Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Maman's Bean Pot~And Easter Snippets~

The lid is sadly missing~:( But this was my mom's bean pot..I've had it for over 37 years..I love it..It makes the best beans:)
We serve QC baked beans w/ our Easter Ham..My daughter was gracious ..and hosted Easter this year..her ham..her dad's recipe..was delicious..she made a new recipe of make ahead mashed potatoes and they were sublime..I brought dessert..hen pie.. and the beans..MY other daughter brought her home made bread and a wonderful spinach and strawberry salad~

I am always happy to make this it is from my mom's original Jehane Benoit Cookbook..

Old Fashioned baked Beans~

It's very easy to make..this is my easy abridged version:)

The night soak 4 cups of white beans..I use Thompson's.. let them soak for 12 12 cups of water..
In the morning..simmer them in their soaking liquid until the skin seems to loosen..ap 1 hr..

Have some pieces of bean pork ready and rub the pot with them..
Place the beans and the soaking liquid in your bean pot.. I reserve a bit of the liquid to make the brown sugar will see further on..

Place a red onion that you have covered in ap 1 tsp of dry the middle of the beans..nestled:)

Mix 2 cups of brown sugar..1 tsp of salt.. 1/2 -1/3 cup of molasses..and some taste.. mix it in the bean pot gently..
Add several slices of bean pork .. on top..I usually add a few tiny pieces..Make sure the liquid covers the beans..I never have to add liquid during the cooking time and never have to mash a cup of beans to thicken..
Bake for ap.. 6 hrs at 300 F..but check them..And mix every hour..

They were perfect for us..and thicken up overnight too..I then placed them in a crockpot for practicality and brought them over..Ours were thick enough..sweet enough delicious enough.
I amalgamated perhaps 2 of her recipes to get this..

They are so good:)

But of course they are what my memories are made of~

The dessert was Hen Pie..But this time it was Chick Pie..I didn't find a big hen:( But found little ones..

The base is an Oreo cookie crumb crust..the top a rich mousse.. then chocolate dusting ..and chocolate curls..or shavings..then the chicks:)and the added Eggs..etc..

I placed my dish in a nest of straw and glitter a wicker basket..

The recipe is from Ricardo..You can find it here..

The kidlets were so cute.. from age 5 down to 19 months..

My daughter's table was so pretty with her Egg tree and Noah was quite smitten:)

I loved that he was smitten with the pie too:)He is 2..,full of charm.. and full of beans:)


  1. What a cute idea for an Easter pie. It is adorable. The beans sound delicious. I love hand-me-down recipes.

  2. Surely your mother's proud smile is radiating throughout the heavens, knowing her traditional bean recipe is still being served to today, in the same pretty vessel.
    You're a good kid.

    And Monique, I'm going cuckoo over the Hen Pie. Very unique, very cute, and, with all that chocolate, very delicious!

  3. Your mother's bean pot is beautiful, even without the lid. I love the design and color. I made beans for our Easter Sunday meal too :)

    I didn't see chocolate hens this year - only bunnies. I love that hen pie and Noah's smile :)

  4. Oh my he is adorable!!! Look at those cute little cheeks!!!! I bet he is full of charm and beans!!! Thanks for reminding me that I should dig out the bean pot and bake some's been tooooo long!!!
    Glad to know you had a wonderful Easter!
    Margaret B

  5. Noah is adorable. Full of cute and sweet! lovely pie and glad you had a happy Easter with family. :))

  6. Monique, the table setting is so pretty! And Noah is so adorable- whenever I see children like these, I secretly hope that they will never grow up...:)

  7. My old bean pot lost its lid too! I cover another lid with foil and smush it in.. works just fine.

    Great recipe.... love the onion in the middle. There is nothing more warming than great baked beans... a perfect way to say goodbye to the lingering cold (doesn't nature know... it's supposed to be spring!!).

  8. Monique, what a lovely description of your Easter celebration. Obviously a special time with family! The bean pot is of course a treasure. Do you think it might be French? And the hen pie ~ only your wonderfully creative mind would orchestrate such a darling topping for a pie. The chocolate hens, eggs and then presented in that fluffy grass ~I do love the way your creative juices flow!
    What lucky little boys to have you in their lives. ~ Sarah

  9. I really enjoyed your post; Noah is a darling. Love your mom's bean pot. My husband want only (des bines blanches) so no molasses for my beans.
    How great that you have your kids in your area; I miss that; of course I have sons...not quite the same.

  10. My mother has a lovely old bean crock too, and you are right, they make the best beans. I love my mother's baked beans. They always taste better than mine, even though we use the same recipe. Mine are very good, but hers are just better! I think it's the crock that makes the difference! Love the Hen Pie! What a fabulous idea! Love the little charmer at the end too. He does look full of beans! How wonderful! xxoo

  11. You are all so nice:) That's why I come here:)Thank know I get inspiration from all of you also.

  12. What a lovely post about a wonderful Easter, Monique...full of reminiscence and "family" life and love! the photos are all gorgeous, from stunning to cute(with the dimple in the cheek) and the decorations so beautiful!

  13. Your Mom's bean pot must give the beans an extra sweetness. How wonderful you have it. I haven't made homemade baked beans in a while. I used to have a bean pot to make them in, but gave it away years ago. They are so perfect with ham.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful family Easter celebration. The kids must have been just as fascinated with the Hen Pie as the tree. It is just charming. And Noah...well, does it get any cuter? Lucky Nana!!

  14. Full of beans LOL. He is cute.
    I love your mom's bean pot :)
    reminds me that I have one up in the cabinet I need to get out and use.
    Your pie!!! Oh my!!!

  15. Love it - full of charm and full of beans. Your Mom's bean pot is a real treasure.

  16. I remember my mom making the beans like that, very similar recipe! Lovely bean pot, and Noah is a teddy bear, adorable!

  17. What a wonderful full of lovely memories!
    I love the sound of your baked beans! I must try the recipe sometime! That pie=wow!!!!!
    But Monique...that baby has some seriously delicious looking cheeks...
    I can imagine some sweet kisses planted on those for sure!

  18. Baked Beans and ham are just made for one another. We cannot eat one without the other. I liked your bean recipe and think I will give it a try.

    Your hen pie was delightful! What a cute idea.

  19. Your PIE! That is absolutely the cutest thing I've seen, next to Noah of course~ "full of beans", love that! Glad your Easter was a happy one :-)

  20. The blue bean pot is just delightful - so much to inspire me from this post Oh! and that spinach and strawberry salad that your daughter made sounds wonderful.
    Have a safe and enjoyable week-end. xx

  21. Just look how your little Noah has grown...your grandchildren are truely adorable....I just love everything (as usual!).The Easter tree is just gorgeous...the cake..the beans...the pot....that spinach and strawberry salad....simply everthing!
    I'm so lucky to have some precious pieces that your hands have stitched too! xx
    Have a wonderful weekend, Monique.

  22. Hey,Your mother's bean pot is beautiful, even without the lid,I happen to have one from my mum too. I love the design and color of your much more than my mum's. I simply love beans ,it is the staple meal of the Brazilian cuisine,did you know that?
    love this post!

  23. Don't mind me, Monique.
    I just came by for a second look at that cutie Noah. His adorable expression, and that look of awe, says it all.

    Enjoy all the little men in your life!

  24. Sol.. .your guitar hero had the same effect on me:)Not to mention your beautiful daughter~

    And you are still the Ace Of cakes..etc..feminine genre:)Always.
    I did not know beans were the staple of Brazilian cuisine..Thank you..for this and your inspiration at your beautiful blog I recently discovered..That heart book?:)

    I am happy you have reminders of me as I you Shel~:)

    Dianne I hope you are still loving the DVDs you ordered from husband..found you very industrious!:)
    Mary I can just imagine how you would make a hen pie..w/ your beautiful accoutrements..It would be over the top.
    And by the water? Every chick's dream:)
    Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for your visits.
    Great company:)

  25. Your description of Noah is just perfect :) Since I actually tasted the beans and pie I can confirm that they were both absolutely delicious!

  26. oh such a lovely recipe and such a beautiful boy your Noah

  27. I bet those beans are wonderful! How wonderful you are using your mother's bean pot. It's a beauty.
    Love your "chicken" pie. That is such a cute idea...going to get the recipe right now.
    There's a look in your grandson's eye...I bet he's a charmer!

  28. WOW! Full of spring charm, indeed! Your daughter did a wonderful job. And your grandson's expression... priceless!
    Monica xo

  29. I've never seen such a pretty bean pot, what special memories... precious ~ but not quite as precious as Noah! What a handsome little one, sweet face, and look at that gorgeous hair!! He is so adorable.

    I'm so happy to see your hen pie ~ brilliant idea to use the smaller hens (and easier to share with the boys than one big hen!) Love the presentation with the straw and glitter ~ you are soo creative!

    Darling Easter tree, too! xo~m :)

  30. omg noah is so cute!!
    I just found your blog and I can't wait to browse around :)
    Mini Baker

  31. It sounds like you had a perfect Easter. The dessert sounds divine!