Sunday, June 23, 2013

Soul Food #139

My bouquets bring me so much pleasure~

Loving seeing so many treasures in the garden~ The bunnies..cute..but they eat my herbs and veggies..way cuter than squirrels though!
The 3 real live ones..their mom came over to take photos of them in their dad's ties..and shoes..she had a 16x20 canvas made to offer him for Father's Day~♥

She was here 10 minutes..:)  we took many photos..the outakes are so cute too..
The boys were great sports~♥
I assure you I have her permission to share:)
We loved the pics so much I had an 8x10 printed..:)

Lucas will be 8 in August..Max just turned 6..and Oli will be 4 in Sept..
Noah..  will be 5 July 4th..(he is not in this picture..  ..he was at his home..)

To every thing there is a season~Look..just a short while ago..!

 Hooray for summer~


  1. Your garden also brings me pleasure, and those little boys brought a smile to my face. I was a little confused about about the shoes until I read further - what a cute idea.

  2. I adore the photos of your alphabet boys :). They are the best flowers in your garden!

    Did I forget to add how much I enjoyed you watercolor sketches in your last post? Lovely!

  3. Yes, indeed, those precious boys are the highlight of your garden. The flowers are lovely. I can see why they bring you such pleasure--the boys and the flowers.


  4. Such a cute idea for daddy! I'm sure he loved it!!
    I did take a similar one of one of my boys a long time ago...I need to fish it out and see it again!
    Your bouquet is to die for :)

  5. Ah, SO DARLING!! I love the pics of your boys ~ such a fabulous idea ... Daddy's Ties and Shoes. *love*

    Your garden and flowers are beautiful too Mme. Magical! I LOVE it all. It brings smiles of happiness and a joyful heart. Thank you for sharing it, precious one. xoxo

  6. Your alphabet boys have grown so...
    handsome young men in their dad's ties!
    Magic in your garden...
    I love love to see your photos of the flowers and bouquets you put together...
    and the jardin sign <3

  7. Toujours un aussi beau jardin... Très nature, surtout quand de mignons petits animaux viennent s'y promener!

    Je croyais que ces trois jeunes garçons en cravates étaient vos fils?
    Je ne souhaite pas vous offenser ^^

    Bonne semaine à vous.

    PS: vous habitez en Angleterre?

  8. Another beautiful Post Monique. I love the little boys with the big ties. That is so sweet and your garden blooms are just gorgeous. There is so much to love here and to make a smile on this face which sorely needs one. xxoo

  9. OMG!
    That bouquet!
    And your photo of it!!
    Words can not express how glorious.
    Definitely soul food.
    Merci Carolg

  10. Those boys are absolutely precious, what a wonderful idea, I know dad absolutely LOVED it! Your garden is amazing but they steal the show :)

  11. Such beautiful children! I hope mine are half as happy as these little cherubs look xx

  12. :) Ce sont 3 de nos qutre petits-fils..

    It's so nice having them across the street(diagonally down a little lane)..we egt to see them a lot and the familiarity is a gift!:)

    Thank you for your nice comments.. all 4 boys are super happy busy kids..
    SWimming lessons start this morning..they are in for a busy season..I bought one of Max's art works yesterday:)
    And they play Crazy 8's now..So cute.
    Rebecca.. yours will be so dear.I am gradteful to be able to see the anticipation at your blog:)

    Mrs Lemon..Can't find your blog?

    Would love to peek:)
    Carol..this is my I Love It time in the garden~ Even small bouquets.. so I wish I could paint flowers .. you see your sign?:)On the fence?:)It is weathering so well!
    Shel.. we can share watercolor ideas:)

    Thanks Susan..Chris..Auntie Bliss..Bonnie..

  13. Oh My Word! First peek at your roses and peonies ( and those charming boys) has left me swooning with pleasure, but also determination. After waiting five years for a pink peony to bloom, out it goes, and in comes one I hope will shower me with bliss. Heavenly - and I always look at snow pictures on 90 degree days! Loved seeing yours again:)

  14. was that really spring????? My goodness, weather is getting so odd, isn't it? Lovely pictures of truly summer weather and flowers around the garden!

  15. O-))) look at this cute bunny-)) The boys are very handsome-)

  16. The cute bunny eats my stuff Yelena:)

  17. The boys are delicious! Sweet as sugar!
    I have te cute bunnies too...tey live under my shed and they eat my flowers...
    I love to see your beautiful flowers...mine are all but gone. The hydrangeas come next...almost here!
    Lovely post...I needed a big smile gave me one.
    Bisous xo

  18. Indeed! Beautiful flowers, cute bunny and sweet boys (very handsome)!

    Have a wonderful week, dear!



  19. Those boys are adorable, Monique. What a fun photo gift for Father's Day!