Monday, June 3, 2013

Dans Notre Jardin~ et dans Notre Cuisine~

Above taken with Nexus 7Android..never knew..


Des omelettes..des quiches..(Pre baked ..and then baked again to crisp u the part that was in the quiche pan:)..I LOVE quiches..I really do.. du pain..des mauves:..Miss Kim korean lilacs..Alliums...Columbines.. Solomon's Seals.and butterflies ..thanks to the lilacs.. and Rose Cottage..aka La  Maison Des it's very early stages..when the gardens fill in around her..she is more photogenic:)

Rose Cottage is at the end of our property on the left hand side..The hedge..our hedge that our children helped us plant..11 yrs ago is to the left..It needs a yearly took beautifully..
Rose Cottage sits on the limits:)
There's an apple tree..  it's what I see out our side bedroom window..and birdhouse planter..  Geraniums and roses and a new flowering almond...the front end is a potting area the back end houses the tractor..and garden tools..
The flagstone path leads to the pond/fairy garden..that leads to the round cutting garden..then side garden..Everything looks a little busy before the clematis hide the structures..:(But once the leaves and blooms all kind of disappears..:)

And only nature my camouflage expert up above:)

My Alliums..  their growth spurt..reminds me of one of my all time favorite Rod McKuen poems~

Number 8 From Caught In the Quiet~

being the right hand of God,
should be dealt with courteously.
And fireworks that fizzle in July
should not be held accountable in August.
I will not scold you
just because you changed your mind,
though I'll admit a jealousy of curtains
that just now separate your face from mine.

His poetry  still moves me no end~Caught In The Quiet..still maybe my best?  Ok Maybe not..all of them!

Alliums are like FIREWORKS~

Plant some if you can..they return every yr..small ..medium..or Gigantic:)

To Follow:)

I know..this is supposed to be a food blog:)
But when new blooms are involved..
Or wee boys..I tend to sway~I still bake and cook...but the gardens call me more than food to would think I raised chickens with all the eggs:-)


  1. It would be easy to be inspired in such beautiful surroundings.

  2. Absolute Springiness here!!!
    Your garden is better than any fancy garden show in Paris.
    Just beautiful Monique

  3. AMAZING pictures too!!!!!
    should I get one of those?

  4. NO! Stick to what you have..why mess with spontaneous perfection!?

  5. Spectacular pictures of the miracle of Spring!! Who could imagine this was deep with snow just a short while ago? xo

  6. C'est votre jardin?
    Ce jardin est magnifique! Et j'adore ces petits cottages! <3

  7. Oui..c'est chez nous..l'endroit qui loge les outils de jardinage et de petits jouets ..Mais cela ne dure que de Mai-Octobre :(
    Nov-Avril..on se l'on cuisine plus.
    Tu es gentille! so true that just a short while ago I was bemoaning snow very late in the season..and a lot of it for QC~

  8. Well, I know where I'll be staying when I come up for a visit :)
    Your maison des jardins is sweet and inviting, with a touch of whimsy.

    Monique, I can almost smell the intoxicating scent of lilacs. In my previous home, my backyard was lined with lilac bushes, and it was one of the reasons for buying the house.

    Thank you for feeding our souls with your beautiful garden.

  9. So beautiful Monique...i love your little Garden cottage and your garden makes me pretty.
    I have been enjoying taking pictures with my phone lately as well...
    My lilacs are gone already...and my Iris and Peonies...
    The early show is over!
    Have a wonderful week!
    L xo

  10. Preciosas fotos, qué maravilla.

  11. Dear Monique,

    The secant photo is stunning! I love the light very much. Beautiful pictures and amazing place!

    Thank you,


  12. Your pictures are so beautiful. There isn't much to take pictures of yet in my garden. Maybe next week :)

  13. I love your food, but the garden kind of feeds my soul, so which ever you decide for the day, I feel complete.

  14. Thank you so much.. keeping busy.. feeds my soul..the garden is great for that isn't it?

    Sarah..hope it comes soon..:)

  15. I don't think we'll ever get over not sharing our gardens since we are Gardenbuddy graduates :). I have always loved Rose Cottage! Our poor garden house needed repairs last year and they couldn't find the same windows for the bay. I am so sad about what they installed :(.

    Your phone takes great pictures! I take lots of photos with mine to - mostly small boys :).

    I need to move my allium - plants in front if them have grown so high they are hidden.

    What a wonderful time in the garden n'est ce pas? My blood pressure drops as soon as I walk outside :)

  16. mid sized alliums are completely hidden by my peonies this year! I think all teh rain made the peonies grow so blooms but buds:0

    My Nexus..a big glitch to it's super powers ..the camera screen faces me:(
    The most unflattering thing to see on a big me! It takes you by surprise!

    You have to turn the tablet it is very awkward..but it works..I don't have wide angle lenses for the cameras..thsi seems to have the capability of a wider view.. calming to be there..chilly week here though..

    I learned so much at Gardenbuddies..Great memories.

  17. I enjoy living vicariously... walking through your garden is peaceful.

  18. Takes my breath beautiful. Re "green" picture - foliage and possibly buds favorite - what plant is this? Hard to imagine all of this was buried under the snow awaiting their awakening.
    Blessings, Judy/Texas

  19. Solomon's Seal..(Polygonatum) does well in shade too..Spreads..looks lovely with ferns:)The little bells are dear..but they go away..and the green stays..

    Here..this is interesting..Judy I bet you could grow this where you live:0

    From Canadian Gardening..

    “Solomon’s seal is one of those spring plants that make your heart beat faster,” Aldona Satterthwaite says about the perennial plant whose arching leaf and white drooping flowers signal spring. A master gardener, Aldona is executive director of the Toronto Botanical Garden and knows of what she speaks.

    Fellow master gardener Belinda Gallagher of Hooked on Horticulture, agrees. “Solomon’s seal is my favourite plant of all times–today,” she says. “It takes dry shade, and is very elegant and graceful. I love the flowers, but particularly the arching shape of the stems. They emerge like sea serpents from the ground in the spring.” The native Solomon’s seal grows 60 to 70 cm both in height and width and grows well in a dry, shady spot from zones 3 to 9.

    They really are maintenance free:)

  20. Oh, heavenly photographs! And I can smell Miss Kim all the way from your garden to mine:)

  21. Katrina..they are that strong scented for sure!

  22. Thanks Monique - will have to search out Solomon's Seal - I live in Zone 9 so you are right; they should thrive here. Thanks for the info - very interesting. Just came in from outside dripping wet from the heat and humidity - planted the last of my Spring flowers - now I just have to water like crazy to keep everything alive. Well worth it!! J/Tx

  23. Well worth it:) Hope your fairies are cool:)

  24. Spectacular photos Monique. What a charming setting. You certainly have a green thumb.

  25. Monique, j'adore votre jardin! You have such a beautiful property. Our spring has been more like autumn so I can enjoy it through your beautiful photos.:)

  26. Monique, you made me smile and I know what you mean :) Check the settings on the camera function of your tablet. I know on my Apple there is a 'reverse' button you can press to get the camera to change the view either forward or toward yourself. Just a thought :)

  27. I will look..:-) thank you..but I seem to remember reading it was like that..we have to install a camera app with Nexus
    Glad I made you smile..I really scare mirror is a bit more flattering..
    Thank you Nancy..and Sam..don't know about a green thumb I think it's luck with the right spot:-)

  28. I like your garden so much, it is beautiful.

  29. Oh Monique, those photos are marvelous! Such color and your garden is a delight. An apple tree too! We had some in our yard years ago...made applesauce and pies all the time. You brought back a few memories there.

  30. Hi is more decorative..they are little crabapples..and are eaten to bits:)
    Thank you:)

  31. What a gorgeous garden Monique. You truly are blessed. I wish I had a garden shed like that. I will show you ours one day and you will laugh, lol. Trying to catch up on some of what I missed when I was away. Not sure I can do it, but I can try. xxoo

  32. C'est le plus bel abris de jardin qu'il soit ~
    Me voici amoureuse de votre jardin!

  33. What an amazing, lovely post. Your photos are just stunning Monique. I want to come live in your magical garden. I wouldn't even mind being and insect living there, it's just delightful!

  34. Stunning photos of your beautiful garden. When it is that lovely outside it is hard to think about recipes and food. :)

  35. Beautiful post Monique..tout est beau!

  36. Beautiful photos! I love lilacs, and I am amazed how you were able to capture that butterfly over lilacs - absolutely stunning! I had major computer issues and just got a new laptop. So happy to be back and visiting blogs I love!

  37. I'll enjoy it while I can:) Thank you so much for your nice comments..

  38. Beautiful flowers, insects and garden! A place where I would like to relax (especially on the porch of that cute "maison des jardins".... Your omelet, breads and quiche look extremely tempting.



  39. It is all just perfect! Sigh :)
    I love your muffins.
    Shel x