Friday, September 19, 2014

A Lovely New Cookbook~

A Lovely New Cookbook~  TARTE

I have spoken of Isabelle Lambert many times on my may remember when I spoke of


It was my honor to find her newest book on my doorstep from the publishers of her latest chef-d'oeuvre~

This book is a great's a beautiful book filled with a plethora of gorgeous photos and 100 pie recipes.
From sweet to salty to savoury.

From apples to quiches to tourtière.

ONE HUNDRED  pie recipes..

I am inspired by this book like I was with Citron.
It is the kind of book that makes you want to be in the kitchen..and try your hand at everything she has made.

The very next day of receiving the book.I completed 2 of her recipes.
I had everything on hand ..except apples ..and Jacques made it his pleasure to go get some:)
Have I told you that I love to bake for him?

I made her Apple-Cane Sugar  Pie , pictured above.
It's so much fun to make..
A delicious base is made..and inserted into a pastry ring. (on my wish list) I used the ring from my springform pan w/out the bottom..
An apple compote is spread over the crust and then apples are circled around with cane sugar etc.
You can tell when it's done cause your house smells like heaven on earth♥
You can use your torch to finish caramelizing if your apples are not  caramelized enough.
C'est joli comme tout et appétissant.
Jacques gave it a 10.

I also made the Tomato Feta Tart pictured above..we had that one for lunch (déjeuner)..
Did you know that breakfast in France is le Petit-Déjeuner? And that lunch is déjeuner?And supper ..dîner?
So yes for lunch we had that savoury delicious tart/pie.
Look how beautifully it seperates from the tart tin after baking.
The crust itself is so different..that's another thing I love about this book..the different crusts!
This one has thyme..flour..lemon..corn meal..
Add feta and roasted tomatoes with evoo and garlic etc..
And well it's gotta be one of the best little lunches:)
In the preface of her book..Isabelle does not frown upon buying crusts that are pre-made.
But I had fun trying her recipes and will continue.
She shares her dough recipes and methods too.

Isabelle is from France but has lived in Québec for ap 12 years.
I have Isa's approval  to share her recipes..she said recipes are meant to be shared..
My philosophy exactly! And a few of all of you that an oxymoron?:)
She is the author of at least 4 very popular cookbooks that I know of..Les Gourmandises d'Isa..Pomme..Citron..and this latest one Tarte.

I'll start with her..

Tarte aux tomates cerises et au fromage féta~
Cherry tomato and feta tart~

You will need a 9 inch tart pan.With removeable bottom.

Corn meal crust

1 cup of flour
1/2 cup  corn meal
2 tsps fresh chopped thyme
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup cubed cold butter
3 tbsps ice water
2 tsps lemon juice..


4 cups of cherry tomatoes..or grape tomatoes..whole
4 tsps olive oil
1 finely chopped garlic clove..(I used a new one  home grown from my friend in Ontario....)
1/4 tsp of salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 1/4 cup crumbled feta (I love the one in a jug at Costco,already crumbled.Stodikakis

In a food processor..mix flour..corn meal..thyme and salt....add the butter.. with on off.. pulse until the mixture looks like coarse bread crumbs..Without stopping the machine add the water and lemon juice until the dough starts to come together..On a floured surface..shape into a ball..then flatten.Wrap in cling wrap and ref.30 minutes up until 2 days..(Great to make ahead!)
Let it come to room temp before continuing the recipe..
On your floured workspace..roll out the dough to fit your pre buttered removeable tart pan..Prick all over the base with a fork..refrigerate 30 minutes..
Pre~ heat oven to 400 F.
Cook the crust on the lower shelf ap 18-20 minutes or until it becomes golden.
Put on a cooling rack..
But leave the oven ON.
The a glass dish..13x9  ..mix tomatoes..oil.. garlic..s and p..Bake middle of the oven..30 minutes or until the tomatoes start to darken and shrivel.
Spread the Dijon on the cooked tart shell..Sprinkle half the with the tomatoes..sprinkle the rest of the cheese.
Place back in the oven for 15 minutes or until the filling is warm.
Top with fresh thyme~

This dish may be served warm..or room temp.
It's really good.

♥ Bravo Isabelle..un livre superbe avec les plus bellles recettes de tartes possible!

Bon Weekend~


  1. That apple pie is the most beautiful pie I've seen.

    1. You're so nice Donna..the pie was so nice to make..
      Like playing..with toys you like.

  2. tout est magnifique chez toi Monique :) merci, merci, merci :)

  3. I really do love pie so this sounds like a very good book and you make it sound so fun :) another thing i wanted to mention was a book from a blog book club called paris letters by Janice Macleod, i'm not sure but i thought maybe you had mentioned her one time and i wondered if you knew about the book? i could be wrong but either way it sounds like a good book :) hope you have a lovely weekend

    1. I have the book on My Kindle Jenni..It is a lovely book!!
      Thank you for thinking of always have good book ideas.
      Janice is charming and so is her book:)

  4. De superbes couleurs ! Cela égaie considérablement les assiettes et notre vie ~
    Quelle chance de pouvoir photographier de si jolis papillons. Votre jardin est une telle source d'inspiration !

  5. I think The Baker might like that book. He has a lot of patience in the kitchen. Lovely!


  6. Sound like super tarts. Yet another type of apple tart to try and if Jaques gave it 10 out of 10 it has to a must. The pastry ingredients are new to me
    Well chosen, beautiful photos

  7. Your first photo would make another great cookbook cover! Thank you for your translation of that delicious tart. I hope to try it! ❤️

  8. Your Apple Cane Sugar Pie is so beautiful! With a rating of "10", it must be quite tasty too! The crust on the Tomato Feta Tart sounds really good.......I hope to give it a try.

  9. Thank you so much for this great post! The tart sounds delicious!

  10. Wonderful pies and tarts as usual. It's always fun getting a new cookbook and trying out the recipes. These sound like winners. Cornmeal crust is new to me....Congrats to Isabelle on her 4th book.
    Happy weekend.

  11. What a gorgeous book Monique! Of course your tarts look beautiful. Is the book in English or French? I would love to get one. Let me know! Love to you and hopes for a great weekend! xxoo

    1. I am going to write to Isa and ask her if it is available in English..I don't want to say no without asking:)

  12. Both of your tarts are gorgeous Monique. You have a real flair when it comes to styling food. I am particularly intrigued with Isabelle's crust with the cornmeal and flour. I bet it is nice and crunchy with a bit of body. I have a soft spot in my heart for cookbooks that specialize in one subject. I devour them from cover to cover. Please tell Isabelle merci for allowing you to share her recipes. Now I'm craving your tomato and feta for déjeuner.

    1. I too would like to know if Isabelle's book is in English. I can read most French food words, but I have a hard time when it comes to the instructions in French.

    2. I only see it in French..I will write to Isa and ask her.
      I like books about one certain thing too..especially if all the recipes seem so doable and the products are easy enough to find.
      It's a book of knowledge and pleasure to me when I find these.

    3. Unfortunately the book at the moment is only in French.
      I just saw Isabelle on a television husband said she should have her own show.
      I totally agree.
      She's a natural and with her beautiful French..a pleasure to watch and listen to.

  13. I just received the cookbook from the publisher as well. Oh my does it look good. I can't wait to try recipes and post them on my blog. She told me the same thing, that recipes are meant to share. I like that attitude from a cookbook author.

  14. The apple tart looks fabulous! I have made a version of the tomato, great to use up the cherry tomato crop. I add red onion. I don't eat tomatoes, but everyone else likes it! Who doesn't share recipes? Oh wait, I remember someone! :)

    1. Both the tomato tart and the apple pie look divine, sounds like a wonderful book. Will put it on my list.

  15. I've never seen a prettier apple tart ;o) And to have the house smell like heaven on earth is a bonus. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

    1. The weather has been odd..very humid warm and windy rain.Fall is here and the leaves change from one day to the next.
      Home is heaven on earth isn't it?
      To me there is no place like it.
      Travel is lovely..but day in day out..pour la vie..home is best:)

  16. You've been doing some wonderful baking Monique! What a lovely lunch your tomato tart would be with a simple salad and the apple tart for dessert. Can I put in my reservation? :)

  17. Tarts, both sweet and savory, are my weakness. Your photos are beautiful Monique and you have inspired me. I love the sound of the cornmeal pastry. I made a blueberry galette recently with all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, turbinado sugar and rosemary. It was outstanding.

    1. I hope you posted it..I will go look~
      Outstanding says it all..right?

  18. These are absolutely stunning photos!
    Much Love,

  19. Love both of them! What a great cookbook. And your pictures are as beautiful as ever.

  20. I love opening a cookbook that inspires me for more than the moment..the kind that makes me go back and take ingredients..and plan on when to make..
    I think I will try one of her quiches next~

  21. What lovely book Monique!
    Sounds absolutely amazing and love your pics!
    Other lovely post:)

  22. Isabelle's books are wonderful and this one seems promising! What a fabulous tart. My kind of food.



  23. Elle a beaucoup de talent..chaque recette semble parfaite..:)

  24. Oh my, both recipes look delightful, Monique! Are her cookbooks in French or English?

    We are having a lovely first week of fall here after coming home from the warm, Georgia sun. Such a welcome return! I hope it lasts and lasts :)

    Those apples, the table full of tomatoes - just beautiful!

    1. I hope you had a ball:)

      Our weather is supposed to get better tomorrow..been chilly and grey since you left..
      Her books are in French only at the moment...
      Dommage !

  25. What a beautiful presentation on the apple pie. I learn from you with every post!
    Both look delicious!