Monday, March 11, 2013

There's a new kid(s) on the block~

Triplets actually~L'Arc De Triomphe~ La Tour Eiffel~Sacré Coeur~

A new French Tampons set.. 3 in a box..  one main wood stamper and 3 heads..
Un Coup De Coeur ♥ for me..found at Isa's~Our very own QC..cookbook author:)

Considering this may be as close as I get to Paris apart from visiting blogs I love that revolve around Paris..and my latest favorite Netflix show.."Engrenages"..(Spiral)..
I will  make believe I am enjoying Paris while baking these:)

 These are perfect at Tea Time~

You can basically use the recipe you love..There are so many that suit themselves to these cookie stamps..
A booklet comes with the stamps..
Cute packaging as always~

From ..French side:)

Shipping will take long..but do not be discouraged..not as long as the site states..Well for me it was not..nor for Isa~
But I have heard..and they warn you:)

I love these little cookies so special~...

I have posted the recipe I used before..many moons ago..I didn't use one from the book..but I will as there are chocolate ones and savory ones as well and the book is too cute..
So well done..I love Marabout/Hachette collaborations~
I used one(almost identical) I had found at Binôme Gourmand.
With very slight differences..
You can see the post here~

La Recette~

150 grams softened butter
250 grams sugar
250 grams self rising flour
250 grams flour
salt(I use salted butter so I don't add)

beat butter and sugar until light  and almost white
add vanilla..
and beat in eggs one at a time..beating well after chaque addition:)
Sift the two flours together and add to the mixture..
Form into a flat disk and least 1 hr..better all night..
Roll out on lightly floured surface(sometimes I use icing sugar instead of flour) to desired thickness..
If using these stamps..FLOUR  each stamp WELL  before stamping..I then use a cookie cutter to cut around perfectly..(well  not PERFECTLY:)  )..
And then I place the cookies on my Silpat or a baking sheet w/ parchment paper..
I then glaze with the "dorure"..see below..
and REFRIGERATE again..they keep their beautiful shape.
Bake at AP 400 degrees..until nice and golden..

You just have to watch..:)

Again I halved the recipe.. yes 1 1/2  egg easy to do in a bowl first:)

Cool on racks..  and then look..admire and enjoy..
You can use your favorite cookie recipe that holds it's form well..But I suggest a butter cookie.And I love the glazed look and taste.

use the recipe you prefer for sablés~
 I love adding  "dorure"~
..  which is egg yolk mixed with a bit of water and a touch of vanilla..that you brush on your cookies.. before baking  or refrigerating ..the dorure  gives these the real Sablés Bretons look.

♥                                                          ♥                                                      ♥


  1. How fun! I'm always on the lookout for a cookie that will hold a design like this. I don't have any cookie stamps, but I'd love to try one out. The closest I've come is working with fancy shortbread molds, but the pretty pattern always fades on me as they bake.

  2. Sue..if you follow the little tips I added..this recipe should work with most stamps:-)

  3. I have the same mold, they are fantastic! And beautiful photos as always!

  4. What cute cookies. Stamps are so much fun and these are really special...the stamp makes enjoying the cookie special!!

  5. Everywhere, traps—of the cookie kind! My favorite :)

    Monique, these magnificent cookies make me wish I were sitting right beside you, in France.

  6. Preciosas, me encantan.

  7. Ooh lala....what a find! I would mind sitting with you and
    Marysol in France eating cookies and drinking tea either!
    One can dream!

  8. Me too you guys:-)
    Jacques would love the company:-)
    Mrs.Deer..can't wait to see yours with your art work to accompany:-)

  9. oh ....that is the perfect present for my friend Barbara, So what, her birthday was last Saturday...she can wait

  10. I love your love of stamping :) I am sorely lacking in them but I find them so beautiful. Tea and a beautiful cookie - what could be better!

  11. Did you use your new little bowl and muffin spatula to make your perfect cookies? Di

  12. Pour accompagner le bon thé que tu viens de préparer c'est juste parfait ! J'arrive ! Non, j'accoure!...
    Des petits biscuits hum!...
    Gros bisous

  13. zurinwww.cherryonacake.blogspot.comMarch 11, 2013 at 10:39 PM

    I love stamps...but have to own a cookie stamp...these are adorable Monique! I must keep the recipe in case i do get a cookie stamp one day...your fotos r always lovely!

    x Z

  14. Love those cookies...and we sell that tea flowers in our shop !!..lovely

  15. What adorable cookies Monique. What would we do without our Silplat when it's time to bake? Enjoying these would definitely feel like I've been on a quick trip to Paris (don't I wish!)

  16. The heart teacup in your previous post is adorable, Monique. Color, shape AND design. So you!
    I'd love a cup of blooming tea with your sables. So worth the wait for the stamps! The egg wash makes such a difference to the finished cookie.

  17. they look buttery and delicious!

  18. Absolutely adorable stamps. You always can find such a fun things-) Your cookies are so unique!

  19. These cookies look wonderful and I simply MUST have those stamps!! Thank you for posting :)

  20. Glad you like is fun for me to discover from all of you:-) I thought of many of you when I found these:-)

  21. I baked your cake :) now I've just simply got to bake these lovely biscuits....
    I'm going to head over to Amazon...
    and try to get that little stamp set....
    Nothing like that here in SA :(
    Wonderful pics
    Shel x

  22. Monique, how utterly adorable! You always have the most beautiful stamps! They look so delicious. I can almost taste one . . . I wish I could! xxoo

  23. A little touch of Paris right there in your kitchen .... I love your "Tea Time" photo Monique .... simply beautiful!

    "All Things French"

  24. Petit message de france, pour c'est joli biscuits !!!!
    bisous a bientôt

  25. Wow, these are so incredibly intricate! So pretty :)

  26. The cookie stamps do it all:)

    I made cookies again today for a neighbor and Noah..and was amazed at how far Cookie Cutters have come..I did the Star Wars ones(W-S)..and the Hello Kitty one..

    Imagine..My mom..never had tools like these:)..sure wish I had kept her cutters..her recipe book..the handwritten one..

  27. I know you won't be surprised when I say that I LOVE these cookie stamps. I looked around a bit but don't see them on Amazon here. I'm going to France next month and might be very lucky to find them there. I enjoy my visits to your blog so very much, Monique. It's always a treat to come by and say hello.

  28. What great tampons! Those cookies look really pretty and so tempting. Perfect with a cup of green tea.



  29. You are the queen of stamps! I really think you should get yourself an ETSY store and sell them. I love all of your stamps and of course what you do with them. Perfect little cookies and so evocative of Paris... I feel like I'll never get back there!

  30. You are the queen of stamps! I really think you should get yourself an ETSY store and sell them. I love all of your stamps and of course what you do with them. Perfect little cookies and so evocative of Paris... I feel like I'll never get back there!

  31. Bonjour Nana. These look too pretty to eat, but certainly pretty enough to sell... They would be a hit! Too bad I am not a baker. I would be tempted to get my hands on these delightful stamps. Well done. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  32. The cookie stamps are so nice...wouldn't it be wonderful if they had more forms that you could add to your handle. You could travel the world through cookie stamps. :)

  33. I used the one in the WS catalogue

    1. Email me. (My address is on my blog. Right hand side and I will send it to you

  34. Here's the link to the recipe

  35. I have been eyeing that kit for ages! I just love the cookie stamp and I'm so glad that you think the kit is worth it. By the way, did you know you can have a personalized one made?

  36. Hi Janice..I did not know.,thank you..I will check it out.
    How about our snow:-) ?

  37. I adore this set of cookie stamps - where can they be purchased? Also, are they smaller than the "homemade" stamp which I purchased after seeing it here on your blog - lol.

  38. Sorry I am late..they can be purchased at French..then search for the name on the box:)

    They are smaller than HOME MADE..
    Some people collect jewels..I like cookie cutters:)