Monday, October 17, 2016

Scones and a beef and mushroom pie~

I confess once a week..I make scones~

I confess I love cute fall things..

I confess..I love Lorie's things at Scrapbookgraphics~

I confess..these colors..always make me think.."I do believe in else could such a thing be true~"
R. McKuen:)

I confess..I love the look of pies:)

I confess ..I love a few  fall rainy days~

I in love w/ our 4 Littles.

I confess I love my town..this town:)So contrary to my usual music..I like her♥I like this song~

I confess I love pumpkins .

Remember that movie?

One of my all time favorites ever in my life?

One True Thing?

It was quite a bit about the seasons..and seeing Renée plant bulbs for her mom?  Bawled my eyes out and still do.

I fell in love w/ Renée Z..

It's fallish in the trees..and in the amount of light we have..
but the light is astonishingly precious and glowing..

it's a glorious light like Quinachrodone Gold:)Quinn Burnt orange..
Quinn Sienna..Green Gold..Anthraquinoid Red  (my new fave)..

 We started putting some gardens  to bed..they just looked so forlorn all crisp..we did get some rain..but I am happy what's done is done.

Our oven functions all seasons..

I went to the mall for 1 hour during my daughter's lunch break..she treated me to a Starbucks Moccachino..and she bought a lemon blueberry scone..
I had my proverbial bite..

the next day I was craving them..and went ahead for lemon/sultanas..

and then I lemon..

so I used a recipe I know we like..we have maybe 5 keepers..but I had sour thought of these.
I changed it up though..

I have a crush on Mary instead of reg flour I used self rising..and added that vanilla bourbon sugar..very little..and added raw sugar crystals on top..MMMMM..

You pre-heat your oven to 400..
In a medium bowl mix your dry ings..with your fingers mix in the butter that you have coarsely grated..add the raisns..then add a mix that you have made with the egg and sour cream..with a will come together..
put the mix on a lightly floured surface..shape into a 7 inch round  3/4 inch thick.. and cut into 8 triangles..
place the triangles on your baking sheet that has parchment can brush the tops w/ cream or milk and add the raw sugar cristals..
Bake for ap.15 minutes..I place mine on the lowest shelf..and check..they may need a minute or two more..I also leave them uncovered for the whole first day and night.I don't like moist scones.
A scone for me=love..a treat..

The other thing I made because I wanted to..because Jacques sent me the recipe..;) was a beef and mushroom pie.I used this recipe and their crust too for this..even though I have THE recipe for pie crust  etc..I now have THE recipe for savory..

and you do too now:)

Here is the link for the pie..and the link for the pastry is there also..
My notes for the pie..
I didn't do the flour and water thickener..I used Wondra.
I used a bouquet garni..
you can also use a processor.
the crust was perfect ...the filling too..the only problem w/ this is that he eats it..and this makes 4 meals..for next time I will make smaller pies and freeze some.
I bought disposable aluminium tins..I only have the heart shaped pie glass dish that is a good size,all my others are so big.
All comfort foods.
Perfect perfect for this beautiful amazing landscape at the moment.
It's just out of this world.

And then this weekend..♥

Max is the local team♥
I only see #3..always.
My son-in-law is assistant could not ask for a gentler giant for the kids..Justin their friend coaches soccer..same thing:)

Did anyone say #3?:)

Oh he glows:)

He's got his own glow:)And I love that his cleats are orange..I can spot him from afar.
This is when I would love a full frame w/ a great sport/zoom lens.


  1. It looks so beautiful where you live and the weather looks perfect for a football game. Your pie and scones sounds delicious!

  2. I love your town too. So beautiful. It will be 91 degrees here today so not much color, but leaves are falling. They will be piles on the back porch before too long. I would be all eyes on #3 too. Always watched my kids; play, sing and act. When Parker was small, he played Joseph at Christmas and looked so darling in his little cloak and thing draped over him. They had a real baby in a cradle and Parker stood stone faced looking at it. He was maybe 3. You scones sound delicious. I'm a scone lover too. I was buying these orange scones at a Panera Breads and one day just happened to look at the calorie count. They were 700calories apiece. I only get them about once a month now. I can see your glow from here.

    1. I better check the calories:) I have heard of Panera..all good things!
      It's cooler here ..but we are still getting heat..not 91 though:)
      I remember watching my girls really do only have eyes for a spotligh and all else is hazy..:)
      It really is a lovely spot to live although by March I am ready for Spring..have a great week Donna:) 700 calries eh?Oy.

  3. I confess.....I love your blog.
    I must try making the scones. Sounds delicious.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

    1. I am so happy to see you.
      I just went over.. I will always come :) Enetered a new never miss your thoughts.
      Take care..

    2. I still cannot type Diane..Entered.

  4. There is so much to love I this post I can't begin to start. I thought I had the best scone recipe in the world (and maybe I do) but I'm thinking this could rival it! Thank you for sharing it -- I'll have to give it a try!

    Your color is far ahead of ours. It looks gorgeous there. And all the wonderful photos and pies -- it all has me feeling cozy and homey and happy. I confess that I am so very grateful I discovered your blog and wonderful world.

    1. I am glad I found you was through Vivian's blog:)You just look so happy and full of life!

  5. I confess I love pretty things and that is why I love your blog so much, Monique :) Such pretty fall scenes and delicious food. I've been craving scones myself lately. I need to try your recipe with the sour cream. I'm in a baking mood now with the cooler temps (although 76F predicted today!). But the smell of dry leaves and crisp nights, I confess I like those too. I love that Jacques sent you a recipe to try :) John will see something in a magazine or newspaper and send it to me too. #3 ♥ SO CUTE!

    1. They are so cute..:) Going to visit you after so many years is much deeper than are not only good-looking lol..but inside is wonderful too..hope I made you smile:)
      We will miss summer..but I think we are given October to stand February and March:)♥

  6. What a beautiful fall you're having and so... much good stuff coming from your kitchen, yum!!! I'm crazy for scones but don't trust myself with them in the house! Your #3 is so cute, and getting so grown!

    1. I know..and his older brother starts high school in Sept..
      I won't wish the year away though..
      Quebec and the midwest and New England in the fall..♥
      I guess you have to live through frigid to see this..this year is particularly beautiful.
      Thank you.
      Scones are my downfall.I eat half;)

  7. Oh how I loved watching my boys in football! It was our social life in the fall with all of the parents there!
    Your pie sounds heavenly and that crust....
    I love all of the fall things too - what a glorious time of year.

    1. It really 2017 endeavour will be to try and make your macarons recipe:)

  8. Glorious pictures of what I call the "transcendental" season - the color of the light during a sunny Fall day. Max in uniform - my children were into soccer, but that doesn't matter - it's all about the kids growing up, but not TOO fast. Season after season - I loved being on the sidelines clapping and hooting:) And that crust on that pie is simply stunning - I will try...

    1. I still love your scones too:) Too many scones..too little time to eat everything;)
      Are they growing up faster now? I don't know because I was and am a girl and only had girls..I have nothing to compare to:(
      I hope not..

  9. I love your scones, and pie, and fall decor, and the gorgeous leaves and adorable littles. What a lineup of wonderful blessings! The colors and joy really shine!

    1. October is is our colorfully wrapped gift of the year..thank you Tricia.

  10. Gosh I love your posts...
    Always something beautiful to look aspire to.
    That Football guy is adorable...must be thrilling to see them get so big and strong!
    Your town is gorgeous...
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. He could be Miss V's date later..he's only 9;)

      Must be spectacular by the wtaer in fall Linda..must be hard to describe the beauty:) I find fall..well there are no words!

    2. Yes it is beautiful at the lake...the trees have not changed there is in Niagara, and still warm down there...
      Oh dear...wouldn't they make a cute couple 💕

  11. J'aime l'automne, moi aussi ... et les scones de Mary Berry ... Et oui, je trouve aussi que les pies sont l'ultime comfort food ... Alors ce billet me ravit. Comme toujours.
    Bises et bonne journée, Monique

    1. Merci beaucoup Hélène!Toi aussi..belle journée/semainex

  12. I confess . . . I love everything about this. The scones, the pie, the words, the football heroes, the song, the photographs, the colours, all of it. What a delightfully inspiring post. Love you to bits my dear friend! Have a great week filled with more of the same! xoxo

    1. Merci beaucoup Marie:)I bet you will make the pie even more delish..waiting for your tips:)

      Sometimes we seem to have inspiration around us..sometimes not.fall is super..I think it even lifts moods..

  13. PS - Todd will love that pie. I have printed it out and it is on my "to-do" list! Thanks!

  14. My husband loves beef pies with ale so I know he would love this recipe. You make everything look so appetizing. When I saw your apple pie a few posts back, I just had to make one too and used your pie crust recipe. Turned out so well. Thank you Monique for always being an inspiration.

    1. Well I just love the recipe you made for Penny and Co..
      I think it's a gift that we all inspire each other.
      I have never learned so much as I have through blogging w/ my blogging friends..
      And I am so grateful of the time spent getting to know my fave bloggers.
      Have a great's so much fun when something turnsout..that pie crust is taped to the inside of a kit.cupboard as well as this one now;)

  15. Maybe you made yr yummy tarte au pomme with pomme Canada gris?

  16. Oh the autumn images! That first one of the tree leaves literally took my breath away! I did a quick involuntary inhale, complete with sound!! What a setting for the football game! Yes, I love pumpkins too. And hearty fall food! And that jardin sign never ceases to delight! I will see that movie some time quand j'ai la force...I love René, though not so sure she should have altered her face to look like a little girl...
    PS I left you a response on my blog, merci pour la première note!!

    1. Rita..that tree..he has 3 one next to the other that grace Main's a lovely property and I am so grateful he never did a thing to them..and they are perfect so high none of my cameras reach the tops:)
      I agree about R..and so many me it is far nmore graceful to age the way we age..and what a responsibility wanting to look 30 at 60.:( Going to see you again:)
      Already I denote some facial changes in young women in their 40's..I never even thought I was aging in my 40's!:)
      Surprise..I was.

  17. Oh, that pie!
    And, the scones with tea forte - all so delicious.
    Being a grandmother is simply the best, isn't it.

    1. It is certainly a great gift..❤️❤️❤️tea and too sometimes!

  18. The colors of your landscape are beautiful🍂

    1. We are all saying exceptionally so..even Noh told his mom:)

  19. Oh I love everything about this post Monique, the pictures of your littles, the pie, the leaves, the fall decorations and the mushroom pie. Beautiful post.

    1. Thanks Cheri! I know we favor some of the same things:)

  20. WOW all your photos are stunning. Such beautiful colors. All of your recipes sound great.

    The post is beautiful and love everything you posted about.

    Have a wonderful week.


  21. I loved all your confessions, and I must CONFESS that I love them all too. You are so blessed to be near your littles, and I would only look at #3 too. Your photography is so gorgeous, and all the fall sights, especially the scoreboard in font of the leaves. I adore scones. My daughter makes pumpkin ones this time of year. A mushroom and meat pie would be perfect for the fall. Joni

    1. Thank you Joni..I confess I think yu and Jacqueline are so lucky to have each other..sharing so many things..especially Halloween:)
      I think I would have loved to have a sister..♥

  22. I confess I'll be baking these scones. I love them, too. SOunds like you are like me. When I used to watch my kids play sports, I also only kept my eyes on their number. However that didn't always mean that I could find them!

    1. If it was not for the splash of orange on his would be very difficult....they "huddle" as you know..funny how everybody else diappears from our line of vision:)

  23. Replies
    1. Because you've lived it..oh every area..must ring a bell:)The trees miss you:)x

  24. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I can see its one of your favorites too. The photos are beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us.


  25. Thank you..Your tabbouleh summer salad looks delicious!