Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blooming Salad~And Jacques' Dressing~

Boston Bibb Hydroponic..Love that lettuce now..Buttery soft..sparkling..and beautiful to look at.
My Borage is finally in bloom and I love adding it to salads..etc..the nasturtiums are having a slow start..much rain..not much sun..but it is a very good garden year here.Cannot complain..I know the rain is getting many a little itchy..
But I don't mind it so much..
Still many pansies left and lots of herbs..
The salad dressing that is our go to.. is Jacques'... takes 2 minutes..
We never buy bottled always like trying new recipes..but this one just stays as the go to one..
In his words..

La Recette 

1/3 cup EVOO
1/3 of 1/3 of a cup good balsamic vinegar
1 tsp sugar
salt,pepper and a pinch of Herbes De Provence..
Combine all
That quantity is more than enough for the big bowl above..
I like to add toasted pine nuts too.

Oh salads are so much prettier in the summertime..


  1. Happy meal to eat and surly good too !

  2. Monique, I've heard romaine has the most vitamins, but I love the butter lettuce best. I have not tried sugar in my balsamic dressing, so I'll have to try it.

  3. Such a pretty salad..Did you grow the butter lettuce too?
    I love growing butter that our countries do have in common :-)
    Love your balsamic dressing sounds very scrummy.
    Enjoy the rest of the week
    Shel x

  4. That work of art on a plate deserves a fresh and simple salad dressing. We do not care for bottled dressings that are older than the lettuces on our plate!!


  5. Superbe salade fleurie ~
    Parfaite pour commencer un bon repas.

  6. So very pretty!
    I don't know whether this salad should be consumed or framed and displayed in an art museum.
    But then, there's that possibility the great masters would be up in arms in protest.

    I'm with you, mon ami. I'd rather have a basic vinaigrette, than reach for bottled dressings. And I especially like your addition of Herbes de Provence. Taking notes.

  7. :)

    I just want you know it doesn't look like thsi once tossed:)
    So that's why I frame the before pics here:)

    Un plaisir que de cuisiner avec des fleurs RN:~
    Comme..du Rhum avec des raisins.

    No..unfortunately..I cannot take credit.. I didn't grow the bib lettuce..I have rabbits etc..would have to cage all..and I kind of love this hydroponic culture.. so clean:)

  8. What a beautiful salade.....just made for from me...x !

  9. This is the most stunning salad ever Monique! I love your simple but delicious looking dressing too, yum!

  10. I've always wanted to try a salad with edible flowers and yours looks so pretty :)
    The dressing sounds so good too.

  11. So pretty and colorful! This salad must taste wonderful. I love vinaigrettes.



  12. Monique trust you to have a salad which is a feast for the eyes and soul as well as the tongue! Just beautiful! Reminder to self . . . plant nasturtiums next year! I always make my own dressings as well. They are so much better than anything that comes in a bottle! Love and hugs to you and dry days? I hope so! xxoo

  13. Oh, how pretty! And you have borage, lucky you! One thing I also love about summer - snips and pinches of herbs and edible flowers finding their way into every meal.

  14. It's Thursday early A.M. and I'm viewing your post - makes me want to have a salad for breakfast! Thanks Jacques for the recipe!!

    Beautiful collage of pictures - a masterpiece.

    Send some rain our way - p l e a s e - we need it badly. Blessings, Judy Tx.

  15. I hope you do get rain..Judy..last summer we were parched and I saw what happened to the is true that gardens need sunshine..but this year..our wettest ..has proven to me that rain and roses..rain and many other the main ing.
    So fingers crossed for you I know how hard you work on the gardens..
    Donna I forget to thank you for that info on Romaine:)
    Katrina.. I beel like a billionaire when I can go out and pick herbs out my door:)A little happy zing.
    Marie..every yr I think..I should have planted this or that!
    Dianthus are edible and cute in the garden so next yr:)

    Me too Rosa..:)
    Jenni you garden..this would be a breeze for you..
    Reading abook well read a book I loved.. takes 1/2 an hr..but it is so cute..saw it at Mary's.. The Secrets of a watercolor journal w/ a story and recipes..charming..Nice use of vellum which I loved and little pockets with recipes.. know which one,,it is very you too.

  16. I buy my Boston salad at Costco. So beautiful for the eyes :)

  17. A precious bottle of fig balsamic vinegar from Avignon has been sitting on my kitchen counter since I returned home from my trip. Your lovely dressing is the perfect way to try it. I even brought home a little bag of Herbs de Provence. I don't have any of those precious little flowers, however. Will have to survive without them. Gorgeous salad, Monique.

  18. I LOVE looking at your flower salad. I just don't think I'm ready to eat flowers. Never have and never will if I can help it
    Sooo pretty.
    Why eat it?

  19. Caue they're pretty:)

    Now if I could paint my salad the way you paint..that would be a different story:)
    Actually they're supposed to be good for you..
    I am planning a small cup of Borage tea soon:)
    I LOVE looking at ALL your paintings:)

  20. Pretty, pretty salad! Everything is prettier in the summer :) No nasturium here yet...Tap, tap. It has been so rainy they haven't gotten much sun. Our shade is always an issue too - everything is later. I will try Jacques' dressing!

  21. Beautiful! I love that reminds me of Europe.
    I am also a herbs de Provence in the salad fan...
    Just gorgeous!
    Bisous xo

  22. This is absolutely gorgeous. I would love a plate fulled with these gorgeous blossoms too.

  23. So very pretty, (as always!)

    It's your special touch, Monique ~ so artistic and your dreamy photography. (I wish I had that salad before me right now, for dinner.)

    I ditto your addition of toasted pine nuts ~ oui !!
    Sending this with great appreciation for everything you share with us.

    You are one special person in a billion (at least), sweet friend.

  24. Superbe, elle donne envie et elle appelle le soleil ! Bisous

  25. My cappucines in the potager look as beautiful as yours...aren't they such happy flowers..I love looking at them, painting them, putting them in little vases..they do lift my spierit.