full of everything I love! That kit would be a fun toyy chez nous aussi.
    Now you have me very curious about French Pinterest; going to search this out; je vais peut-ètre de revoir dans ce voin là.

  8. Je voulais dire les sites Pinterest dont les auteurs sont de France:)
    So different!

    The cutter was purchased through

  9. J'adore your French molds. I know you must have enjoyed Noah's visit. He sounds like a real charmer.

  10. Bonne année Monique ! tes biscuits sont superbes. Je viens de me commander les estampes sur amazon. Du coup, je me suis pris deux boites, pour pouvoir en offrir une, c'est tellement beau :)

    La publicité en France disait : les petits écoliers, c'est juste pour les enfants ! et tu voyais des adultes essayer de manger ces biscuits en cachette :)

  11. They are beautiful! This Nana doesn't have the patience to make them! Remember that Bridget cookie cutter we bought! LOL, I don't even know where mine is! The WS is so much easier .
    Happy 2013!

  12. Isabelle.. je suis contente pour toi..d'ailleurs..c'est toi qui avais eu la gentillesse de me diriger vers l'autre:)

    En effet un joli cadeu..Le chanceux ou la canceuse! Meilleurs Voeux encore une fois!

    Oh Kathleen..I have more time than you do:)You cracked me up..I know where mine is..the WS one is indeed easier..but mine..all Christmas:)

    You set many more tables than I do..and entertain way more often than I do..I have time:):)

  13. Do you have a source for this cookie kit? Merci

  14. Those cookies are adorable! And I can't wait to see your knitted cowl :) I'm working on some legwarmers which I hope to have finished sometime possibly this winter!

  15. Yes Amazon .ca

    The French on it..and type in::
    Coffret Choco Biscuit..

    It became available in November 2012..But i only received it in took longer than anticipated..

    Legwarmers Pam..I just bought some more:) We need them here:)

    Cannot wait to see yours:)

  16. I am very much like you...I haven't thought about taking down the trees. They do give the house such a warm feeling. A foot of snow but only got down to 2 degrees this morning but definitely cold. Love your cookies.

  17. I wish I had your patience! These are wonderful.

  18. You are the best at finding the cookie stamps! They look perfect!


  19. You know mon ami, there's not a reason I can think of, to not fall head over heels in love with your Paris cookies!

    And you know what else?

    I understood (almost) every one of the french comments above. Oui, you are quite the influence, in more ways than one.

  20. :)have a great day..snowing for a change here:)

  21. Oh, so pretty and tempting! What lovely cookies. Très frenchy!

    Best wishes for 2013!



  22. Oh my gosh, they look just like my favorite, Le Petit Ecolier! I love the dark chocolate version. How adorably delicious with all the different French motifs :) I can imagine even more delicious than the boxed variety and so fresh.

    Well done, Mme M :)

  23. I forgot to add, good luck with knitting! I find yarn crafts so relaxing on these long, dark nights :) I have pinned many crochet ideas!

  24. It sounds like the New Year is off to a lovely start! Sending warm wishes and hugs!

  25. knitting is not good..But I LOVE it..all these little stitching things..soo are right!
    Just feels so good.:)

    Kelley I hope you are well..with ALL our snow I think Jacques misses Florida!

  26. Fancy cookies!! What fun and a great way to start the New Year!

  27. Ah..footnote..tried ordering more as gifts..wait could be 3 months...
    So I canceled..
    Too long for me ...

  28. Monique, your biscuits are so pretty and I have to say that they are my favourite biscuits to buy in the shops. I only buy them rarely because I could sit and eat the whole box in one go, seriously. They are my absolute favourite of all my favourites! How wonderful that you have a way to make them! How sweet and I am imagining much more delicious (is that possible?) than the store bought ones! Oh boy . . . dangerous to have around I am sure. Grandsons and lego . . . my grandsons have been playing with lego lately as well. It's a Christmas thing I am sure. Much love to you today and always, my visits with you always make my world that tiny touch sweeter. xxoo

  29. These are some of my favorite cookies, and yours are simply charming! I love the imprints.

  30. How do you make those? I have been itching to get stamps lately (no doubt inspired by you). Wanted to put an initial on my ambergris cookies but didn't have one... need to find them

    Happy New Year!!!

  31. Beautiful and so charming! Can you share a link to where to buy those stamps, please? :)

  32. I did..look above ..on one of my responses..unfortunately..I wanted to order two more as gifts..but wait time is 1-3 months..I cannot wait the 3 months as gifts:(

    If you can..go to ..:)çais section.. and type in Coffret Choco-Biscuits..
    If you can wait they are worth it..not so much the I mentioned my smaller cutter is better.. The one they include is too big!But the chocolats..molds..a 10.

  33. Il faut amener ton "petit écolier" voir Paris en vrai, maintenant ! ;o)Bisous et bonne année

  34. J'ai offert un kit de ce style à ma belle fille pour régaler les petits. Bisous

  35. O!!! I love France and everything French-)) Now I just have to have them, so beautiful, so good and divine.

  36. Fabulous just fabulous Monique!
    I've been flirting with p'tits ecoliers choc cookies here. So far I've resisted.
    I could stumble and fall any day now especially after seeing yours.
    Ta faute cherie!
    Pas juste :)

  37. :-) I am so fond of cute and different cutters--molds etc:-)

  38. Visit after visit you blow me away!!
    I always buy those petit ecolier cookies at Wal-mart can get milk chocolate or dark...they are so yummy. You really did a great job on yours!!!

  39. Wow, I love the intricacy on the chocolate! Very pretty cookies - making me want to travel to Paris.

  40. I have the same mold but I do not use it! Very nice rendering!

  41. Hummmm cette recette !!!
    En passant, je profite pour t'inviter à mon grand swap culinaire international, je serais ravie que tu sois des nôtres car plus on est et mieux c'est !!
    Alors si tu es intéressé, les inscriptions c'est par là --->

    bonne journée !!