Sunday, April 21, 2013


Turned very cool and windy~

I had spoiled myself on Thursday and bought tulips~
My friend had tulips when we ate at her home..RED and utterly gorgeous..I sometimes buy bouquets of 8,but these Costco bouquets have more..last longer and are infinitely prettier I find~
I made California rolls one day..we love those..Easy to prepare in the morning..and then after a day in the garden..(Friday) just eat them up..

Saturday..I baked bread..and then decided to try More Than Burnt Toast's rhubarb muffins..but with Strawberries as I could not find rhubarb :(
They are very good..the streusel..w/ the almond essence.. almonds and lemon zest..Miam:)
3 little bowls..all you need..

With a cup of tea or nice on a cold day indoors~

I have been playing with paints too..
So not too unhappy that Saturday was chilly~

You can find the Muffin recipe at  Valerie's~
I halved the recipe for Jacques and we had bran muffins too..So..well..just so:)
They are good..very good and I would not hesitate to add a touch of almond extract to the batter~
Truth be snowed Saturday.
Twirling huge snowflakes it snowed here..31 degrees F as I looked at the outdoor thermometer..stuck to our back door....
What's up with this?
All I can say is :"Stay off my tulips...snow..stay off my outdoor tulips.."~
That night ..Jacques made another of his specialties that I like so much..Shrimp Pasta..
Delicious..and so have those tulips been all weekend long..
Just delicious..

You have to find a way to let Spring way or another when winter seems to be hanging in~
Orange..coral..not my colors of choice in flowers..but they go well w/ terra cotta floors..and they positively brighten up a white room tremendously~
I found something new at Costco..a  large container of Parmesan Shavings..
I give them a thumbs up..we always have fresh..and shave..but these were reasonable..there was alot..and so handy..Chocolate shavings like these would be great for desserts♥
In Italy.. they actually served Shrimp w/ now I know we were not crazy to like the combination:)
I finished my online art class that I thoroughly enjoyed this the" Messroom "downstairs to accomodate the classes..with my ancient Toshiba laptop on my drafting table..:)
When you are a Jack of All Trades and Master of None..the Messroom..serves as ..past office.. art room..sewing room w/ lights:) making..ironing..etc..

Lots of light though after noon for a basement room..2 big windows let the sun shine in..when it does:)

And today..Sunday was such a day~

More of the same..ccold..but loads of sun..
I made sushi again because I found lovely new colored wraps at my Asian shop:)and my daughter was popping by with Noah~In one package there are 5 through with yin ~yang sesame seeds..oh so pretty..and they worked very well with my smaller rolls..
I finished my online art class..which I thoroughly enjoyed..
and watched my tulips bloom~



One thing I love about Pinterest often Pin..things from the same people..:)Time after time..


When I am lost with paper and pens and paints..time stands still  and I am quiet inside..Love that~


  1. No snow here, but no tulips in the garden either. Love the bouquet you found to bring into your home. I'm not a sushi fan, but it looks pretty. I'll have one of your streusel muffins. '-)
    Hope spring finds you! ~ sarah

  2. Nothing like tulips to bring the sunshine into the house on a dreary day. I am happy that you tried the muffins. I enjoyed the streusel too!!

  3. Love your tulips, your watercolours, the scrimp pasta and the sushi rolls and the muffins look yummy too!
    Have a great week

  4. Chilly morning in NH and your post just made my day with those beautiful tulips and photographs - and a new muffin to try out! Thank you, thank you, Nana!

  5. Have a great day..we are chilly too..
    Thank goodness for hobbies right?:-)

  6. Lovely tulips, bowls, muffins and sushi! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, despite the cold weather...



  7. Mmmmm...I too, saw the muffins and pinned them for another day. I just happen to have both strawberries and rhubarb! How cool is that....what will it be?

    You turned your snowy weekend into a spring day...on the inside!

  8. Love them both !!!

  9. Oh! I am so excited about your water color flowers. They are beautiful! You have so much talent and bring a certain beauty to everything you do. I love the tulips and all the gorgeous photo's. I feel the same way about time standing still, for me with painting, gardening,'s divinity~
    xox Selia

  10.'s YOUR pin:)~

    YOU have the talent..

    And yes that is when time stands still for me too..

  11. No tulips blooming outdoors yet here either and we had snow on Friday - the day before you did. It didn't stay on the ground, thankfully.

    I love your three bowls - so charming! And Valli's muffins turned out beautifully. I haven't seen rhubarb yet either. I should have some of my own to pick this year! I'll try these when I do :) Sushi rolls and shrimp pasta - all delish.

    I love your painted tulips also - very lovely. An online class? Great idea!

    It's a lovely day today here - warmer than it has been and the boys are here so we've spent much of the day outdoors with them.

  12. Awe, thank you so much, Monique. I meant every word I said. :)
    xox Selia

  13. Much nicer today..doing windows..washing curtains..
    Oli this aft~
    Watched Mr Selfridge..Mrs Selfridge said it was her housekeeping day when Ellen Love came to blurt out her affair with her husband..
    It is my Housekeeping day ..every day..
    Why do I enjoy it:)?
    Oh it smells so good!

  14. That is so true about Pinterest. SOmeone just mentioned that to me... that we share the same tastes... the same spirit perhaps, how we should meet and see if it's so.

    I love your paintings and objects... you find magic in so many things!!

  15. Hi, the round paints are not paints they are Pan Pastels. You can Google it and find them. They are great.

  16. This is the prettiest post I've seen all week! I love the color coral, and the tulips are gorgeous. I was just thinking about buying some rhubarb for crumble squares, but I think I'll go check out Val's recipes, too. They looks really good!

  17. Thanks:-)
    Yes do get tulips..
    I keep taking pictures of them:-)

  18. The tulips are so pretty and your California rolls look delicious! Thank so much for stopping by with your sweet comment. My daughter found the stamp in Santa Cruz. But on the stamp it says:, WA
    I hope this helps you. Did I ever tell you I love your blog. It always inspires me. Your photographs are just beautiful. Let me know if you can't find it. I'm going to try and make the muffins this weekend!

  19. Monique, I love tulips and sushi-)) Perfect! I take it any day, plus glass of white wine. Spring is definitely here. Time to spoil ourselves -)

  20. How much fun are you having?!!! I saw those colored wraps and will have to try them. I love California rolls too. They are so pretty and fresh tasting.

    We have had it with the snow and cold too. My potted hydrangeas that I got from Costco lasted through two snows but got burned the third night when we had bitter winds - I lost them both and now they are all gone at Costco.

    Can't wait to run and see if they have shavings here.

    Fun reading about all the fun things you are doing and making. You are so creative.

  21. You are having way more fun than me:)

    Love the pool shots and the snowy mountain!

  22. Tulips always bring a smile to my face...
    Sorry your weather is so perverse. I do wish spring would come for all my northern friends!
    Must look into Val's rhubarb muffins.

  23. You have had such a slow start to spring but it sounds like you are having a lovely time dispute the weather.

  24. Those bowls are great!!

    Ali of