Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pain Ordinaire? I don't think so~

I was recently intrigued by a bread machine book I read about on Chowhound I think~

Rustic European Breads From Your Bread Machine~

Of course I Googled it..and tried ordering it..but many of the off site Amazon dealers do not ship to Canada.. or don't reply:(~
From a reseller?:)Amazing prices! Will keep looking.

But I was able  to  Google some recipes..and will try all of the ones I found..
But one stood out because she actually showed how she formed her baguettes~

Well Fed Soul~

It's more than 1 year old the post..but it keeps on giving:)
I love  our bread machines..Love.
I don't really mind what purists say..
For kneading etc..bread machines ..rock.
In lifting heavy babies:)  and yrs of gardening..I have some ..some..not many frailties in the joint between my right thumb and index..
So kneading to hand is far less important than it used to be.

Je dis..adieu aux puristes..and long live my bread machines and their darling dough cycles:)!

Just like Well Fed Soul..

So this minimalist for ingredients and maximalist on "ordinaire"!

It's got that CRISP crust most people need and want and a tasty interior!(I can live w/ soft..inside out..but you know baguette people:)
They need that crunch.. it is!

And you know everything is better w/ buttah:)

Plse refer to her site for the directions etc..GREAT to make..delicious to eat~

La Recette~

1 1/4 cup warm water
2 1/2 tsps  active dry  yeast
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt

Put the water in the bread machine and add the yeast..let it bloom for about 5 minutes.. add the flour and salt..
Push Dough Cycle..mine runs 1 1/2 hours.
At the end of the cycle..form into a ball..go see how she does tuck all around then gather:)
Cover..let rise ap 20 mins..
Then sep. in 2..slightly flatten and form them the way she shows you..(I think Ann T forms her beautiful baguettes that way also)..
After they are formed   cover..(see her plastic bag method)leave to rise until doubled..

What I form them on parchment that is on my pizza board with handle..and I let my bread rise in a pre-heated..then turned off oven that was set at 175 F.
I m lucky enough to have a double before the time is up..I can preheat the top oven to 450 which I have stones to bake the breads,,
Mine are thus ready  so I can just slide the parchment paper w/ the 2 loaves on it.. off my pizza board onto the hot stones..
I misted as she said..
After 15 minutes I removed the parchment..after turning them around and baked another 15 minutes..

And that was it:)  We loved it~

PS..  Look how cute the baguette wrappers are~  They are a courtesy of Heather Bullard's gorgeous blog~.I felt like someone sent me a gift in the mail when I saw them:)So nice of her.
The lovely board my bread sits on is from Ann ..her have seen it before..:)They are beautiful .

Enjoy..I have a feeling all the recipes are great in this book..
Do you have it?

Let me know~And do try this Pain il est extraordinaire~


  1. Wonderful pictures. I love the baguette wrappers and your decoration around. Very nice blog.
    Cheers sabrinasue;-)

  2. The baguette is perfect and the wrappers are so cute. What a nice touch. I don't have a bread machine; maybe one day I shall splurge.

  3. That bread looks great !!!...we sell also bread in our shop...bread Vanmenno.....that is the best baker in Holland !! only must backing it off in the oven at home...yannie.....!! that !!...happy!!

  4. I would love to visit your shop Ria~
    It looks beautiful.
    Vanmenno..I will look it up..
    Kate..they are so reasonable..just make sure there is a bread cycle..the only bread I like baking IN the machine is the Gluten Free brick I make:)

    You have to form..and bake IN the oven..
    You would love it w/ all the meals you make!
    Sabrina..I just went to visit you..going looks beautiful:)
    Thank you.

  5. Lovely photos. I love bread and especially the french loaf. I often wonder if I could ever live without bread...I think not.

  6. If it tastes good, do it! Your pictures are amazing. I love them.

  7. Your bread looks so yummy and the way you presented it, with your label and string . . . Bread turned ART, that's what I'm talking about :)
    Bella, Bella, Bella!
    Great post :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie .
    P.S. Come visit and check the link to my husband's blog
    and his gift card give-a-way :)

  8. Que bueno tiene que estar y preciosa presentación.

  9. I dont have a bread machine, but I love bake bread, something magical about making a bread, don't you think? Very good looking bread!

  10. I love my bread machine! You are one of the reasons I bought one :) I can't wait to try this recipe - even though I've been trying to cut back on carbs, good bread is a weakness of mine. I love the look, the smell, the taste of really good bread.

    Beautiful wraps :)

  11. No ordinary bread, for sure! It looks really scrumptious.



  12. Hope you like it ..Even the dough the dough is made in the machine..nice satisfaction :)
    have a good day~

  13. The baguette wrappers are indeed wonderful. Imagine carrying some loaves of your own bread or gifting them with those adorable wrappers. Such a special treat.

  14. Oh my, that bread looks absolutely perfect Monique. I am not a very good bread baker. And I have noticed the last few times my results in the bread maker haven't even been good. I think I tried those bread rolls you showcased about 4 times before I gave up. I don't know if it is the flour over here or what, but never mind. I shall just look at your lovely breads and admire from afar! Love you! xxoo

  15. I no longer have a bread machine...gave it to my DIL ages ago. With just one, it didn't make sense. But I sure do miss it. Your baguette looks wonderful and crisp (yes, I love that crunch), Monique, and the wrappers are so cute.

  16. Gorgeous! I do not have a bread machine...not a speck of room here, but I am sure I would love one!
    Going to look for the book!
    Bisous xo

  17. :)

    Seems I can get that book in Canada:)~
    Imagine that!
    Enjoy the wrappers they are there for everyone:)
    Marie it HAS to be the flour..I know your skills:)!!

  18. Beautiful, Monique. There is nothing ordinary about a loaf of homemade bread. It's one of life's pleasures we never get tired of. I have arthritis in my fingers and share your problems with hand kneading. I have yet to purchase a bread machine...hopefully one day soon.

  19. Maybe after Paris?:)

    Try and listen to Carla Bruni's song..before you go..cute for your trip:) 10 little French songs~

  20. Gorgeous what you can do with a piece of paper, string and a loaf of bread!
    I will never send anything there again - The Black Hole of the planet..stuff just disappears there.
    I hope some Mounties (or bears) are enjoying my watercolors..ahem

  21. Oh wow...
    I have a dinner party at a good friend this weekend...
    I will be copying those wrappers!
    I'm so enjoying all your posts I have missed.
    Good to be back home :)

  22. Your wrappers are fantastic! I definitely want to make some of those. What a way to dress up bread!

  23. They are Heather's I just print them up:)

    I know like a little black dress for bread:)

  24. Monique thank you introducing me to Heather's Blog. I downloaded her Baguette wrap.

    I wish I knew how to use Photoshop better. I would love to create my own wrap.

    And you are right, I do shape my baguettes pretty much the same way.