Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Korean Beef and Krafts~:)

I have seen so many posts re Korean Beef lately..

One in particular was Marie's..But I did see others made with different cuts of beef..different ingredients etc..
I opted for Marie~s..but made a few changes~

I used my all time favorite Basmati rice recipe because it takes 9 minutes in the microwave and is picture perfect taste worthy every time~
I love sticky rice..
But I thought this would work well and it did..I usually add frozen peas to my rice and in this case they worked well again..

The basic recipe I found in more than one places..

La Recette~

1 lb of lean ground beef
1/4 ~1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup soya sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil +
3 tsps garlic paste..I used crushed garlic cloves..4
1/2 tsp ginger paste..I grated fresh ginger
1/2 cup crushed chili peppers..but I  also added sczechwan peppercorns lots!
fine sea salt and crushed ground pepper to taste
1 bunch spring onions washed trimmed and chopped
..My notes..
On top  of the chili peppers I used  Sczechwan peppercorns(to taste..but I like a lot)
and I added 1/4 ~1/2  cup of beef broth
also some finely julienned carrots for color~

Oh and since I have made it yet again..add these notes:)

A tsp of Hoisin..does this dish no harm:)

And the more spring green onions the better..:)

These peppercorns are not cheap..20 grams..will cost ap $10.00 where I live..
Well not where I live.. but close enough..Marché Jean-Talon~

I heated a bit of evoo w/ the sesame oil.. browned my beef..
Added the ginger and garlic..until infused..and the crushed chilis..I also crushed my peppercorns with my fingers and added..

then the brown sugar..soya sauce..and beef broth..I wanted our rice to have a bit more dampness..more "jus"..this does it..

It's a perfect easy ..quick..flavorful dinner..

I will certainly make it again~and I did:)

As I mentioned it snowed Friday..the 5th....so I played with an old photo from my blog.. of sometime in 2011:)

And tried a small Triscuit sized painting..thanks to Vivian Swift's posts about Triscuit paintings..

Let's not look at the quality..But it was fun to paint this size..I usually always paint small..(paint is a generous large word for what I TRY to do..)..but never this small:)

You can see how small they are..

These traced Triscuit squares ..all 3 fit on a rectangular travel book~
I bought it at Blick's yrs ago..You can see it here..and is still available..

It comes with a wonderful little brush~It's pointy and fine..and quite gorgeous~

I still have to finish up the roses..but I was anxious to take off the masking fluid...again..the fluid was a great reminder from VS..I had not used mine in years and it had dried up..luckily..I had a new one that I bought with my friend in an art co-op a long time ago..but it was unopened and still perfect to use..I used it recreating the beach scene above..It was Nov 2009~I asked O-L-I..do you know what this is?  He said Nanan(that's what he calls me..)..and O-L-I:)  It's actually Nana and Lucas..but just the fact that he saw 2 people and one was me..made my heart do cartwheels.
I should take out my paints more often..I always love those moments..And this was with the small Cotman travel kit..I have a Koi one too..But I prefer the Cotman colors..I do  love the water brushes though and mine are Koi~They are so much fun to travel with..the water is in the brush:)

Not PRO..but fun:)

So Friday..albeit grey..and snow..(minimal as it turned out)..was still nice..
  Try that dish if you like asian type meals.. It is to be served right on top of the rice and I like mixing mine up so the rice tastes like Korean Beef~

Someone mentioned it would be good in a lettuce wrap..I totally agree!
I continued to play w/ paints and Triscuits~  and ME..
And Paris Breakfasts~

I opened a ME cookbook and decided to practice what my art teacher..(Sandy) ..had taught me 10 + years ago..Did I even mention I LOVED those art classes?
Nicest people were in that class..and I loved the teacher..
it was short lived..we were just moving..work was very busy for me at that time..but what she taught us in those classes..I will never forget~

She gave us each 3 colors in jars she had..that is why you see Primary Yellow with a reddish color in the jar...We each  had a blue..a red  and a yellow..

She would suggest we paint something w/ more colors than these 3..and learn to mix and make:)
Well w/ 3 colors..you can make almost any color..I love that about paints..
You need very little to go a long way~
Like ingredients to make good food..
Bread for example~

The little bag that I keep my water pens in..  my Indian Ink..a pencil..an eraser..and white gouache.. a few toothpicks..an old toothbrush.. a Q-tip..was a gift from my friend..who travels to Paris quite frequently..
I ♥ it..I know I say that a lot..but I mean it..
and when I take that pouch out..
I always think of my friend..and Carol.. who is in Paris..Painting~


  1. Monique you sound like a child that makes everyday seem like Christmas morning...x

  2. Une publication gourmande pour la bouche et les yeux...
    J'adore la cuisine asiatique... J'arrive quand tu veux !... mais je t'aide !... sourire !

    Tes petits dessins sont adorables... J'aime ce que l'on capture sur le vif. J'aime un jour aussi retrouver sans les chercher ces petits dessins...
    Garde-les bien précieusement... C'est une véritable petit bonheur.
    J'ai passé un agréable moment avec toi tout en dégustant ma tasse de thé.
    Gros bisous.

  3. You are so talented...your little paintings are so charming.
    When I was younger i used to do little pen and ink drawings with watercolor...why I stopped? I have no idea...i was never as good as you. The tiny triscuit paintings are magical!

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  5. Gorgeous little paintings Monique..
    I love how you treasure all the memories :)
    That pic of the Korean Beef is stunning...it pops right out of my laptop!
    Have a wonderful week....
    its very cold here...I think an early winter is on the cards.
    Love Shell

  6. Love Korean food! I have quite a few Korean recipes I've been collecting on one of my Pinterest boards. Your roses are gorgeous! So lovely to see your little painting - I so much would love to do a little painting here and there, but just seem unable to fit it into my life.

  7. You are so talented Monique. I would love to be able to paint. My parents sent me for painting lessons as a child. I would think the smaller the painting the more difficult.

    Love your Korean dish too. Don't think I've ever eaten Korean food.

  8. That Korean beef looks so good that I have to put it on our plate soon! I absolutely love your art!


  9. I don't think I have ever eaten Korean food..and who knows how authentic this is..but it IS good..
    I follow you Julia..I will go check..I've pinned some too..
    I think the reason I post the small things is to show you that you can..I have seen really cute little watercolor sets at Homesense even..under $10.00..
    You have nothing to lose:)
    I Love Carol's..Vivians..Marie's Ronelles' work..Susan:)..Monica..and know that the best I can hope for is to try and learn:)

    Hope you try Julia..and Sam and Linda pick up a pencil again and see how good and calming it is:)
    Shel..and our Spring is about to start:)

  10. What a delicious dish with exotic flavours.

  11. Unos dibujos preciosos, me encantan.


  12. Well, where do I start???

    First of all, I am so intrigued by the Korean beef that I will be making it soon. It sounds so delicious and full of spicy flavor with the peppers than my J would love! Moi aussi :) I'm Pinning this to my board of delicious dishes to try.

    Secondly, your little Triscuit painting led me down a long series of wonderful links that I had to remember to pull myself back to comment. What a wonderful pass-time for a dreary day. We have been having some very dreary ones here with lots and lots of rain, wind and chilly weather but I did see my first spring flower in the garden :)

    Love your recipe, your wee paintings and O-L-I's comment - precious!

  13. No Spring flowers here yet..I looked..in fact our tree trimmers called and I had to tell them there was still more than 2 feet if snow where they are needed..so postponed..
    And guess what?
    Snow expected Friday..boohoohoo.
    Caro tried the Korean Beef tonight..and it was a go:-)
    Susan..I am glad you liked the links:-)
    Rosa..thank you:-)

  14. I love your bag too. You are so artistic!
    The beef sounds really similar to the beef skewers I posted today, but with a nice kick added. We will definitely have to try it. My son just received a two year mission call to Seoul Korea so I have been wanting to make him something Korean. this sounds like he would love it!

  15. Monique, I love all that you share with us. You are always full of surprises. How wonderful you paintings are. I love the concept of triscut paintings. I am bringing my water colours to Canada with me, but not sure how much time I will have to play. We shall see. I love that recipe for Korean Beef and love your changes. They sound delicious. The bag so pretty ... And like you, I long to be holidaying in the south of France with my paints. Hasn't the winter hung on this year. Love and hugs to you my sweet friend. Xxoo

  16. Marie..we are expecting 20 cms of snow tonight!..Here..not where you are going I hope!

    It has time to melt! It won't stay..
    Jacqueline..I read about your son..:) I would say this is a good meal for him:)

  17. I have a whole collection of old postcards with hand-done watercolors from European, African and Middle eastern countries. They are magnificent with bits of the people of the country, touches of architecture.... i just love them and wish I'd do it... fit a tiny watercolor kit into my suitcase... how glorious your triscuit work is.. bravo!

  18. You have mentioned several times about the quality of you painting but I think you are very talented...I have enjoyed them all. I must try this beef dish with its Korean flavors...it sounds delicious.

  19. Aaaaa-) Exquisite watercolors, I just adore them! You are so talented and so crafty-) And korean beef looks very appetizing! Talk to you soon-)