Monday, September 22, 2014

God gave us memories so we may have roses in December~

The last day of summer~ Sunday..was grey grey grey and drizzly..before the drizzle,I brought in a bouquet of my last fairy Roses..

And made some rose cookies..

                And painted a quick  tablescape~

I loved that quote ..God gave us memories so we may have roses in December~

It's so true and can apply to so many things~ so many connotations.

I had Pinned  these beautiful and delicious cookies that I found  HERE..A lovely blog..Torta Della Figlia~  ok..:) try here ..
And somehow knew I would post them with my last just know when your roses are the last..the last hurrah..the little brown specks..the fading blooms..
The ones that are left will be evanescent~

I took advantage of immortalizing them:)
And am sharing her delicious cookie recipe~

Luckily she has a translate button for many of her recipes..

This recipe makes 2 pans she said..
so I halved it and made 1 pan..which is more than enough for  a few days for Jacques and I.
This is a perfect cookie to go along with a cup of tea or coffee.

It's just delicious..and tastes like  little fancy  Euro pastry shop cookie and looks like one.

La Recette

For the full recipe..

450-500grams of flour
4 egg yolks
1 egg
300grams of butter..I use salted
favorite marmalade
200 grams caster sugar

vanilla extract (I use vanilla bean paste)

Preheat oven to 320-338F
Combine every ing together (except the marmalade)
I creamed room temp butter with the sugar and paste..then the egg yolks and egg then the flour.
Form together into a nice dough
On a foured work surface..roll out dough to ap. 3mm.
Cut out circles ap-7-8 cms..

Then go see her step by step tutorial:)

Take 2 circles and place with their sides overlapping each other.
Place marmalade in the middle of each circle then add a middle circle and again add your marmalade.
Roll one side to the center and then roll the other side over.
Cut in get 2 roses.
Place on a prepared baking sheet (Parchment) and bake for 15-20 mins.
You can also dust with icing sugar when done..

They taste like something I had so many many years ago..and I cannot remember where..perhaps in someone's home..They were delicacies..


  1. Lovely pink post...enjoy Ria...x !

  2. Fairy roses are so pretty, one of my favorite and a perfect name, i love that you made rose cookies to celebrate the end of the season and of course i love your tablescape drawing, a pretty post :)

  3. Une jolie citation en effet ! Je suis impressionnée par votre "rapide" dessin, pour quelque chose de rapide c'est parfait. Quel talent :)

    Et ces petits biscuits enroulés sont superbes ~

    1. Ils sont mignons.
      C'est fabuleux ce que l'on peut apprendre en bloggant:)

  4. Love your pink fairy roses. I cannot grow roses and have given up on them. I tried so many, in so many different beds and locations and they all did the same thing. The leaves became spotted and fell, leaving only long stems. Even spraying them didn't help. I think just too hot and humid where I live. Aren't they just the most beautiful flowers. Are they scented? The cookies were perfect for this post.

    1. Unless they lost their scent w/ the chillier weather..or coming in..I would have to say..scentless..I just tried.
      Oh I thought they would do beautifully where you live..but you are right humidity is rough on roses.
      There is a climbing fairy that is gorgeous..but not good for my zone..I would have hoped you could grow it!
      I hope to replace 2 roses I dug out with these next spring..

  5. Another lovely blog post, Monique, and a truly tasty recipe! We will still be able to enjoy our roses a bit longer here.

  6. I'm glad that I prepared a nice cup of tea before "visiting" you today! How lovely your post is. I do wish you could pass me a cookie.


    1. Oh it's tea weather here today!
      The wind is's chilly and grey....brrr...

  7. Love your pink roses and the pretty rose shaped cookies. Your pastries could be in the window of a fancy French patesserie Monique.

    1. I would be happy to serve these cookies on a boat on a lake with you and your frineds in a different life:)

  8. LOVE your little painted card ♥
    and must make the rosette cookies!

  9. Just beautiful, a way to celebrate rather than mourn...

  10. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    J'aime beaucoup ton petit billet avec tes magnifiques photos et les bons mots qi les accompagnent... Un bel hommage à Dame Eté qui nous quitte... Je suis triste car je n'aime pas particulièrement l'automne qui me rend nostalgique.
    Tes petits biscuits sont exquis... J'aime aussi cette belle théière ! Elle est très originale !

    Je te fais de gros bisous

  11. Oui suis d' aussi j'ai de la nostalgie ..les souvenirs de ma maman qui aimait tant l'automne..une artiste..comme toi:)

  12. Beautiful post and I love your rose petal cookies. Must try these Monique.

  13. I will be pinning these :) So beautiful and I can imagine any favorite flavor preserves would taste wonderful in them. I'm so glad you posted the recipe too because you link just took me to a photo and not to the lovely blog, but I'm sure I can find it by Googling :) I haven't even taken a garden walk yet to see what is left blooming outside but your roses certainly gave you one beautiful, final burst of color!

    1. Thanks Susan..I will try and fix that..the tutorial is important:)
      They are pretty and they are good..not too sweet and I thought the same..about fave preserves:)

  14. So utterly charming and so you:) Maybe I'll have the patience to make those lovely cookies in February - not now, as I pull up the garden that failed, cut back the roses that didn't bloom more than a day or so before turning brown. Such a sad August here, with brief blooms and nothing else. Your garden is simply lovely! And your watercolor sweet as can be. There is always next year, for a gardener.

    1. I have to agree with you re August..
      This was not my best garden year at all Katrina.
      And the thought of putting it all to bed seems slightly overwhelming this year!
      I think it is different when the gardens do better.
      I pulled out henry Hudson!


      Still I will plant tulips because as you say..there is always next year for a gardener..:)
      Hope..that's what it is..♥
      I'm starting to believe in annuals..LOL.

  15. Your roses are so beautiful, they do look fairy like. Love the site you got this recipe from.

    1. She has some asian cabbage rolls and quite a few other things that look so good:)

  16. The gentle color looks wonderful in this photograph.
    I was thinking today that my daughter is planning on living in Quebec when she gets older!
    Hugs and Kisses

  17. Your cookies are so beautiful. I've never seen a cookie that shape before.


  18. Monique, simply breathtaking. I love the photographs of your roses . . . yes ours are all looking mottled with brown spots now and fading fast as well. Your cookies are beautiful and your watercolour, it's just priceless. You are such a talented woman. Love you to bits! xxoo

  19. A wonderful post! Roses are so pretty and your cookies look marvelous.



  20. I hope you try them..they turn out perfect:)

  21. My yellow rose was blooming for my return last week. It's covered with buds, which makes me very happy.
    Your roses are stunning. What a sweet, delicate bloom.

  22. Such a pretty post. Love those dainty cookies xx shel