Friday, April 5, 2013

Come In~ I'm In The Kitchen~

Sadly..not this one~

In Ménerbes,France this one..

Assuredly one of the prettiest little towns~
We loved it~
It snowed to day here.. April 5th..this has been a very long winter..
So this cozy things up a bit..I decided to make one of many Marie recipes I have Pinned..
I've mentioned Marie so often..I am sure you all know of her and her English Kitchen..
I opted for her Orange cake..
It is absolutely delish..and the ingredient I loved best? The cinnamon makes the big difference for me in this orange cake compared to others..
In the cake..and in the glaze..

Il est absolument  parfait.

I opted for my favorite small silicone my baking time took longer..I kept a vigilant eye on it..I also baked it convection and adjusted the temp..mid way..
So base yourselves on Marie's and the pan and size she used.
You will be happy you tried this cake..
Perfect with nothing quite frankly..

You can find the recipe right here~
This girl knows how to bake..Seriously.

Tonight I am making her Korean we could say it's a very Marie spite of the snow~

Dreaming of..

My French Kitchen window~

Have a lovely weekend~


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love traveling and enjoying the ambiance of each of the villages. The cake would be the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea.

  2. Have a nice weekend

  3. Even I would enjoy cooking and baking if I lived in that beautiful home! Lovely photos. It has been a long winter indeed. Spring is *almost* here!!! Bon weekend, and thank you for your visit this week... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. I stumbled on to your blog from A Brit in Tennessee. It's lovely and I will enjoy trying some of your wonderful recipes. We are just now seeing signs of Spring in Ontario, Canada. I live near the capital, Ottawa but in a small town. I'll be by again. Deb

  5. That cake looks wonderful and I will have to make it.
    I would love that kitchen. How do you make your Korean Beef?
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully the weather will warm up for you.

  6. I'll post the beef this week:-)
    We had it for dinner..I made Marie's recipe basically..but added a few things.It was all her recipes are..
    This cake is worth it:-)
    Don't overbake as she is moist..and very very good.
    Kate we hope to have traveling shoes on again..
    Next time ...closer to home..Quebec city..and then..who knows:-)
    Veronique..have you been to that quaint town?
    D'un charme absolu.

  7. Monique, your beautiful pictures make me think of the wonderful time Todd and I had in the South of France a number of years back. We were there in March, at a place called St Grand La Foy on the edge of the Dordogne. We were staying in a rented stone cottage with those big shutters that you closed each evening and then threw open each morning to let in the sunlight. My most favourite holiday ever . . . the scenery, the markets . . . the people. It was just fabulous. I revisit it always in my mind. Oh to have a cottage like that . . . sigh. So happy you like my cake. It is a keeper I agree!! Thanks for your so kind words about me. I feel the same about you and your talents. Have a beautiful weekend. xxoo

  8. Beautiful pictures Monique. I believe that was/is Peter Mayle's town. Hope your weather warms up soon. In the meantime enjoy your baking.

  9. OH! That window! That cake! And sorry to hear about your snow. Expecting today to be in the 60's, I woke up to 20 degrees - but thankfully, no precipitation.

  10. the cake does sound amazing monique. i love both of marie's blogs.

  11. Marie your trip sounds perfectly up my alley:)
    It's no secret that any recipe on your blogs are tried and true and work:)

    It should warm up here also..a lot of the back snow has melted but the front still looks positively Christmas.
    Sam.. yes..but funnily enough we tried finding Peter Mayle's town..the one of A Year In no avail!

    Oh what a great time that was~

  12. Oh my - what a lovely cake. It sounds truly fabulous. Thanks for sharing the link.

  13. Thank you so much for introducing me to Marie. I can tell I will enjoy browsing through her posts. I often avoid using convection because I have had mixed results. How did you adjust the temperature mid-way in the baking? Up or down? Sometimes the outside is cooked perfectly and the middle is underdone. I love your mold, Monique.

  14. I lowered the temp as I knew it would have to bake longer because my mold makes the cake higher..deeper..than a square 8 inch..My mold measure..6 inches at the bottom..(widest part) 4 .5 inches tall by 4 inches at the dome part..ap..It came in a kit with 4 small mini ones..
    It works to perfection..but I reduced the heat..

    For your first time ..make it exactly as Marie stated..I am used to this mold..and can FEEL it:)

    I enjoy silicone molds VERY much now..I love the look of the old:) But these are just so no stick!!
    This particular mold..I think I have done 2 or 3 posts on at least:)

    It is one I favor..for this type of cake..
    But I have many silicone faves from mini to specialty ones~
    You will all enjoy this cake..I am so certain:)

  15. Love that rustic kitchen and the cake sounds amazing, too.

  16. Oh, my goodness! I haven't been around in so long and have relatives chewing me out for not blogging more! I am sooo exhausted and ready to be home and in addition I have a daughter who got engaged and I haven't had time to blog about it and this week had my youngest son receive a mission call to Seoul, Korea for two years. I need to catch up.

    This looks so wonderful and beautiful. I am ready to cook again too!

  17. :)

    Welcome back J..

    Be grateful you have the energy for all that happiness! It suits you so well..:)

  18. You're right, Monique. It IS absolutely perfect. And so is that kitchen window! :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  19. Kitchen window looks like from my dreams, I just love it, the color, the rustic feel. With your cake I even don't know where to begin, no words to describe, would love to try this one for sure!!


  20. J'adore ce style de maisons en pierres, vraiment pleines de charme et d'histoire <3