Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gleaning Yet Again~ Birthday Cake ..Take 2~

I shared with you that darling ♥cake roll and the cute cute site..The cake was delicious but poor Jacques ate my practice cake all week~
Couldn't let him have it again at his real birthday:)
Weeks and weeks Sprinkle Bakes~ ( I have shared her site before when I made the wafer paper cookies at Christmas.. and mentioned her book)~I saw her Espresso Biscoff cake..
I knew we were heading into town..and could stop at La Vieille Europe..where I knew I could find the Biscoff~
I was expecting friends for dinner and thought I would make the it turned out they were blessed with a new little grandson..Francesco~ and looked after their other 2 little ones they could not make it..
When I saw that Jacques had eaten the roll to his ♥'s content..I thought try the Biscoff for this weekend..It's actually Jacques' birthday tomorrow:)So I tried the cake~Wish I didn't put it on that cake thing.. but it's too late now:)  Happily it sits on a pedestal for the party~Takes nerve to will see why after seeing hers:) So much work goes into posts like her Biscoff cake..I was in the kitchen 5 hours I am sure..had I wrapped it in the transfer paper..well..I just couldn't..Hats off to those who keep sharing great etc..

It's actually an espresso-biscoff cake..  I made the cake round instead of heart the other cake had had hearts:) I was going to wrap it in transfer paper and chickened out..I only made the small heart with the chocolate transfer sheet..the gold music notes..  and simply used that tool bottom right to line the sides..
It's a two layer biscoff cake..that has an espresso biscoff chocolate filling and an  is topped with the same..sort of.. as a buttercream though~
I was totally excited to make chocolate seals..which appeared on her post shortly before I made the cake..
They were much easier to make than the piped buttercream on top..since I did not surround teh top w/ a large transfer sheet..the sides of the top are not perfect..I hope the seals and heart distract the diners:)

You can find the recipe at the links above~
I was excited to share the link to the seals..You may remember the Monogram I had fondant..

I never thought to use the seals:)  So go see..and have fun making them..they are lovely on chocolate and her video is excellent.

It's also my friend Susan's birthday..this coming Monday..we go back to Gardenbuddy days~
She lives at..Savoring Time In The Kitchen..beautiful photos..wonderful recipes~
Happy Birthday Susan~:)

I think the cake will be the fillings are divine..Not that I will eat any..but I had to taste
Have fun browsing the links..weekends can be such a nice time to visit~

PS I am still under magic melt yet!:) is Sunday and the dinner was last night..everyone loved it and asked what that delicious flavor was..
:) I grew up with a Dutch friend..who's dad flew for KLM airlines..they would give me real speculaas exactly that a Speculoos spread..
I can get it at European stores.. quite pricey..the 350 g jar was $7.59.
But worth it makes the cake..Really it was a hit..
Serve it room temp as it is a buttercream..and will be too rad if not room temp.
Ours was perfect.


  1. I love Biscoff cookies! Whenever we fly the airline that offers them during the flight I always ask for an extra package :) Now it's easier to find them locally but I still haven't seen the Biscoff spread in stores. I know I would love this cake! The chocolate 'coins' and transfer are perfect touches.

    I hope Jacques is having a wonderful birthday weekend and thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

  2. It's a pretty cake...I have never heard of those cookies:( such a 3rd world country I live in...
    I will go to that site and take a look...
    You are truly very clever, could never manage those gorgeous touches of coins ..
    Have a happy birthday Jacques and many many more.

  3. As usual, beautiful Monique. You have a wonderful touch with baked goods. Me, I am always too impatient. Happy Birthday to J today! I hope he has a lovely celebration and with that cake how can he not! Winter has come back here too . . . still snowing today. But that's March for you. It can never decide what it is supposed to do!! Hope your family celebratory dinner is the best. Love and hugs to you. xxoo

  4. I keep hearing great things about Biscoff cookies - I wish it was a flavour easily available here! The cake sounds delicious, what a perfect way to celebrate.

  5. Just perfect cake! I love your décoration!

  6. Such a beautiful cake... Moreover it's made with coffee, so it can only be delicious ;)

  7. While the heart shape is adorable, I think you did a lovely job with your cake Monique! Sprinkle Bakes is such a nice blog, I agree.
    I hope Jacques had a lovely birthday and enjoyed the cake!

  8. Well it was a HIT!..Thanks for the nice comments..I really wanted you to learn about the Biscoff through Sprinkle Bakes and the making of the chocolate seals are so much fun..again through her site:)
    He had a great time.. lots of cards..a new book and a wonderful meal..lots of one can ask for more..than hand made cards:)

  9. I'm impress it's beautiful. Glad to read that you had a good time. And Happy Birthday again!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to Jacques. I'm sure the cake was a complete success.

  11. Happy birthday indeed! What a perfect cake and a million times better and more beautiful than a bakery cake!

  12. Happy Birthday to Jacques! And your cake is so very lovely, as always, though I think I must be the only person in the world who does not like biscoff! To me it always tastes slightly burnt - odd tastebuds I have:)

  13. Happy Birthday to Jacques! And your cake is so very lovely, as always, though I think I must be the only person in the world who does not like biscoff! To me it always tastes slightly burnt - odd tastebuds I have:)

  14. Monique your cakes always look so delicious, your young Grandson will remember all his birthdays by those wonderful cakes. This recipe with speculos is something I must try, but 5hrs. in the kitchen baking a cake sort of puts me off, I'm not as adventurous as you, I think I would have chosen a simpler recipe.

  15. I thought it would be quicker:)

    I am a fumbler with icing bags and tips.. :)

    I made the heart transfer..and the seals..
    You have to remember this is playing for me..
    I worked for nearly 30 yrs..
    I was not used to becoming so quiet 2 .5 yrs ago..
    Winter is long here:)
    I am so grateful that I like to have busy hands.
    That's why I love gleaning here and there.
    It occupies my time..makes me learn..keeps me busy..
    The gardens will call again soon..I hope!
    It is not a cake that is that long to make if you forget the fancifuls:)
    My daughters spoil us with special touches..I love to do the same for them:)

  16. What a beautiful cake -- everything on your blog is gorgeous!

  17. A belated Very Happy Birthday to Jacques. Sorry I'm late.


  18. Heavenly! I am a big fan of Biscoff...

    Happy belated Birthday, Jacques.