Thursday, June 13, 2013


Remember Julia? Eat Pray Love?

And the word Farniente?
I have trouble with that.. but once in a while..I can..and love~
After all the grooming is done..
to just enjoy..

Pick a small bouquet ..of  Rhodies..Baptisia..Nepeta Catmint..etc..

Peek at the new growth..Jonhson's Blue Geraniums..a perennial I favor.. the Irises still blooming..and the very first rose..Polaris..drooping in the rain..

I love this old fashioned rose..a small hint of pretty..and floriferous..It would make a fabulous hedge rose..I have 2 large in front by the road..and one in back in another bed..No protection needed in my cold climate..That is a big PLUS.

I let it dry off in the sun and picked it..
to make..

From the book..Cooking with Flowers~

This is a dear dear book..With a funny story attached to it..
This book has been featured on many blogs..  and here..  and here..etc..  and now right here   in QC..:)
 I have always loved to use my flowers in
I saw it on Amazon..from a reseller..I had just had a marvelous experience w/ a reseller thanks to a a thoughtful friend who ordered a bread baking book for me from an Amazon Reseller..and I had bought books too..
So when my violas were blooming their heads off..I was awaiting my book..seeing even more blogs talk enchantedly about it..
Lo and behold the book arrived.. circa 1986..not even the same cover..not even the same author..yet the photo had shown the identical book:(

I was not charged for the book..but that wasn't the point..I never called to get a credit..I called to get THE book:)

Well they didn't have one month  was spent..  waiting..getting..waiting and then reordering  at Chapter's ..for the real thing:)
Because i was ordering something else at Chapters too.
I LOVE Amazon..don't misunderstand..:)

It's a keeper book with many interesting recipes and pretty photos..
If you grow edibles or can get your hands on pesticide free blooms..I say go for it.

This weekend is Father's Day here in Canada.

Thank you for taking care of me daddy~
It would be so nice to have you both still here~
I always called him daddy at home......or papa..never dad~
My parents were terribly good looking..When I see photos of them in their youth..
I get tears in my eyes..full of belle vie..

I think Great Gatsby..

Things change with every passing year..
Some good..some not so good..
They lost a child before me..she was 5..I look at photos of my dad with her and I have never seen such a smile..
Yet..they had me afterwards..and never compared..they just loved me.

With everything you lived were always good to me.
I see a happy child in these photos:)
Thank You~
Here's to all the wonderful fathers  we have known..and know.

La Recette~


1 3/4 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup rice flour
1/4 tsp salt
 1 cup..2 sticks unsalted butter room temp
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbsps finely ground pistachios
1 tbsp rose water
1/4 cup rose petals


Preheat oven to 350F
Line a 9 inch square pan with foil and place a square of parchment on bottom of pan
Sift Flours and salt together 3 times
With a mixer on med-high..cream butter for 2 minutes or until smooth slowly add sugar until it is fully integrated.
Mix in half the flour,pistachios,rose water,rose petals.
Turn mixture on low and mix in remaining flour~
Be careful not to overmix.
Press dough into prepared pan gently  bake ap 50mins or until slightly brown on top.
Remove shortbread from pan and cut into 1 1/2 inch squares..
Spread shortbread squares on a baking sheet and bake an additional 5 minutes..until the edges are a little golden(you want shortbread to be flaky)

My Notes..I omitted the salt because I use salted butter:)

Have a lovely weekend~

And Farniente..means..
if you don't know or had not seen EPL..:)
Or if that is hard to do like it is for me:)


  1. How lovely! The flowers, the book and your parents. I enjoyed today's post very much.


  2. :)
    Thanks Bonnie~
    Happy Father's day to your husband:)

  3. I agree with Bonnie - your lovely garden and a tribute to your parents. What a great photo of your dad in that pretty roadster. Happy Fathers Day to Jacques.

  4. 'Such a sweet, beautiful post Monique, your daddy sounds like quite the guy and your garden is gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

  5. I remember that wonderful photo of your father :). Is that your mother in the background? I don't think I knew about your sister :(.

    The shortbread is a delight to me as your garden always is. The rice flour does it for me :). The pistachios a delicious addition. Roses blooming here too!

  6. Oh, and Far Niente is a wine we favor :). Now I know what it means!

  7. I did show my dad before:-)
    Don't know who that is on the porch..I never knew my sister..they had me after...
    I know you like rice flour in aussi:-)
    Not that I like wine...:-) but I just checked if SAQ had have fine it is $129.00 a bottle..a Cabernet?
    Too $$$$..ah..but in the US:-) the price is much better..
    Thank you for you nice comments ..he was in effect quite the guy:-)

  8. Oh, that sweet little five year sad. Great Gatsby for sure!!! So elegant!!
    I also had a wonderful perfect for me.
    Love your flowers!!!

  9. Monique. what a beautiful post and tribute to your daddy! I love the pictures of you dear family!

  10. Sheer delight as always, Monique. You garden makes my heart sing, and the words about your "daddy" make me think of my own sweet "daddy" that we lost all too soon. My heart still aches for him, and he left this earth in the early 70s at age 62.

  11. Mon ami, as wonderful as your garden and sweet treats are, your expression of gratitude to your papa, a graceful and handsome man, is even sweeter.

    I'm sure the adorable little girl in the photos brought him enormous joy. Abrazos.

  12. Oh, and I'm off to find the meaning of 'Farniente.'

    Happy Father's Day Mr. J!

  13. Farniente: A 'type of wine,' or 'without a care.' Or is it 'drinking without a care?'

    Because the search has driven me to the latter, I want you to know :)

  14. A beautiful post Monique from beginning to end. Just lovely. I may give those tasty shortbreads a go as our roses are blooming with abandon now . . . and yet our Camelia is still in bloom. Wierd! Happy Father's day to Jacques!
    Love and hugs, always! xxoo

  15. Without a what I thought it meant..but your def is better Sol:)You made me smile..Sarah my dad was 62 also..passed away in 74..
    Thanks for you lovely comments:)

  16. You are so right... a Great Gatsby photo for sure... what a car! I love cooking with flowers too... and even leaves of flowers like rose geranium (sublime scent!) Perfumes your mouth when you bite into it.... how cool is that.!!!

  17. I am growing some..:) Your post must be gorgeous Deana!

  18. Sweet, sweet post Monique. Happy, touching memories.

    Happy Father's Day greetings to Jacques ~ I know you all will make it very special for him! xo~m.

    P.S. I'm happy your book arrived. I really enjoy that one, too.

  19. La cuisine aux fleurs, une cuisine délicate, qui en quelque sorte nous fait ressentir une nostalgie d'un moment inconnu, qui ne s'est jamais passé. C'est doux et mélancolique...
    Comme ces photos du passé.

  20. This is such a lovely post, for gardeners and fathers and daughters. I wish you could take me to Giverny so I could really understand flowers!

    And RoseNoisettes uses one of my favorite French verbs: resentir. There is nothing like it in English -- but it's the perfect way to describe this beautiful meditation on fathers and love and flowers. Merci!

  21. I know.. feeling with emotion..?It takes more than 2 words in English for taht word..I never thought of it..but so true.
    Giverny is a little dream of course for me.
    Vos mots sont toujours doux RN..

  22. I love your flowers, those irises inspire me a painting, they're so gorgeous!
    As for "dolce farniente", as we say in italian, I'm not good at it- but I try my best to incorporate it in my daily routine as a form of self- care practice! ;)
    Love to you!

  23. ...another beautiful post!
    Your tribute to your Daddy melts my Heart; I, too, was fortunate to have a wonderful Daddy. Happy Father's Day to Jacques.

    Love your family pictures; especially the ones of the delightful laughing girl (you!) - the cards and Fairy look familiar:) to be included made me smile - big. Thanks.

    Hope you make it to Giverny - your flower posts always remind me of Monet's garden. We took a Fat Tire Bike Tour to Giverny/Monet's Garden - must tell you about it some day - such fun.

  24. Ahh..Monica..they inspired me a painting too..poor flowers! I could not even show them..Had to hide in case they thought they looked like that:)

    I am sure yours will be BEAUTIFUL.

  25. I just watched (the right word for it) Eat Pray Love on French television...the word that captured me was Attraverse - to cross over.
    Something about those old family photos that capture the heart isn't there...
    Lovely tribute Monique

  26. I love this...I miss my Daddy too. He always told me I was Daddy's little girl...sang that song to me and danced with me around the kitchen...
    The flowers are gorgeous...
    You such a beautiful little girl...turned into an even more beautiful woman!
    L xo

  27. We had the same kind of daddy Linda:)
    I happen to know yours looked like a movie star~

  28. How precious and divine! I wish I know what means to have a father-(( But I have an amazing husband who is father to my kids, and I am so happy for them-))


  29. I love this. What precious family photos.

  30. Yelena..I am very happy you have a good husband too..:)Hugs to you too.


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  32. What a lovely tribute to your parents: and I always love to see old photos - I have quite a collection of those myself. :) Pretty flowers, as always...