Sunday, April 14, 2013

When Life Gives You Snow..Make Macarons~

Pretty Dainty little Macarons~

Turquoise..with Nutella filling~
                                                            They are so much fun to decorate too~

Hmm ..yes..mais oui ..Mother Nature played a little trick on us.
Not a fun trick..
Just snow..freezing rain etc..Friday April 12th~I guess Friday the 13th ...would have been more appropriate
So used to inclement really didn't phase me..
It is not as if I must go out and show homes anymore...

So I made macarons..much more delicious an activity..peace wise..

I have made them before..
One time..  the first time.. not so great....I didn't know any better:) The Jetsons :)
 the time ..better
and this time even better..

Happy Feet and all:)

I played it simple this time..

Look here..@ Mom's Dish

The video is perfect..

It did not take 10 minutes for my meringue to take though..and I did add my sugar a bit at a time..
My almond flour never did get perfectly smooth..but they worked:)

These are like Petits Fours cuteness to me:)

I made different sizes..
The snow never bothered me:)

La Recette~

3 egg whites room temp
1/4 cup of sugar
 1 cup almond flour
2 cups icing sugar

You meringue up your egg whites and sugar until stiff peaks form..stiff:)
Add color..natural or not~

You then add the almond flour which you have sieved along with your icing sugar..
And fold the mixture into the meringue until you get the right consistency..the video shows you..

I used  my Silpat to make my  circles..
I baked mine convection ap 250 F for ap 20 minutes.

Please go see the video and her tutorial..foolproof..Love her accent too!

The kit I bought..the one that inspired me for my second macarons trials..

Is a great little comes with many tips.. bags..thermometer..
I found it at Costco ..2010..Christmas time..
All those kits are treats..

And in my mind's can never beat the price..
So reasonable for such quality~
The tip I used was just right.. the even cuter than Wilton's~
There's even  a thermometer..but there was no need for this recipe..

I will make these again and again..w/ berry flavors this summer..

I love turquoise~  So that's what I chose this time color wise~

While making these..

Enjoy this..

Carla Bruni..Pick Little French Song~

PS ..I like the bags above for  food giving...they are by Meri Meri..I found some at our Chapter's store.You can find them at Amazon .com too~
I prefer the smaller ones..but our store only had the large..
They are so cute you will want to play house with them..
Or Bakery owner:)
Now I want to


  1. It's been a long while since I've made macarons and remember being thrilled when I saw feet :). The favors and fillings are endless.

    So adorable the little fairy and flying snail :). You make everything you do so cute!

  2. I can vouch for these tasty and beautiful macarons... they were magnifque~Di

  3. Little feet are always a treat:-) In more ways than one..
    I can't wait to make more..
    Do you have a favorite filling Susan?
    The meal..including the shrimp/coconut tapas..scampi and salad and mama's manicotti:-) ..were sublime.

  4. Monique, I've never tried to make my own. Have a beautiful cookbook for macarons, but so far have just enjoyed the lovely images. Love the color!
    Sorry you had more snow. Wish I could send you some of our TX weather. '-)

  5. Ils sont très beaux ces macarons, et m^me au saut du lit, j'ai envie de croquer dedans. Bisous très ensoleillés ce matin et une douceur incroyable de 15° à 8 heures...! après un hiver interminable ! ♥

  6. Clever you - I think you're smarter than Mother Nature by making macroons and they taste so much better than ice and snow. Hope it warms up for you soon. I just visited Claudia in Minnesota - Journey of an Italian Cook and her weather is just like yours.

  7. Your macarons are picture perfect, Monique. Every time I make them (which isn't that often) I hold my breath when I put them into the oven in anticipation of the little feet forming during baking. I like chocolate or coffee macs with a caramel filling. Raspberry is delicious too.

  8. The coffee are my next :) In the plans..
    Interminable..c'est le cas!

  9. Oh! they look gorgeous in turquoise with their deep chocolatey fillings. I've tried to make them twice but they weren't successful ... No feet and too chewy!! Maybe I will try again .... yours look so pretty.

    "All Things French"

  10. Love, love, love your blog. It is perfectly lovely and filled with all sorts of great ideas . You are, I might add, a wiz in the kitchen ! I am dying to know where you live as I've never heard of so much snow at this time of year. My guess is someplace where you experience the lake effect . Living in New Orleans , I simply can't imagine it. We're expecting a high of 80 today.

  11. Dianne..try this recipe:)
    I have done the boiled meringue etc..this was very easy and they rose to the occasion:)
    Clara..thank you.. I live in QC Canada..This is an unusually long winter.. last yr we had an early Spring..It's payback time~!
    My husband has been to NO.loved it..
    Have a nice day everyone~

  12. Preciosos, preciosos, preciosos... me encantan

  13. Love the faeries on your beautiful macarons. How ambitious of you! Most just fall into a depression with this never ending snow.

  14. Beautiful photos...
    also love the fairies and flying bugs!
    Have a good week.

  15. They look ever so perfect and pretty! What a lovely colour.

    Have a great week.



  16. It just crazy that you got snow this late in the year. We've finally started to feel like spring has arrive -- so happy about it. I hope spring arrives your way very soon. Your macarons are gorgeous! Love the photos too:)

  17. I have never attempted macarons before. I love the pretty colour. Maybe one day I will try to make them.

  18. I love the delicate turquoise special. I'm sorry that you are still having snow. Thankfully the last of our snow melted with rain this past week.

  19. It is almost gone:-)
    The rain and higher temps helped..the back..grass ..the front still some though..
    Soon... would have no problem at all.
    I feel like spring is arriving.

  20. They are perfect! Such beautiful little feet! I need to try this seems so much easier!
    L xo

  21. I have GOT to take the bull by the horns and make macarons! I must be the only blogger who hasn't made them yet. I have books galore, but never gathered the courage to try them. Yes, the video is excellent and you have given me the impetus to try. Yours turned out the color and flavors.

  22. Show me girls:) Put aside some time and play..Little girl like feeling:)

  23. Delicious! I have always wanted to make them but been too scared! xx

  24. Hi! i am not sure I received your email re color drop flowers. Could you resend it?

    Thanks so much!!

  25. I baked macaroons a few times, but it's so much time-)) I love them, but they are tricky to make. Yours looks perfect specially this color and fairy on a top-)) Have a lovely day my dear friend!

  26. These are much too pretty to amaze me. There is a touch of beauty to everything you make! A cozy warm kitchen would take one's mind off of the snow outside. Gorgeous turquoise.

  27. These are quickish Yelena..Yours must be so beaux!
    Kate..all of a sudden it's Spring today!:)

  28. Wow, these macarons are so pretty - I love the delicate sprinkles and beautiful Tiffany blue shade! I still haven't mastered making homemade macarons but shall continue to persevere.

  29. So pretty!! great job...I see you got the foot right!
    (what do I know, though, haha!)
    I do need to try them on a brave day.