Sunday, November 27, 2011

Soul Food #117~

I it..a lot~

A friend of mine....I told her about Kindles when I saw it on Oprah..and I think almost 100% my friend Arlene bought one yrs ago.. . she hummed ..and bought one..and ever since she has been trying to convince me to buy one..
Well I think we were the last ones to buy a gas Ipod..etc..
Not state of the art electronic etc.. purchasers are we..
Oh except for that HUGE satellite dish my husband bought in the 80's..Oh lala.. that was an eyesore to me...Thank you ExpressVu.

So I kept hemming and hawing...

I love "HOLDING" a book said I.. for years~And was almost cantakerous in my assertion of this Holding A Book thing:)
My daughter bought one and I thought..cute..But I only briefly looked at it and never tried it..I was happy for HER..

But no desire.. to have one for myself..until Kindle offered at $79.00 ..while I was visiting the made me think twice..
So I gave in and bought one..the $79.00 one.

My only question?Why did I wait so long?

I really really like holding it..turning the pages.. making collections..seeing the Daily De

Now I am thinking..should I have Kindle Fire like my youngest daughter plans on doing?Should I have gone for the full 9 yards?I don't know..that touch feature seems hard to handle:)

Never look back.
I am thrilled w/ what this does..and by the time I master evene may be available.
Really.. me and my staid ways.."I like holding a REAL book..":)~~~

This is just as good..better..compact.
Just wanted you to know:)Since quite a few of you had offered me their thoughts when I first mentioned them.
And for travel? Wow.

Ask Mr and or Mrs Claus..cause this is so nice to have and to hold.
I know this sounds is.. But it is worth it.
So neat.
And think of all the paper saved.

"An eBook is like a garden carried in the pocket."
Chinese Proverb


  1. It's taking me ages to decide on It did, my children begged me for so long to get one...and when I eventually did...I've never looked why am I still waiting to convince myself on a kindle....I think its should be on my wish list for Christmas
    PS I sent you an email
    Shel xx

  2. Shel..yes go for a Kindle..Trust me.. and plse if you can get a cover.. get is like holding a book..there are kindles w/ may like that better.Mine pops up..and so it is w/ a toggle..takes longer..I have loads of don' are busier than opt for the keyboard.
    The ads don't bother me at all.

  3. It's only taken you 3 years to play with me on this, and you were the one telling ME I needed it! You know I LOVE mine, for those still on the fence, get 2... fire is like an ipad and the other kindles are perfect for reading in brilliant sunlight. I so love mine, the built in dictionary is my very favorite :-)

    Reading is good for you, it opens your mind, your eyes, your heart, it keeps you young, perhaps a new kindle is just what you need to kick start your reading again~

    Ps you can now get kindle books from your library, they started a big push nationwide in late Sept,

  4. That's true!! However..not in Mtl:( I emailed the libraries..that service is not available to us yet..but yes..US citizens..that have access to libraries..have access to lending Kindles..Imagine..

    Jain's right if you can have both go for it:)

    I touched one last night..the Fires..they are cool..
    I can't believe how advanced technology is..

    Must admit seeing a hand written old fashioned letter to Santa from my 6 yr old grandson..still takes the cake:)(The tear cake):)

  5. Ah la technologie!!!... On se laisse prendre vite au jeu n'est-ce pas ?!...
    Je te fais de gros bisous ma chère Nana.

  6. Ah yes, I love my Kindle! I've had it quite a while and gave it to my daughter a couple years ago and then to my sons last Christmas. What a gem to travel more heavy books in your luggage. The only surprise I've had is you have to stow it away during takeoff and landing as though it was a cell phone. So I always stick a paperback in my purse. :)

  7. You are not the only one to be tardy on the electronics bandwagon. I just finally got a smart phone last week! My J is thinking of getting the Kindle Fire for himself. Much cheaper than iPad but I might hold out for the iPad for myself - we'll see. I'm so glad you are enjoying your Kindle!

  8. I don't have a kindle but bought some kindle books I read on my mac (and enjoy them a lot!). But never say never...
    Hugs dear Monique!
    Monica xo

  9. My husband enjoys his kindle so much he won't share!!!

    Enjoy yours!


  10. I looked at the Kindle but my husband thought I would get more good out of an IPad. I love reading my books on it and I can keep up with my blog on it as well.

  11. I am just like you M, I like to hold a book but the convenience of so many in one small package is enticing especially as you say when travelling. Wow so cheap for you there they are much more expensive here. It may take me a little more time I think, enjoy my friend.

  12. I keep postponing buying one, waiting until I'm sure I will get the right one. Perhaps I should do as you did Monique and plunge in and get it over. So glad to know you like it. What a great price too.

  13. I'm so glad you love it M. Yes, I've had mine a few years. Such a pleasure to have my entire library with me when I travel. Of course some books need to be the real thing but maybe that's not an issue with the Fire. Maybe some day I'll get that too. Not sure I NEED it now.

  14. One more thing: I love the free samples. After reading a few pages I know whether or not I want to pay for the whole book. Also if you download a book and decide you really can't get into it, you can return it for full credit for up to 7 days. I've done that probably 4 or so times.

  15. I have kindles. And still buy normal books. I like my kindles for travelling, but there is something about physical books I truly adore...

  16. I do love all the physicality of a book . . . the smell, the feel of the pages, etc. I have a Kindle though because I like to read in bed and my old arthritic wrists get so sore with a book. A Kindle is so much easier and less painful for me to use. LIke you, I am usually the last one on the bandwagon for modern technical things. I finally got a touch phone last summer and I am still trying to come to grips with it. I wonder if I ever will??? xxoo

  17. I've been a hold out for the same reason--I love to hold a book--but I'm sorely tempted to order the $79 version just to try it out! You've given me a pause to consider it even more!


  18. You'll have no regrets..

    It was you Arlene! I still remember your IPOD too!!

    Marie you are right..for physical challenges the Kindle is terrific..never knew about the returns..but i did order a preview..A course in Miracles..still have to read the preview..
    I am enchanted.
    Susan J will really enjoy it.

    Cookbooks..decorating books..I agree hardcover.. but for the rest? I don't know anymore..I seem to have converted almost instantly.:)

  19. Monique, like you, I used to tell people I love to hold a real book but after I got my Kindle earlier this year, I don't think I can live without it... for one thing, it solves my never ending problem of space limitation and for another, it allows me to highlight and save every lovely phrase I read in the book, effortlessly. Oh, I absolutely love the E-ink - less tiring on my eyes than the iPad.. :)

  20. Loved my Kindle but passed it on to my son when he went to work for 6 months in Canada without his family and I got an Ipad. Have to say the Ipad was horrible in the sun but wonderful at night when I can't sleep and want to read for a while to put myself to sleep. I love that the books are cheaper too. Can't lend them to others but the books are so cheap that it is great! I especially love new release prices. Enjoy, enjoy, but not so much that you stop blogging!!!!

  21. You'll be happy to know you were not the last in line for this newfangled thingie; I put my order in with the bringer of Christmas presents early.
    Enjoy your new toy Monique!

  22. so now i will also be getting one too!...waited this long to find from my cyber friends that I am missing on a good thing!
    Any way,so good to be back on this fabulous blog of yours!!!
    missed you too!

  23. Enjoy..You may find you read even more..

    I am so happy Jain was persuasive.
    Have a great day.
    Thanks everyone.

  24. So happy you gave a true review on this; I have been wondering if that is something I would enjoy. You really make it sound great.
    Merci Monique.

  25. I'm so tempted to buy one. My sister says she loves hers and can't get along without it and is, in fact, upgrading to a fancier version. Don't know why its so hard to let go of old habits. I love the feel of a real book so it may take me more time.

  26. Monique, this is a sweet post. I smiled as I read your words. Enjoy your Kindle. ;-)

  27. I don't have anything...just an ipod. I signed on for the Fire and canceled. I love writing in books and messing them up..still I wouldn't mind the dictionary.
    It just worries me that I'd become obsessed and never put the thing down. I listen to Audible books and the BBC because then I can paint at the same time..
    I still have to get a cell :(
    hopeless here

  28. paris breakfast you can highlight and leave comments in your kindle, beyond fantastic :)

  29. I am so pleased to have succumbed to this temptation:)

    I bet your books are creatively inspiring Carol~
    Since I left work about 18 months cell is off..always and we have a small amount of minutes for emergencies:)

    Jain is can highlight etc..

  30. A VERY IMPORTANT footnote to this post..
    Kindle Fire does not work in Canada.

    I felt it was important to let you know that unless you have an American Credit card w/ a valid US address..unlike the regular Kindle..the Fire is not yet internationally friendly.

  31. Too funny! I fought it for a long time too. I always loved the idea of just holding a book...until I got a Sony reader as a gift! Now I can eat and read, or lie down whichever way I want and read, and not be fussed with turning pages. never thought i'd say that! Glad you are enjoying your Kindle!!!

  32. I love it.. But again the FIRE is not compatible w/ Canada..I don't want any Canadians..buying it..Only the regular Kindle works,,and works well:)

  33. Yay! I'm so glad you love yours, too! I have not made the jump yet ~ but I might . . . on your and Jain's recommendation. :) She has been 'working' on me to consider it. xo

  34. Well at least I know where you live now - Canada!
    I've been trying to figure out if you were in Provence or what?
    The idea of lying down and reading is extremely tempting indeed.
    That could be the straw that...
    will let you know if I succomb
    Thanks for this!