Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring has Sprung!Or has it? Or will it?

On the EVE..of Spring..this is home..
And the Easter Bunny can't wait to come here!How is he ever going to hop up those steps? Why our Easter wreath is on the door..I have no idea~

Just as the "no sun of the day".. was about to set..I went out for a few photos of the night before Spring~
You have to have a sense of humor to really look at it all and think..how beautiful to have 2 feet of snow in the driveway March 20th~

Anyways..I did find beauty all along with snow up to my knees on our back pathways..Oh lala..
It's been quite a winter..

  Look up Jerome look all the way up..maybe you will find Spring~

Truly ...

And the potting shed? Rose Cottage you call it? :)

  As sure as the sun sets and the sun rises  I know deep in my ♥ spring..will spring again~

Thank Goodness..Hope never dies in the heart of a true gardener..My clematis and roses must be crying their eyes out..let alone my tree of enchantment..the scillas..the snowdrops..the peonies ..the lilacs..the ferns..the tulips and jonquils..~
Not to mention..the fairies~


  1. It's a beautiful scenes, Monique, but not on the eve of spring! This would be a much more welcome setting for Santa and not the Easter Bunny. The scene is white here but not as abundantly so.

    I read that places east of the Great Lakes have received much more snow this year than usual.

    Winter gets the last laugh :)

  2. Your pictures of the snow are really beautiful but I know your sick of all that snow and are waiting for spring to show her pretty face. Hopefully you will get nice weather next week and your plants will poke their little heads up.
    Wishing a sunny week.

  3. What stunning pictures. After seeing that serene snow, I say the heck with spring, I'll stick with winter.

  4. Susan..:-)
    Really..I'm OK with it..and it is still snowing so much!

  5. Sue..you live in summer:-) I love that about blogging..I see the flip side..

  6. Mon dieu ! Ce n'est pas possible... Demoiselle Printemps doit être frigorifiée pour arriver jusqu'à toi aujourd'hui !
    Je la soupçonne d'avoir trouvé en solde un petit manteau qui doit lui aller comme un gant et a décidé de prolonger l'hiver juste un petit peu pour le profiter !... Sourire !

    Tes photos sont cependant merveilleuses... Je t'envoie un peu de douceur ma chère amie.
    Gros bisous

  7. Possible:-) Imagine!.mais...je suis certaine que mon printemps arrivera bien un jour!

  8. I was complaining about a cold and wild wind today! Your snow is lovely. I will admit that I laughed when I saw (or didn't see) your car!!


  9. I would love to wake up in spring like this! Just can't comprehend...
    Your photos make it look like the perfect place for the fairies to be hiding in :)
    Enjoy it ...
    wish, wish, wish

  10. Monique, the photos are so beautiful. You live in a wonderland. You truly do. I love the sure knowledge that be it early or be it late, Spring comes. I love Spring. Well, actually I love all of the seasons. They each have their own beauty and joys to share with us n'est ce pas? Love you much! xxoo

  11. What a snow !!!.....o no !!!..is spring forget to come ?????...i hope not ???...enjoy the day darling....love Ria...xxx...

  12. Oh my -that's just what I woke up to this morning! But the sun is out and I am off to shovel and admire one of the last (I hope) spring snowstorms - just beautiful.

  13. It's beautiful but not for the first day of spring. Hope warm weather is on its way to you soon. This is just incredible.

  14. Oh, those dreamy wintry scenes make me wish winter lasted forever.
    But, then I wake up.

    No, my friend, I'll just have to admire them from afar, via your camera lens.

    Happy Spring?

  15. Today was idyllic:-)
    The gorgeous white snow trimmed trees..blue blue skies..we found the car..the paths are all groomed and there is asphalt on the driveway.
    Just gorgeous:-)

  16. Gorgeous photos but I'm glad I'm viewing them in sunny Florida.

  17. Spring will be late this year...last year it was so early!
    Even though you must be tired of it your house looks beautiful!
    The green is coming soon!

  18. Honestly, Monique, you must be fed up. I DO remember when we lived in Michigan seeing hopeful spring shoots drowned in snow. But it will come. Have hope.
    Love the bird looking for the car. :)
    A sense of humor is essential.

  19. Last year was just divine..at J's birthday it was close to 70!

  20. Gorgeous photos! We don't get snow where we live in San Diego, California. You're so lucky, have fun playing in it!


  21. The same trick of nature is happening to us here. Spring is truly just around the corner but, OH!, what a corner:)
    The Ladies at Crafton Abbey

  22. I got to say: these are beautiful photos of the snow. Your house is gorgeous. We got a couple of inches of snow last night, too, but 2 feet of snow?! That's a bit too much.

  23. I agree..today the thrill is gone:-)
    Hope SPRINGS eternal:-)

  24. Stunning photography. Just found you through Rosa's blog and like your site. I'll surely be back.

  25. Seeing these images stopped me in my tracks this morning. Absolutely stunning photographs. I'm off to google tree of enchantment.

  26. :) It is a miniature weeping pussy willow..it's about 2 ft tall here..so you can imagine..that it is invisible to the eye..but is is essential to my little water garden:)

  27. Oh no! You can use those shots for your Christmas card! It's crazy weather everywhere this year. It is beautiful however. Hope Spring returns soon.

  28. Oh what it is that this spring! Beautiful landscapes!

  29. Really like your pictures, it's so nice. We still have lot's of snow in Ottawa.

  30. Vraiment magnifique!
    Votre maison semble si cosy :)

  31. We got over a foot to add to what was already on the ground. With all the cold...it's not going any where soon. It is pretty but I want it to go away. I had to shovel my way over to my potting shed just to retrieve seeds that I need to start. Hopefully we will get some warm sunny days to start the big melt. :)

  32. Oh ..I am now starting to want it too..It just seems like last year seeds were starting! I only have indoor Easter grass growing~