Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tea Time~Et Sablés Bretons~

Prettiest Indian Summer ever right?
The weekend was like a trip down south...I am just about to publish this post w/ the windows open and a nice breeze at my back after a really warm delicious day~
Every breath I took..I thought..take it all in.. soon this will be a memory you look forward to~

I love occasional cup of coffee too..but for some reason tea makes me less jittery.
Imagine my surprise when TeaVivre asked me if I would like to sample some of their teas.
Someone must have told them how often I talk about teas here..
In the offering..there was no asking to do a return of favor..just..would I like to sample some teas.
I did tell Alison I would mention their I had sampled a couple before..from Ann T..
And that I enjoy them very much.
She even asked if the selection she made for me was agreeable and I mentioned I prefer greens..whites..flavored..blooming teas.So she subbed some blacks..and put in my preferences..

The loveliest assortment came to my post office from TeaVivre..the packaging is fresh and the teas..
My first taste was the Organic Superfine Dragon Well Ling Jing Green Tea..

Tea is always better w/ a treat..a childhood friend was in France and sent me an email :) At about the same time..I decided to make ..

 these again~

You should not mess with perfection right?:)
I seem to make them a lot..and often with variations..
I would like to try these next..

But stuck to my faves..

La recette~

150 grams butter
250 grams of sugar
3 eggs
 250grams self rising flour
250 grams reg,flour
pinch of salt

Cream butter and sugar until white and glistening..
add eggs one at a time
add vanilla
sift the flours and add them to the creamy mixture
Until it forms a nice homogenous dough that you shape into a ball..
I used my KA for all of it.
Wrap in cling and refrigerate for ap 8 hrs.
After the resting period roll out to 2 mm and cut w/ cookie cutter of your choice and palce on a cookie sheet that you have put parchment paper.
Make a glaze w/ a pinch of salt,1 beaten egg and one tbsp of liquid caramel..
glaze twice letting dry between each coat..
take the tines of your fork and make impressions
Bake at 220 CELCIUS until golden..abot 10 minutes..if you want them drier leave 1 or 2 minutes more..
Place on

I use this liquid caramel can use a dark cor syrup as I have in the past.

I made half the fills one Bonne Maman jar.
And your home will smell divine.
Beware.. when adding the cold water..I took it off the stove.. and held it at arm's length the whole splatters boiling hot sugar syrup ~

You need
1 tbsp vinegar
500grams superfine sugar
12.5 cl of water
and additional 25 cl of cold water
Mix first 3 ings in a pot for the stovetop.. cook vigorously  ap 15minutes until it starts to become blond..
******** see note above..  reduce the heat..gently add the remaining 25 cl of cold water..
cook vigorously one minute more.
And there you have it.

They are lovely with tea..

My friend sent me a photo of the Eiffel Tower..she was spending  2 weeks in France..mostly Paris and Normandy~
She is back now..but it was fun  hearing about  my friend whom I met when  I was 10..being in Paris..
It's a long way from Versailles Gardens..:)
That's where we grew up:)..  How appropriate n'est-ce-pas?
Not the French ones though  ...a suburb of the 60's.
I was happy for her..♥
And grateful to Tea Vivre for my generous assortment of teas.
I love loose leaf teas..there's beauty in every leaf.

Thanks TeaVivre..that was receive such a nice prepare it..taste it..
Wonderful teas.


  1. That is a lovely tea that I'm not familiar with. I wonder if it's available here in the U.S.?? And, those cookies to accompany--how nice.

    To answer your question, Andrew brought me a beautiful pair of Polish amber drop earrings. They will make their debut when we go to King Lear next week.


    1. So sweet!
      I used to forage my husbands' suitcase when he came back from hundred years ago..

      Not much shopping apparently where he went:)

      I think they ship everywhere Bonnie:)

  2. I so love tea and I plan to head to the kitchen after I type this to make some, just wish I had your delicious treats!! I have to behave too, can't eat a lot of sugar and flour :( Just saw your, you are beautiful, inside and out

  3. How nice to be invited for tea tasting. Such a sweet thing and an honor, I might add. That is you in the selfie? You look like my friend Jane and so beautiful (and so young!)

    1. I found a FIND Donna.. I did not know you could buy wireless remote controls for your camera..
      I bought one w/ a cord..and 6 ft is short..I found some wireless ones..(so reasonable)..
      And had to try to see if it worked.
      It does.
      It is a flattering photo..which means..I look younger in the photo...than if you popped in now:)
      I have a strong dislike of having photos taken.
      Not always..but more specifically in the last 5 years.Not age related.
      Anyways..I like seeing photos of people on their blogs..and Jacques said..put it on.
      And so i did.
      Both my girls thought this nifty gadget is terrific..Caroline is ordering one for her SL..and I ordered another for my Oly.
      Fun gadgets..
      They say we have a twin everywhere:)

  4. Beautiful Sablés Bretons! Those are cookies I adore. Made them once, but will have to make them again soon...

    I'd love to taste that wonderful tea.

    Have a lovely week and thank you ever so much for the heartwarming comment!



  5. My father-in-law loved tea and your pretty cookies with a cup of tea reminded me of him this morning. How nice that you received the tea with no strings attached. Now that's a very nice gift. So glad you had pretty weather this past weekend. We did too and it was such a treat. I hope you have a wonderful week Monique.

  6. I love your sables, Monique. And they are so lovely with a cup of tea. I'm not quite ready for hot tea yet...we're still in the high 80's every day, but iced tea...yes. I'm not familiar with ViVre teas but it was so nice of them to send you samples!
    Your caramel is such a lovely color! Is there anything better on ice cream? It's my favorite. When I made the caramel for the biscuits, it sputtered when I added the apples, but not quite as much as when I make caramel sauce.

    1. I am looking forward to trying yours:)
      Haven't tried on ice cream..I made it just for cookie glazing..but I think the reviews mentioned ice's very liquidy this one..actually like maple syrup..!

  7. Agreed- beautiful Indian Summer. Yesterday I was thinking how precious these last few days of nice weather are. Then the thought occurred to me, life is pretty precious when there is less of it to waste. True of everything really. I try to be grateful all day. And really I am grateful for winter too. So much of it I like.

    1. So much of it I like too's just the length and the shoveling..:(

  8. These cookies are some of my favorite. I will try this recipe for sure, thanks for publishing it.

  9. Love the tea and cookies. I made a Breton cake once, so I know I would love to make these cookies.

  10. Yum, yum. Have to try this cookie recipe.

  11. Such a pretty jam/honey jar!
    Very nice Selfie!!! woo woo

  12. I love taking a little afternoon break with a cup of tea and a cookie or two. I will be trying your cookie recipe, Monique. You always share such delicious ones. I'm not familiar with the caramel syrup you use. Something fun and new to try. I've missed your posts. It's nice to be home.

    1. I hope we hear all about your trip:)

      My friend while in France....said the same will be nice to be home:)
      I have a little mat out back"There's No Place Like Home.." w/ Dorothy's red shoes:)

  13. lovely tea & cookies post!
    I think it is tea that runs through my veins :-)
    you post the most wonderful recipes ~ thank you xo

  14. What a lovely friend to send you this tea. It's amazing how many different teas there are. Enjoy and have a fabulous week.

  15. I love tea! and all look beautiful and perfect Monique!
    BTW You look beautiful in your selfie:)

  16. I love coffee - it's my wake me up drink. But tea holds a special place in my heart, it always seems to signal relaxing, looking at pretty books, or reading your blog!

  17. I'm a coffee drinker but your tea sounds really good and so do those cookies. Not Indian Summer here yet and I hope it holds off for a while, although the trees are starting to turn very prettily.

  18. Your tea sounds lovely. I have started to drink tea, and would love one of your cookies. I just spotted the selfie :-) So pretty.

  19. Have a nice evening everyone..Thanks so much about the cookies and the tea and everything else..

  20. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Je suis considérée comme une vieille anglaise ! Une buveuse de thé !!...
    J'ai du plaisir à goûter toutes sortes de thé. J'ai bien évidemment mes préférences, mais je suis très ouverte sur le sujet.
    J'ai appris à découvrir le café depuis quelques temps. Je n'aimais pas particulièrement le café. Mais j'ai appris à le déguster. Il peut être très subtil. Tout comme le thé, je pense qu'il s'apprécie différemment selon notre état d'âme du moment.
    Cependant le thé ou le café peut être apprécié avec une petite douceur... et pourquoi pas ces beaux muffins que tu nous as présenté dans ton précédent joli billet ?!...

    Je suis certaine que tu as savouré avec plaisir les différents thés qu'on t'a proposés... Je ne les connais pas. Mais j'aime déjà beaucoup l'aspect des petits sachets.

    Gros bisous♡

    1. Oui les petits sachets sont le tout fait si propre et frais.:)
      Une petite traite dont je ne m'y attendais pas!

  21. I have two cups of tea with my honey (hubby) each morning. Tea, at least for me, is a more soothing way to wake up as opposed to coffee. Love, love, love the selfie - so beautiful!

  22. We had the best week of weather that I can remember for a long while! Had Les Boys to swim yesterday afternoon. Today the pool is put to sleep until next year :( Late yesterday afternoon it dropped from 84F to 59F in about 90 minutes! Today it's Fall again.

    I love those teas also. The Jasmine tea was a favorite. And the cookies, always so pretty! This sounds like a recipe I would like very much with the caramel glaze! Since the boys are back in school I find I'm not baking quite as often.

    Love the new selfie :) Pretty as ever! And I also see Outlander - I've been watching the series, should get the book too.

    1. Same here Susan..dropped way down..grey and fallish too ,quite humid..
      I miss having a pool now that we have grandchildren:)
      I love the Jasmine too:) The pearls ..are lovely:)
      I am having trouble getting into this book:( Everyone loves it so it has to be me..!

  23. My goodness, your photos are gorgeous from a purely abstract perspective! Those tea bags have a lovely design. And your selfie: You are as elegant as your photos!

    1. And you are as sweet as you art:)
      Took yrs because of stage fright and a few glitches the last few years.
      It really takes a fluke to get an ok photo.

  24. I LOVE TeaVivre --- the jasmine tea is exquisite!

  25. You always make the most wonderful baked goods! You are so rail thin! How every do you do it? I would be happy to be neighbors and share tea and cookies, or biscuits or cakes with you!!

    1. You're funny.. :)
      I think so many of us would make great neighbors~

  26. Such a lovely post as always! Love the look of that tea and the cookies...just perfect!
    Bisous xo

  27. O yes, they asked me too, very nice tea. I am glad you have there samples also. I love you biscuits, nice and crispy-)) We used to drink only loose teas be four, then life get busy-) But it is wonderful to have a nice cup of tea from time to time. I think the season now is perfect for it.

    Hugs dear Monique,


  28. A delcious post! What a treat. Yes, I would love to have you as a neighbor :)

  29. So nice to see your face! You hardly look like a 'nana' though! As always your photos are great and the tea and cookies perfect companions on a perfect fall day!

  30. What lovely teas Monique, and those biscuits are just beautiful! As always beautifully presented, but I love, love, LOVE most of all that selfie of you. You are such a beautiful woman. I knew that anyways, because your spirit is beautiful, but it's nice to put a face to that spirit now I think. I agree with Deana, you look a very youthful nana! xxoo

    1. Dear is a blurry flattering photo.The only one in 4 yrs.
      There are more wrinkles in person..and a few age spots:)
      I am camera shy..not photogenic..and have had a bit of problems with the smile factor..
      So getting an ok pic has seemed impossible until this little contraption where there was no one else in the kitchen playing with it for food until I tried on there was no one to to see me but me..Sounds complicated.
      I have loved seeing the people I follow.
      I think it makes communication more personal so I did it with a lot of apprehension.
      It's's there..and I guess when I am 70 the same pic will be there..:)
      But I have to say Merci for the nice words.Just remember photos can make things look better.

  31. Oh, Monique. I'm behind in the world of blog and trying to catch up some tonight. Your "selfie" is gorgeous. It's such fun to see a photo of you. What a beauty ~ crystal blue eyes, flawless skin, and a smile that truly says it all. Thanks for sharing!