Friday, September 12, 2014

I feel like~

I was just posting about Spring:( And Max was turning 7..
I don't even want to mention the F word..although I ♥ it..
It's just the after Christmas months of our long winters I find a tad harrowing.
Whatever ebullience I muster in May- June  through till November..
pales..soooo much come mid~ January..and by March ..well ..oh lala.
I do weather it all and keep busy..but sweaters and socks and flannel and duvets and boots and heating..get so  tired  by then.
I live in flip flops in summer...except when gardening..and from now on never on my bicycle..Try stopping abruptly with your foot like when we were know with the toes under,foot backwards..with flip flops..don't...your toe polish is sure to come off w/out help..and your skin will not thank you for it.

There are not enough layers on my feet and hands come winter to keep warm.

And time did not stand still this summer..after Max turned 7..Noah turned 6..then Lucas turned 9..
And last but not least..September 8th..Oli turned 5.
They are all in school now..(See a sweet school story below..)
All 4.. all day..
3 of them on the same bus..same school..

Up above..Oli..who really missed his mommy at she drew a Happy Face on his wrist and said..:"If you miss me..look's me smiling at you♥"
In that photo..he is  in the car going out to lunch with us..every birthday boy..makes our day by coming to lunch with us..and then if they haven't had a true wish list..we go shopping and they can pick..Jacques is the chauffeur for the smaller boys that sit in the that case I sit in the back too.
The bigger boys,,can sit in the front w/ grandad..
and I still sit in the back:)
He wore his crooner hat that I love and his retaurant shoes:)♥That were Noah's..
They just make my heart beat.

Baking and cooking changes too.. time does not stand still for ice cream and popsickles and fresh fruits.. I have already noticed a twist.

With Pies.. They become  less fresh blueberryish and strawberry to all apple..
Like this  one we love..

Brown Bag Apple Pie~ Kim's Mom's Pie~

La Recette..

7 cups of prepped apples
2 tbsps flour
1/2 cup sugar
squeeze some lemon

toss with cinnamon and cardamom to taste..

Put in a pie shell..
Top with this crumb topping:

1/2 flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter

I do what Kim does and double the topping..

Place in a brown paper bag close it and place on a cookie sheet bake for 1 hr in a preheated 425 degree oven

I have shared this pie recipe before..but a long time ago..hope you don't mind a repeat.

This time I made Ricardo's crust for the bottom and it is a keeper.. I used my hands.

Thank goodness for ALL hydrangeas this time of year..
They keep the gardens ALIVE~
As do Dahlias~ And Turtleheads~

Have to share this story with you..
I follow Val's blog..she writes so such a charming young woman.
Reading her post just made me more admiring of this young woman..
Go See..


All the natural sweetness you need in any recipe..she has it.

We went to Jean Talon market yesterday..picked up so many wonderful things..
A plethora of veggies for pickling and roasting ..making spaguetti sauce..and ratatouille..
It's lovely time of year to be in the kitchen..the light..the cooler air~


  1. Apple dishes, specially desserts are first signs there is autumn here-)) It is nice weather here now, so I can take a long walks, have a cup of coffee in my garden. Your pictures always so warming and welcoming. Thank you for that, dear Monique!



  2. Great pics, love the one of Oli and all the flowers! So chilly and rainy here, weird weather for Sept, but your page sure brightens it up! You are one lucky lady with your grandsons! Have a super weekend!

  3. We had one day of cooler whet our appetite...but, it changed its mind. It is warm again but I am still planning our drive to the apple orchards....if I wait, I will miss out. I will try your pie....I like the idea of a crumb topping. Funny how we measure time by grandchildren. How fortunate that you have such great young men who will have wonderful stories of their time with you.

    1. They will have great stories of so many people..They are blessed to be loved by many many people:)

  4. Time marches on! The boys grow nicely. It's good to be closely to them I'm sure. Love the hydrangea and the dessert.


  5. The boys are such growing up fast - hold on to each minute as they speed by. I am enjoying the coming of FALL. Although it has not happen yet here in SO CA - 100 + temp here. Way to hot.
    I can hardly wait to put on a warm sweater.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Such a pretty post, your photo shots of the hydrangeas are beautiful. then the photo of your grandson wearing his cool trilby fantastic. Times to treasure.
    Like the apple pie recipe, this is new to me baking a pie in a brown paper bag ! is this just any brown paper bag or a specific one for oven baking ? I'm just ready to use 'French Country Home' recipe for Tarte Tatin. that Sharon shared this week. If I had a brown paper bag I'd try your recipe :)

    1. We use grocery store brown paper bags..

      Here we bring recyclable bags..but in some cases they give you brown paper bags..we have some saved up:)
      It has to be big enough for the pie to fit it it and the bag has to be closed:)
      Tatins are so good too!

  7. Happy Birthday to Oli! I love the picture of him. Such a nice tradition you have of taking them out with you and Jacques for a celebration. You must miss them now that they are all off to school but when the bus brings them home you must feel like a young mom again as they bounce off the bus. Baking special goodies for their after school snack? I love Kim's recipe and make it each fall too. Is that it dusted with powder sugar? Never did that. Our son in law loves that apple pie. Each year we do a thanksgiving trial turkey and that will be one of the desserts (and repeated for thanksgiving too). I see that the Ricardo magazine is available for subscription. Is it in English? I am tempted to try it, I know you love his recipes.

    1. Hi Terry..So glad you remember and make her recipe too!
      She touched us all!
      I have subscribed to Ricardo in French and get his newsletter and about 2 weeks ago the newsletter announced his magazine being published in English too this year!
      So i would just make sure you opt for English..:)
      What a great observation..I do feel young at times waiting for the children at the bus when we do..because it brings back all those memories:)
      I did dust it w/ powdered sugar..I like the look ps gives..

      I don't always though..

  8. Que de douceur avec ces fleurs, avec une musique douce cela crée une osmose unique.

  9. Oh my, Oli looks so adorable in that hat! Mack turns 5 this Thursday but no kindergarten for him this year as you need to turn 5 before September 1st in Wisconsin to qualify. Better for a first born boy anyway to give him an extra year of preschool. He is in school all day this year, though. We miss our Mondays :( The sounds and the colors just look different outdoors already, don't they? We'll all be so busy through Christmas but yes, what comes after - OY!

    I've never tried Kim's apple pie - I must get to the farmers market to buy some lovely apples and make one this fall when I know we'll have family over to share it with. It looks so beautiful with the hydrangea petals and fairy dust :)

    1. I will miss Oli being in pres school as sometimes we could pick him it is just up Main Road..Then he would spend time with us..
      I know what you mean about missing Mondays.
      Susan..I do thing toute ta famille would love Kim's pie..double the topping to make sure you have enough:) or 1 1/2:)
      Yes everything looks and feels so different!
      Sweater day today.

  10. That's the kind of cake that I'd love to bake ! Thank you so much for the recipe!

  11. Me encantan los postres de manzana y este se ve delicioso.

  12. ~Beautiful Oli photo!

  13. Your grandson looks so adorable with his little hat, love this apple pie, the topping sounds amazing!

  14. I've seen a lot of apple desserts lately, but your pie is the one that got me...I need to make it, it's exquisite!

    1. What an honor to the pie..
      I assure you I have keepers from you too:)

  15. That Oli steals the show for sure! What a darling boy, I know you don't want him to grow up. I think you need to eat an extra slice of that wonderful pie to put on a few extra layers for the winter ahead. That makes it legal, doesn't it :)

  16. I love that your daughter drew the smile on Oli's wrist... So sweet. Superb photo of him. Sorry to hear of your cycling misadventure. Ouch! I road to work on the bike a few times this week. Lovely with the cooler temps. Though I am already missing the summery heat! Beautiful photos as always. Xxoo

    1. You must be way better than I on a bike Gail..I just get the mail and around our little streets.I can't even imagine being in traffic..
      I can still do no hands though:)

    2. I stay on a bike path, so no cars... Both hands though!

  17. Oli is a darling. Love the smiley face idea. I am in love with Ricardo.

  18. So cute the story of Oli. Must be nice to live close to them. And this pie is incredible. I have to bake it.

  19. Fabulous photos today Monique. I am picturing Jacques at the drivers seat, a young lad in the front, and you and the rest of the boys in the back off to shop for birthday presents. Sounds like a movie in the making. It's amazing how much children grow at those ages. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  20. Time seems to have slipped by so quickly, I can't believe that cool weather is here already. All you young boys in school this year…I love the story of the smily face so Oli could look at it and think of his mommy.

  21. It seems like yesterday you shared the photo of Noah in the cabbage leaf.

    1. Oh dear, I hit publish before I was done. Your handsome grands are lucky to have you as their grandma :-) so much love, and you remind me of how my grandmother was to us. And my mom is the sweetest gram too :-) we have a fire going in the wood stove. There's a nip inside and out here at the lake. No frost yet :-)

    2. In the 40's this morning..I had to put a housecoat this morning..
      I know your mom is I know your nana was too.
      Poor boys..when they have seen their pics in cabbages and Irises they say how come?:)

  22. Oh Monique, I can't believe that Lucas has turned nine. It seems like yesterday that you were having your first grandson.

    Love your posts about your family. They always touch my heart.


  23. I am a summer girl through and through! I need to retire to a tropical climate some day.
    But the one thing I love about fall is the change in cooking - I start to crave baking and cool weather cooking.
    Everything moves too fast! The little darlings grow up too quickly! We had them over tonight and they are
    just so funny in all they say and do!
    Wow, your flowers are beautiful. I need to find some cold weather hydrangeas. If you can grow them I should be
    able to! They are fabulous.

    1. Of course you can grow them!

      Pink Diamonds..Pinkie Winkies..all so hardy..Kyushu..
      I am certain you can!
      they are funny and fun..we saw them yesterday too for a kiddie party for Oli..
      We were invisible..LOL.

  24. That's not to love about grandsons and apple pies and flip flops and pretty hydrangea? Not a lot. They're all pretty special. Love all that you share. I do love the autumn.and the colours, textures and tastes that it brings. I love the summers over here. It is not too hot, just right. I do not like the winters so much, but c'est la vie! You got to take the good with the bad! Love you! xxoo

  25. Such beautiful recipes, photos and stories. I love the happy face on the arm story the most.

    1. Been thinking about those pickled tomatoes...Have to find some soon..and pickle them.

  26. A fabulous cake! Absolutely exquisite. A cute story and little boy.

    I love autumn and I can't wait for teh trees to turn red.



  27. Hi Monique!
    It's always a shocking day when your last goes off to school.....worry, hope and love all together. The smiley face is a really cute idea.
    I love hydrangeas too. I miss them in Florida. My sister has a ton of them around her house in Michigan. Fall in Florida is a tad different; there actually IS a change, but you have to look carefully. The weather really doesn't cool off for another month or two though.

    1. So much to love about Florida..I have been in many months..and I appreciated all.
      One Christmas we drove down..the night before Christmas..planning on buying the food for our Christmas meal Christmas morning..Everything was closed..Humblest meal ever ..we found a pharmacy that was opened:)

      This was over 30 years ago.

  28. I love the photo of Oli & the story of his Mom's reminder of her love! Yes, I know how you feel about those long winter months. It's the darkness more than the cold that is hard for me...Just today I was thinking, I'm going to need to get outdoors in the mornings this winter because there is so little of the afternoon! The whites & lights in your photos are lovely...a whole different feeling than the whites of snow & ice! Perhaps we can all brainstorm ways to accept the winter. I'm loving this September more than any that I remember!

  29. I know I'll need sweaters and mitts and socks and slippers..The dark..strangely enough I can take..home..
    The beauty of us all.. our differences:)
    My meditative sweet artist friend even lit candles in the day to add a gentle light and ambiance:)

    This Sept is quite lovely.

  30. Hello Monique, your grands are indeed growing up fast. Out of the mouths of babes, they can sure find a way to make us laughs. They are a joy! Apple pie is one of our favs, so I will be giving this a try. A great pie crust is a must! Cute story and plenty of beautiful flowers as always. I can always send you some round floating candles....Happy Fall.

    1. :)
      I am going to look in the USA:)
      Thank you though!! Nice nice!!

  31. Never heard of a Brown Bag Pie!!! How cooool!!!

    Oh yes, those long, long, long Winter months... -sigh- And that's why we must, must, must squeeze every bitty-bit of wonder, out of Autumn!!! :-)

    And oh, your photos! I know, I say it every time. And to keep repeating one's self, gets boring. But..... I just can't help it. :-))))


  32. Lovely hydrangeas! Oli is adorable in his crooner hat. What a precious idea to send him off with the happy face to smile at him. '-)

  33. Love him in his hat too! Can't believe how quickly they grew up. Your hydrangeas are beautiful... Would love to see your summer garden in real life... It must be breathtaking. The apple pie looks do scrummy! Lovely sitting here and catching up on your posts.
    Enjoy your break
    Shel xx

  34. Monique, did you give the pie a little dusting of xxx sugar?