Monday, March 25, 2013

Bunny Preps~

If you start now..

Right now..this minute..
You can have indoor real grass too for your bunnies and eggs~

I started mine last Sunday..8 days ago..

It really adds a bit of real springtime freshness in the house when outside is still all white~  and grey~

Now would be perfect..I started too soon this year..and Peter may have to mow:)

I also wanted to show you a cute cute idea I found yesterday ..A small pattern for a linen bunny..It was easy to make and I like the way these small stuffed bunnies turn out..I made an organza bloom for the tail..but hop on over and see how Julie made them..

I made first attempt was a bit too tight for the next 2..I added just a bit to the outer outline..of the pattern..not much..  maybe 1/4 inch..and it then became easier for me to turn inside out..Next year..after I have thought this through..I can imagine adding initials ..embroidery etc:).

Sweet as sweet can be..You can find it at Julie's blog..the linked above~
I ♥ them..
I had everything on hand..which inspired me to spend a nice Sunday afternoon creating~I love when a blog does that..and again never underestimate what you share..the ideas..the tips ..the tricks..So appreciated!!

I find sometimes I see something and just Pin.  since Pinterest...often in case I have forgotten to comment when trying a new recipe..or making a new craft..Forgive me..and ..
Thank you~.


  1. Dear Monique, I've had a checkered, but occasionally successful hobby growing things—dandelions, mostly—but I'll give grass-growing a try.

    By the way, I have a bunny exactly like the adorable one in your last photo, which I made for Christmas, years ago. Mine was made of cream-colored felt.

    Another difference, my bunny has a satin ribbon with a tiny flower around its neck.
    And, well, they look nothing alike. The end.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter Dear Sol:)
    You made me smile out loud:)

  3. Love Bunny's !!!...happy easter week darling...see you on pinterest !!

  4. I always, always, always look forward to your blog posts, especially Easter/Spring. I'm going to go look for some grass seeds right now!!

  5. I will have grass next year - great idea. Love the bunnies they are so cute - you did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Always love your photos and illustrations. Now you're making bunnies, too?! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  7. Ma chère Nana, il est vraiment très agréable de frapper à la porte de ton blog... On y trouve toujours des merveilles et des astuces extraordinaires. Tes photos et ta créativité débordante sont de grands plaisirs qui illuminent ma journée.
    Joyeuses Pâques chère amie avec de gros bisous.

  8. Je dois dire que chaque année, j'achète deux ou trois pots d'herbe à chat pour faire mes décors de Pâques ...
    Je devrais bien en semer, plutôt ... Et ce mignon lapin ... Je crois que je suivrai ton idée pour l'an prochain. Une jolie initiale brodée ... j'adore l'idée !
    Bisous et bonne journée, Monique

  9. So pretty! Oh, I love Peter Rabbit... Childhood memories.

    Easter decorations add so much (welcome) freshness in the house!



  10. Oh, how charming! I forgot to start Easter grass this year - I usually use wheat berries, but I don't even have those - what do you use for your grass?

    Thanks to you, I MAY have that beautiful grass by Sunday. And what I'd really love? A real bunny. I used to have rabbits and I miss them. I love the way you celebrate, well - everything!

  11. My daughters had bunnies too:) Sadly they ran away:(
    For the grass I use grass that we keep to fill rough patches in the Spring..(many)..I fill my basket that has a plastic liner w/ growing compound..plain earth works fine..I just happened to have some..It's mixed with peat and vermiculite..

    Sow seeds..cover w/ a sprinkling of earth.. make sure you water well and I mist the don't want flooding..just moist earth..lay a plastic wrap on top..and then opaques newspaper and set in a warm window.. check and mist every day..once the grass starts remove both and keep in a sunny warm window:)
    That's it..
    I am sure you all have cute little Easter ideas too:)

  12. So sweet...the grass...the bunnies...i love it all. You are an inspiration!
    Happy Easter dear Nana!
    L xo

  13. I started my grass last week too and Mack helped me water it yesterday ♥

    I have bunnies of a different sort that I'll be posting soon but I love your darling linen bunny and the one sitting in your grass. Maybe he'll nibble the grass down :)

    I need to get some Peter Rabbit books for Mack and Dane - adorable.

  14. I was thinking about starting some grass, thanks for the inspiration! I love your Bunny you made and the organza bloom for the tail is so sweet! Love it! Happy Easter!


  15. Just absolutely adorable.We are travelling but if I wasn't I would defintely try my hand at all of this.
    How lovely.
    Happy Easter Monique to you and all your family.
    Those little ones are going to be so spoilt.

  16. Happy Eater to all of you:-)
    Thanks as always for keeping me company:-)

  17. Monique you make every day special, but holidays are extra special.

    PS. I bought the ingredients to make your Easter Eggs today.

  18. I am glad because you make the best ones:)

  19. J'adore le petiti lapin en lin..trop mignon..!Moi aussi, j'achete des petit pots d'herbe a chats..sauf que, mes chats n les aimes pas..peut etre plutot les petits bunnies, oui..on a beaucoup de lapins ici, partout..dans mon potager, dans les granges...mignons ccomme tout!
    Joueux Paques, Monique!

  20. Oh, I shall have to try the grass growing project next year! What a fab idea. I remember growing it in potatoes when I was a Brownie. It was so much fun! I love your holiday posts. I love all of your posts, but you just make each holiday such an "occasion!" I love all that you do and those bunnies . . . well, c'est magnifique! Love you! xxoo

  21. What a lovely rabbit!
    And yes a little embroidery is a good idea!
    I made also a cute rabbit for the Easter maybe you will take a look.

    Happy Easter, Evelyne

  22. Dear Monique, bunnies are so sweet-) I had one for a pet a long time ago, a lot of work with them, but they are very cute. Now I am reading some bunny stories to my children, and we eat chocolate bunnies-))