Monday, March 18, 2013

Hippity Hop~

Getting  little Easter things ready ahead of time~

I thought I would post early enough in case anyone wants to get a head start also:)

I've had some cute printables printed for cupcakes..(not only is Marie a fabulous cook..she's a fabulous artist~)
... and Easter treats..the Bunny Tails are here..
and they turn out can find   more here..  and here..  and here!The last  2 I had printed up also~
In fact printables are a plenty..graciously designed and offered..It's difficult to know when to stop:)
 My printers are not printing..I need a new one and am confused as to which all in one printer that is  wireless I should actually buy~
So Staples has been doing a great job for me:)
I also wanted to learn different royal icing techniques and found many many resources on the web..So far I am more inclined to just dip them in a light glaze of icing..let dry then paint..
I find the pipe and fill techniques..just add too much icing..

Cute..but too much..So I am going to use the cookies I tested as perhaps the centerpiece for our  Easter Brunch table..

I added each of the little boys names on some of the smaller ones thinking they would be cute place settings..but then I got carried away and made a little church scene for I think that's what I will do with them..the centerpiece..

I used the Ateco edible markers for the bunnies and Chick..again..I prefer freehand..I find mixing our own colors with food coloring gives a softer effect..and of course you can use a small small bush for fine you can painting skills are rudimentary so anyone can do these.
I can just imagine how real artists could embellish these as works of art~

I adore my little we all do ♥..They all know how to spell their names..and Olivier loves to say O~L~I:)  So sometimes we call him that between ourselves(Jacques and I)'s amazing how when our kids are small..all we talk about as a couple when we are together alone..are our children..I am here to tell you that as grandparents..well most of what we talk about that makes us smile out loud..are our grandchildren.~

I used Sol's sugar cookie recipe..thank you thank you thank you dear Sol.. ..
One tip ..or two I liked that I found for working with Royal Icing..was to keep a mister handy case the icing hardens..but the best tip was the saran in a piping bag:)

Hope you have found some inspiration for Easter..I have to admit.. I enjoyed Easter preparations when my children were's only when my grandchildren arrived that I got back into the cute little things..And I know how quickly time flies..and that I have already lost many I am trying to keep some memories safe   for now:)

PS Pic Monkey has darling little things to add to photos right now:)~~~


  1. Everything is so ARE a REAL artiste! Thank you so much for all the tips! The saran wrap icing bag is genius!

  2. I agree. Especially with different colors..quite genius:-)

  3. Preciosas, preciosas, preciosas...

  4. How sweet, the kids will love it! XO, Pinky

  5. I am so amazed by your creativity. This is so cute and so wonderful. I would love to do something for Ester also, but I am not in a mood , yet-)) The bunnies are so adorable-))) Lovely Idea! Thank you dear-)

  6. I just got my two bunny cookie cutters out yesterday so you are way ahead of me. Mack dislikes anything too sweet so I'm sure I'll have to avoid frosted cookies, even though I love how they look. Mine will be plain Jack (or Jane) Rabbits :) Yours are so beautiful!

  7. Oh Susan you cracked me up:)

    Thank you for your really sweet comments!

  8. What adorable bunnies!! Personalizing them is so sweet...I know your grandsons must anxiously await going to Nana's so that they can see what special "something" is waiting for them!!

  9. can feel the love in those bunnies :)

  10. Je ne suis pas un de tes petits-enfants, mais je craque devant tes merveilles ma chère chère talentueuse Nana !
    Une très jolie publication...
    Tout comme toi, j'adore mes petits-enfants et j'en parle beaucoup !!
    Gros bisous à toi.

  11. Oh, what a cute creation! Your grandsons are very lucky to have a granny like you...



  12. I love your phrase "smile out loud." You and Jacques are the perfect grandparents. Every child should be so lucky. Those bunnies are adorable. I always looked forward to Easter as a child.

  13. Well, that's it, the Easter Bunny is fired!

    Obviously, you're the best person for the job. And we'd love to hire you for all upcoming holidays as well :)

    Happy Spring Monique and to your adorable staff!

  14. I'm cooking Easter brunch this year so will have the chance to make some fun little things for the table. Easter has always been one of my favorite holiday...maybe because it is the sign that spring is almost here.

  15. The schools are closed here today due to the storm!
    Spring will come..just don't know when:)
    Yes a Happy Easter to all of you too:)

  16. Monique, your bunnies, your painting, you cute little houses . . . so sweet. Your grandchildren must think you are the best grandmum ever! Happy Easter to YOU! xxoo

  17. Wonderful ideas Monique, thak you so much for posting all these Easter pics.

  18. I'm so glad that I found your post and will be following you.
    Love all your Easter decorations they all look so great.
    Have a wonderful week.

  19. I had to show your post to my husband...I'm always raving about the wonderful creations you come up with. Your bunnies are so adorable and the arrangement is perfect for the holiday.