Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dream a Little Dream..

Stars Shining bright above you~

Night Breezes Seem to Whisper..:"I love you"~

Birds singing In The sycamore tree~

Dream a Little Dream..of me~

Say Nightie Night and Kiss Me~

Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me~

While I'm alone and blue as can be~

Dream a little dream of me~

Stars Fading..but I linger on dear~

Still craving your kiss~

I'm longing to linger till dawn dear

Just saying this:

Sweet Dreams till sunbeams find you~
Sweet Dreams That leave all worries behind you~
But in your dreams whatever they be..
Dream a little dream of me~

Peony Love in and out of the garden this week~
Thank you Sara for coining this phrase for me.
And thank you The M and P's for this song for us~

'Tis very MOCHE today..Sunday.. so rainy..  drooping blooms partout..
We celebrated Jacques and our 2 son-in -laws in brilliant sunshine yesterday.. ..some clouds and a glorious beeze outside...."
Dans Notre Jardin.


  1. Quelles magnifiques pivoines...
    Les nôtres ne tarderont pas à éclore. Elles sont blanches avec des soupçons de roses.

  2. :)

    C'est un plaisir que nous nous connaissions par internet:)

    Mes blanches..suivront sous peu~

  3. Dreamlike! Here it is very hot and sunny (33° C +), but sadly things should change on Wednesday...

    Have a wonderful week, dear.



  4. Beautiful photographs Monique! I love Peonies. I keep saying to Todd we need to get some for our garden. It is sadly lacking in peonies. Love the song too . . . will now be humming it all day. Thanks! Merci!!

  5. Peonies are my favorite. What a gorgeous bunch of them in your garden!

  6. Some of my favorites too:) They go away so quickly..I am trying a trick from Debbie..I have a few stems in the Fridge to see if I can have them bloom later:)

  7. Irresistable peonies!
    Someone is singing and I can hear them : ))

  8. I promise I won't send you a video Carol..Youtube:)poor you..

  9. Thank you for the comments you left on my blog.
    I LOVE your blog, those peonies are beautiful and I love the dream a little dream song :)

  10. Gorgeous Monique, now I'll have that song in my head all day :)

  11. So beautiful Monique! I love your flower photos and the garden is dreamlike.:)

  12. O my God, Monique, your peonies are so gorges! Ours are gone all ready, until next spring-)

  13. Enjoy them...mine are but a dream...they are always a dream, a fleeting dream...
    Beautiful! I can hear you singing...
    Dream a little dream for me...
    Bisous xo

  14. I love that song!
    And love this post xxx

  15. Absolutely stunning, Monique. Your photos are beautiful. I love that old The Mama's and The Papa's song.

  16. I can still hear Mama Cass' voice in my mind :).

    Your peonies are truly glorious! They are my very favorite for ther sumptuous blooms and heady fragrance. I wish they would stay longer, I didn't get mine supported early enough and all the rain this season have masses bowing low and fading fast :(.

  17. Soon they will be but a memory..that's why all the pics:)
    They are such romantic flowers to me:)

  18. What a magnificent show! You are celebrating summer in style!
    And yes, so much to be grateful for.
    Love Shel x

  19. I really like your pictures, so beautiful.

  20. Where do I begin describing how much I like this post? The color, the peonies themselves, I literally could smell flowers as I was looking at your photos! Your posts always make me happier!

  21. Very Sweet. Gorgeous pictures.

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  23. Your peonies are magnificent! I look at them a bit wistfully, and miss my garden terribly this time of year... used to have a good bank of peonies and roses. The scent was brilliant.

  24. Your flower gardens are just beautiful...truly dreamy.

  25. And your balcony rooftop garden must be ethereal too:)