Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Heavenly Almond~Raspberry Tart~

When you discover perfection~

You have to share~
My friend lends us her Irish magazines..We appreciate them..

While perusing one..

I found this recipe that tickled my taste buds..

Could the words..almonds.. rasbperry jam.. Ireland.. lemon zest..have anything to do with my wanting to make it right away?

I knew it would be pretty..and I knew it would be good..
And so it is~

I hope you try it..and enjoy's worth it..
The word missing from the title of the recipe in the magazine article is..♥
Un petit bijou.
Like lavender and roses are to the gardens.. little bijoux.

I just had to share this..

Because of a previous re my Rose Cottage/Potting Shed post..
Look how cute..
From The Graphics Fairy~

Thank you Karen..I am anxious to create tags with this:)


  1. what a delicious looking cake... i am back to trying to skip the good stuff :( tis the season for trouble with me! BUT i can always use a cute garden building :)

    happy thanksgiving miss m, may the sun shine bright~

  2. Such a pretty cake. If I ever made anything that pretty, I would never eat it!

  3. ......what a pretty cake, looks delish. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Monique either Canadian or American Thanksgiving...I am thankful to have you as a friend..truly blessed!

  5. oh yum! I love almond, so this is calling my name...

  6. Oh my! Another delicious looks scrumptious!
    Too good to eat.
    And I agree, I too, am truely blessed and thankful to have YOU as a friend!

  7. Looks devine! I was so smitten with the phrase in the first paragraph, "you won't go far wrong." So very Irish! Love that.
    This will be added to my Christmas menu for sure.
    Lovely graphic from our favorite fairy too!

  8. Ma très chère Nana, mes obligations faisant, j'étais éloignée ces derniers temps de la blogsphère et je le serai peut-être encore quelques jours, mais sache qu'à chaque fois que je me retrouve sur ton blog je prends des kilos rien qu'en salivant devant tes photos et en lisant tes recettes! Tu es une véritable ensorceleuse!
    Gros gros bisous à toi.

  9. Monique, that looks fabulous! Almost like a Bakewell Tart really!! I hope to go to Ireland to visit someday soon. Our landlord lives there. As usual your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! xxoo

  10. I could move into that little building in a snap... how lovely! Tart looks super good. I have so missed visiting your blog... can't wait to catch up.

  11. This sounds like a cake that my husband would love. He is crazy about linger cookies and I think this cake would remind him of those but so much better.

  12. This looks so delicious. I will definitely be trying it.

  13. Delicious tarte!!! I don't know if it's a day you celebrate, but anyway Happy Thanksgiving, blessings, Flavia

  14. Hello Sweet friend....Stoping by to catch up and show your blog to a new friend...
    A Pastry Chef...we are both drooling...
    xoxo~Kathy @Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  15. Beautiful...everything beautiful!

  16. A beautiful tart! so tempting. It really looks like Bakewell Tart.



  17. Almonds and framboise; 2 of my favourite things. Your cake is a beauty and so perfect to serve. Merci Monique. C'est toujours bon chez toi.

  18. Good morning everyone..It is always so nice to read your comments..And see familiar faces..Cyber visits that warm the heart.
    Hope you try and enjoy~

  19. It does look delicious! After our Thanksgiving feast I won't be able to indulge in sweets for little while ~ until Christmas baking begins :) I'm saving this!

    I love that darling little cottage too!

  20. Looks beautiful and delicate!
    I also believe I would've taken notice of the almonds in the recipe (being an almond freak), but the rest of the ingredients would have surely reeled me in.

  21. If it is Irish it has to be good! :)

  22. Gorgeous!
    I wish I could bake..
    I can paint :)

  23. I love almonds in pastries! Looks delicious!

  24. You love everything:)Nooschi..

    Carol..yes you can..and BEAUTIFULLY!
    K..I hung up your ornaments today~:) are la reine des desserts~.On a pedestal.:)

    Susan..:) You make me smile..all size 4 of u.

  25. That is one gorgeous dessert! And the little garden house? It reminds me of yours ~ but yours is even more attractive, imo. xo

  26. That beautiful dessert speaks to me! I know it would be something I would love - raspberry, almond... my favorite flavors. Beautiful, Monique. And the little garden house? I've always pictured something like that in your backyard! It's just so 'you'!! :-)

  27. Lori..happy holidays to you..I ahve missed you~

    Mari..will write again soon:)