Thursday, June 6, 2013

From an Herb Lover's Garden~

With not much room for the beds are full of flowers..
Years ago..In love with The Cape..and I still am... but have not been in a very long time..we bought this little boat to grow flowers..
I have put it to a different use the last 3 lieu of flowers..herbs..
.. and edible flowers ...along with some clay has proven a good little planter..

Parsley,Sage ,Rosemary+Thyme(humming..),Borage,Pansies,Tarragon ,Oregano and Chervil ..

It will eventually get very full and lush~

In the pots ..I grow Lemon Geranium.. Basil..More Rosemary ,more Borage,more Pansies..
Lovage is at the back of our property..I am hoping it will expand as it did at our previous home...

I highly recommend Baptisia :)
If you love to watch Bees~


In the Kitchen..

Lighter Fare..Sushi..Asian Chicken Salad with Maple Syrup pecans..Sliders..
Salmon Trout with Asian Noodles..

Very good Canadian Living Butter Tarts that I burnt in the toaster oven..In this month's issue..and online..I was feeling Retro and took it out..It must be almost 40 yrs old..still clean:)  ,hadn't used it in ages..  I had forgotten how powerful those  little gadgets are!Jacques still loved them..I made half the recipe and it made 5 not 6 though~

Also tried a new see it to the left on the Wasabi mayo ..Nanami Togarashi~A type of Chili Pepper..  sparkled with black sesame seeds..It is so beautiful when you sprinkle it out from the tiny hole..I had never seen any here..They were a gift..I would recommend it to anyone..
Different and delicious~

P.S. I jumped the gun(an expression in English right?)..on this weekend's post..Bon Weekend!~

Because of Carol's post today..My post w/ Sara Midda was ready :)  I could not pass a Serendipitous moment of joining in with Carol~!

PPSS .. I ordered the book she mentioned today..I know it will be a favorite of mine..


  1. Beautiful photos....our lovage is about 15 years old and rampant. I used to make a lovage souffle when I was cooking, but now I usually just chop it in a salad.

  2. No need to ask "how does your garden grow"--one can see that it is lush, lovely and will be delicious!


  3. Como siempre unas fotos preciosas, y el sushi de lo más apetecible.

  4. We share so many of the same loves. Take me to the Cape or Nantucket any day. Also have Sara MIdda's books. They are full of charm, just like this lovely blog of yours. Working on a plan to rework our herb garden. Your little boatload of herbs is a cute idea.

  5. Bonjour ma chère Nana,
    Oh combien j'ai été heureuse de te lire et d'admirer l'ensemble de tes magnifiques photos... Comment ai-je pu manquer autant de tes publications ?!! Je galope trop à droite et à gauche...

    Des coquelicots délicats et remplis de fraîcheur pour le plaisir des yeux et des sens...
    Toutes les curiosités que je découvre et qui font que je me sens bien dans ton univers...
    J'ai aussi l'eau à la bouche en apercevant des petits mets et gourmandises diverses...
    Vraiment que du bonheur ! Tu es une sacrée Nana ! et pour ça, je te fais de gros bisous...
    Continue de me faire rêver...

  6. Thank you for this beautiful post :)
    Love your little herbs-boat :D
    Herbs are also the first thing I am trying to grow in the garden...I love and use them all again and again, is a great satisfaction!
    Greetings from Ireland.

  7. I love your Herb boat! I love lovage...and that it comes back
    every year in early spring...still looking for borage and chervil!
    Such a lovely post...your sushi is beautiful! Love the look of everything!
    L xo

  8. And then I started singing "Are you going to Scarborough Fair". :)

  9. I'm in love with your wonderful garden! What a peaceful place of abundance.

    Gorgeous sushi and tart! I love retro food.



  10. Love the little boat...I was just looking at my reservation for Martha's Vineyard before I came here ;o) I also highly recommend Baptisia.
    I've been watching the Bees ;o) The color is striking.

  11. You make even disasters look wonderful. Toaster ovens are such a pain. I've been eyeing one that's got a toaster part and a shelf... seems like it would do all it need to do.

    Lovely garden. Because I live in the city, everything is in pots (don't trust the soil)/ Wish I had a boat like that (although it took me 4 years to get the coop board to let me have pots outside!!). It looks so whimsical and full of a lovely cargo!

  12. DEana..I read very good reviews re The Breville toaster oven..:)Don't know what posessed me to take out my archaic Proctor Silex..but I mad 2 baked potatoes to perfection last night:)
    They are fun for 1..2 people..
    I bet your pots are lovely..A friends son won awads for his rooftop gardens in Vancouver..
    Martha's Vineyard is such a fod fond fond memory for me..Lucky you Debbie..Hope you post about it.. is my little hideaway..You are right.
    Linda..the lovage reminder was because of you:)
    Sarah..I see a lovely classic knot herb garden at your beautiful home..
    M-A Bon anniversaire encore une fois:)
    Thank you..I wait all winter for this..But don't let this bright sunny post fool you we've had rain for 2 days and now more ..for the next few..maybe that's why the gardens are beaming..
    Last year they were droughtfully miz by the end of July..

  13. Lovely post once again Monique. My herbs are doing very well at the moment also. I have two kinds of parsley, chives (of course!) Bay, Tarragon, lemon thyme, regular thyme, sage, Lemon Verbena, mint and this year a new one, chocolate mint!

    I have ofttimes longed to visit Martha's Vineyard. Une jour, peut etre . . .
    Bisous! xxoo

  14. Sara Midda's would love your garden M and everything you do. You're a creative powerhouse!

  15. ...I have the Breville toaster oven and although it is a bit pricey...I adore it. I have the medium sized one. The nice thing is , it makes perfect toast! I waited until WS had a big sale and got it then.

  16. I have only heard great things..good products they have:)
    Just waiting for my new book to arrive carol..Thanks again!
    Chapters here had it.

  17. You have such a beautiful garden. And that is a lovely herb boat. What a neat idea. :) Thank you so much for sharing. Now, you've got me craving for some sushi. :) Have a great weekend.

  18. Your garden looks gorgeous! I had forgotten all about lemon geranium and will be planting it soon. Your sushi looks delicious!

  19. I love your little herb boat Monique. At first I thought you meant a skiff. In the islands if a skiff is no longer usable on the water, it finds a new life in one's garden 'hard aground' as they would say.

    I will keep my eye out for your new chili pepper spice. You're right. It is very pretty.

  20. When I die and go to heaven, I dream of it looking like your garden. . . . and your delicious recipes . . . and your beautiful dishes :)

  21. What a sweet thing..s to say:)
    Enjoy your Sunday everyone..

  22. Asian chicken salad, yes! I love Asian food! Nice job on capturing that photo of the bee on Baptisia? Did I say it right? I know so little about gardening, and I wish I knew more.

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  24. I'm in love with your herb boat, Monique. Such a cute idea!
    And your butter tarts look tasty even if you did overdo them in your toaster oven. I don't use mine a lot, but when I need an extra oven for company, it's a Godsend.

  25. When I received my Canadian Living mag it's the first recipe that I wanted to make. I should pretty soon. I love herbs, this year I will only have flowers and herbs in the garden.

  26. Don't overcook them..Ils sont BONS!

  27. I have been wanting to make sushi for an age and now you have made it look so delicious!
    Always a joy to read xxxxx

  28. You would enjoy making it Becky:)
    And with your chef:)

  29. I see I am two posts behind :) We've been busy getting some needed landscaping done plus entertaining L&W this weekend have kept me away from the computer.

    Your garden is looking so beautiful! You certainly catch up in a hurry there :) The shade keeps things blooming later here, although I have lots of rose buds that make me happy. My iris have not done well for the past two years. They don't seem crowded so I don't know what is the matter.

    Love your herb boat :) I plant all of my herbs in pots now and have them on the patio so all I have to do is walk out the back door and snip.

    Oh my, Jacques' muffins look wonderful! I have to revisit that recipe :)

  30. Beautiful sushi! You really have the knack of making them, Miss M! I love the sound of all of your lighter fare. We've been eating much lighter recently too. It seems easier to do when the weather is nice (not that it has been all that nice yet).

    I forgot where I was in my last comment and said some things I meant for here :)

    Cardinals are one of the most skittish birds. They must have exceptional eyesight. So beautiful! I tried baptisia once but it didn't fare well here :( You know I love that color!

    Your watercolor of the herb boat is wonderful! I love following your links :)

  31. Absolutely lovely! You are a treasure Monique.
    Love you! xoxo

  32. Baptisia takes abit to settle..and become HUGE..Wish it lasted all summer..but it's longevity is still better than some..
    My iris were pitiful last yr..mine are not overcrowded either..But I had moved I hope they are establishing themselves for the long term..The driveway bed was so now they are here and there and joyful.Gosh they are joyful plants..
    Roses are in bud too:)
    Peonies are bursting today..Wednesday June 12th..
    I have a tool(s) for the sushi.. you cannot miss!

    Bet the lanscaping will be lovely:)

    Mary..I love you too.

  33. I admire your scissors on first photograph. Are they antique?

    Everything looks divine!

    Have a gorgeous evening!


  34. Love your little herb boat...I'm sure it brings back happy memories every time you cut herbs for one of your meals.

  35. You know I'm in love with Cape Cod too! Your boat is absolutely amazing!!! I want one too :) must tell my hubby that we need to go back there!!

  36. You know I'm in love with Cape Cod too! Your boat is absolutely amazing!!! I want one too :) must tell my hubby that we need to go back there!!