Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Colorific~October is peak for QC.

Simply superb.

I made cookies for the youngest football players for one of Lucas' games..

Soo cold..

After a game..Lucas is soaked..  they all are..Max ,Oli,Noah..that's how hard they work.No matter how cold it is..they move so much they are dripping.

There he is after winning the game with his  talented team mates..after just removing his helmet...all shapes and sizes..all varied talents..all determined.

It's a raw photo to me..he looks very different than he usually looks.
Jacques loved the true look of hard I kept it.
I just adore our Littles.
I have no words to describe how they make me feel.

It's Jacques' screensaver now;)

Well I am still reveling in this season called fall.

Even though..

It has been so cold working in the gardens...snow fell this afternoon late..

I have so many large perennial beds that I built 18 yrs ago..

I have to tell you..

what was a breeze at pretty much brutal at 64 almost 65.
The wind..the cold..OMGEE.

And I am sure you will all be Pinning this outfit.

I know ...we see ads of nanas w/ straw hats and flowing dresses..gardening..

I come in dirty dirty dirty.

No flowing dresses or straw hats;)

C'est la vie.

I have ripped out a lot of beloved perennials..I have discovered I love growing food:)
And more annuals:)

A HUGE Baptisia..was shovel pruned w/ Jacques' help..and composted..
Pinky Winky had turned into HUGE..I shovel pruned that and moved to the pond garden..
The list goes on and on..
Tarps full of chopped plants..what was I thinking at 47?
I am not even half done.
Frost tonight.
Killed me to rip out the tomato plants and basil:(


  1. Who needs Provence with such a beautiful place to live :)

  2. We went on a road trip on east coast, and got chance to beautiful fall color..

  3. How beautiful are all your fall colors! Normally my favorite time of year. We went from temperatures in the 90’s to highs of only 50 degrees. Rain, rain and more rain, causing widespread flooding. The gentle little stream behind the house, now a river. We love our gardens so, but they are a great deal of work! Got a giggle out of your gardening attire.😊. I always hope one of my neighbors doesn’t decide to drop in when I am out gardening, as I wear my worst. Yours looks elegant in comparison. Lucas looks so very grown up and handsome. Tugs at ones heart to see them grow up. 💕

    1. It does..we had Oli yesterday and I said to Jacques..he's the last to still be so young..meaning innocent..♥9 I think things change at double digits.
      But weare not complaining.The love they demonstrate is humbling:)♥
      I usually have dirt all over my face too:) It's called what's being a gardener:)
      I bet you look like a magazine ad:)

  4. Your fall looks beautiful! We have only been in our house for one year and now you have me rethinking all of the perennials I wanted to plant! I will be 65 next month. hmmmmm.

    1. RETHINK:)
      I should take photos of my beds cleared..and full..
      Stay low maintenance..I love boxwood I don't have any:) Annuals that can just pull..I don't know maybe you don't have to cut everything..I do..I do all the phlox..daisies..lythrum..peonies..rudbeckias..echinacea..lillies..hydrangeas..baptisia..tarps full Penny..tarps..wheelbarrows don't cut it..Stay simple.Or small like a back English garden.I would be happy w/ allée..with a cottage garden on each side:)

  5. You made me laugh about pinning your outfit. Beautiful fall colors. Lucas is quite the young man . . . such a sweet picture.

    1. I am glad I did..I always see such beauty and elegance on Pinterest and IG:)I am the farthest thing from it.Those pants are lined flattering;) Thank you re Lucas..♥

  6. Oh how I miss the beautiful colors of fall so you know how much I enjoyed your photos. We have friends who just returned from a cruise from New York to Canada and they were saying how very cold it was...and they used to live in Nova Scotia.

    1. It is cold..enjoy that Florida of yours:) I follow a blog Kelle Hampton..she is on IG too..she lives in Fl ..adores Michigan..she grew up there and goes in the summertime..Every year..this time of year..she gets a box of leaves in Fl..and pretends:)

  7. Oh Monique, I think you have more than I do. I can't get down and dig up whole plants to move around, but I am going to try to get the mowers to. I have tree saplings growing along the lake edge and I just have to cut them but Tony says they need to be dug out. I can barely stand along the pond much less dig out trees. I just hate to pay so much to have the crew do it. We get some pretty maples and oaks but nothing like what you are seeing. You must look out the window all day. We've had some cold nights but 64 degrees today and nice. Sister is coming for a few days and I have to clean house - my least favorite thing to do. Have a good weekend. Donna@gather

    1. Hi Donna!
      Unfortnately I'm not looking I am out..we just came in..Jacques helped so much !
      I am often on my knees Donna trying to get plants out:(Why do things we are ot crazy about take over and others don't?4 tarp loads today.
      Donna..I watched your show last night..LOVE it..Jacques watched the latter part and he liked it too.So well done..the beautiful food and she's so real..Loved it and thanks for telling us..Have a good end of week:)And weekend..
      One day I will get help..w/ fall..maybe next yr.


  8. Beautiful autumn photos! It is glorious right now and the next two weeks will be even prettier! But then, yikes! Get out the crochet hooks and snow shoes :) How brave you are to wear white in garden! My jeans look just like your chinos when I come in from planting or clean up. I'm glad to read that you are enjoying annuals more! I love the ones that provide fall color after all the perennials are finished. And do I ever agree on what was I thinking back when I was in my 40s and planting everything! No thought to 20 years later and the upkeep, although you do much more clean up than I. Those cookies look delicious and how nice of you to make cookies for the team. I see lots of photos with the #11 jersey in them :) Exercise, team spirit, sportsmanship...all good things. SNOW ALREADY? We've already had at least two frosts and this weekend is going to be really cold :(

    1. I have not stopped today.
      I wonder why you don’t have as much clean up..must admit my Annabelles were a tough job today and my summer snow and Betty..Jacques said what if you didn’t cut the clematis..Susan those 2 are monsters up the arbor over and down.Right now I just feel like everything is invasive😒Getting near the end..2 beds I do not touch and let nature do some work during winter.I leave the host as except where I plant tulips.
      I love that we are feeling the same way😊Spring is funner🙂Number 11 is all I saw at that game..bonne nuit😘...

    2. I don't cut back anything in the fall :) I leave most of my cleanup (whatever is left on my perennials) until spring when they are dried up and so easy to pull out or rake clean. I read once that leaving plants like coneflower or other flowers that go to seed is good for the birds to nibble on in late fall and winter. I've seen birds eating the seeds from my clematis just this week. I don't cut back my daylilies or hydrangeas either. The dead leaves remaining are so easy to rake up in spring. I don't do anything to the peonies either because they die back to the ground here anyway. There is so much raking and leave blowing to do in the spring anyway, that I find it all so much easier rather than cleaning the garden in fall and again in spring. I prefer to leave up our clematis because I use the dead vines as a filler in my patio containers...a tip I learned from Kim at GBs. There are so many other chores in fall like emptying pots (I have many) and digging and storing dahlia tubers. But I know you like things neat :)

    3. I just came in again..I may do what you say next all the huge flower heads on the hydrangeas you're right we clean up in the Spring..Hmmm...Yes I do leave some rudbeckia heads the clematis no damages the white paint on the fence..and I hate all the brown LOL..
      Did you watch Antonio's stories? Onteresting..he waits 2 weeks after killing frost to lift his dahlia tubers..
      I still say I need a guy:)
      The day will come..
      I thought the boys..but they play football all fall...

      so...I need a guy..or a day sooner than later;)

    4. We had two brothers help us with garden clean up last spring, plus weeding and my new hosta garden planting this summer. Guess where John got them...from the grounds crew at the nearby golf course :) It was so worth it to have help and they really appreciated the extra money since they are both still in college. I hope at least one of them will return to help us again next spring. Thank you for the tip on Antonio and the dahlia tubers. We have had a frost that killed most of the really tender things like my nasturtiums but my snapdragons are still blooming :) I probably won't dig my dahlias until next week when I plant my garlic. Down to 27F tomorrow night...BRRRRR!

    5. Brrrrrr!
      I will make up my mind soon☺️
      Me too garlic next..I love a bed of earth lol!A blank canvas.Did you ever think we would become garlic growers☺️😎

  9. Colors colors colors
    You have such an eye Monique!
    Le garçon commences un(e) homme

  10. Such wonderful fall pictures. I didn't plant perennials in this home. They come back every year but require a lot of work.

    I'm have many boxwood which are one of my favorites

    Many pretty images. I giggled with gardening and the flowing dress. In a dream maybe but not reality. Old clothes are more me

    Enjoy your weekend


    1. Smart..they are crazy work:)
      I'll yr..:)

      That's what I always say:)

      yes lol real life..not what magazines and IG and Pinterest are made of..
      Have a great weekend!

  11. You have fall colors! We are still mostly green. The temps have dipped here too so I am frantically trying to get the chores done. Sunday will be mid 40s😩 during the day. My calendulas are struggling to blossom but may not show many blooms before a hard freeze. I feel better seeing your gardening clothes. Mine are even less fashionable but get just as dirty. Soon we will be baking holiday treats! Have a good weekend.

  12. Dearest Monique,
    We can envy you for your beautiful fall colors; what a sight...
    As for stains due to sports, c'est la vie!
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Thanks dearest Monique, just got home about 2 hours ago, from a long weekend for a friend's daughter's wedding! So romantic and lovely...♥

  13. Hahaha! You sure do get dirty😂. What do gardeners say? Love is in the dirt!
    That boy is one handsome guy...and I DO know how much you love them all...🖤
    Lovely Fall pics...snow? Cannot believe how windy it was yesterday and last night💨💨💨
    I must say...I am happy to be home!🤭 Did I just say that!😂😂😂
    Working on a granny square blanket tonight, while boyfriend enjoys the hockey....
    And....can you believe it? My google identity has suddenly re-appeared on my IPad!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. Well that's great news:)
      I'll start my banket afte Christmass:) And my pther projects lol..
      I am like to keep busy.
      Lucas organized my new Ipad..he's so helpful..I know you know because you know:)
      Bon dimanche!

  14. Dear Monique it's an amazing place that one where you are living! Such incredible colours!
    Your boys are really very, very cute. Enjoy them as much as you are able to.
    It's snowing around there? Unbelieveable! Today, by the sea we had 25 degrees C, can you believe?
    I had some work to do on my so called garden, as I bought 4 new rosiers. Hope they have no trouble growing healthy .

    Wish you a happy week.

    1. I hope your rosiers grow beautifully for you:)
      No ground cover..simply sparse if lost in the seasons.
      We are very fortunate Nina..all grandsons are healthy..happy and to us very handsome:)Most importantly..affectionate and sweet:)

      Bonne semaine Nina:)
      Que du bonheur.

  15. Absolutely love fall !! No doubt! we are in spring but is really short here! then Hot, hot, I know in November.
    Yours pictures are absolutely beautiful. I some place I read I live that only waiting by autumn ! this is me !}
    hugs and love.
    Your little are always lovely !!

    1. Yes many many adore autumn..I do also..but it has been unseasonably chilly..brrr...Happy Spring Gloria!

  16. Your grandson is gorgeous, Monique. I'm sure he loved the cookies after all his hard work.

    1. Thank you Amalia..they are all my knights in shining armour:)♥

  17. Gorgeous fall photos. Your littles are becoming very handsome young men. Happy October.

  18. Yes, October is peak, but from your blog, I get the sense that everday is peak experience and beauty day!! And loving those littles, playing sports, who are growing so fine....
    You had snow??

    1. Just flakes..tiny..sparse flakes..
      but it has been a cold fall with too much wind and chill to put the gardens to bed at ease..
      I have been doing it sporadically..for 90 mins at a time..except Sat..more than 2 hrs putting the garlic in..
      I keep complaining yet am already planning in my head next yr's treasures♥
      Take care Rita:)♥

  19. Your images totally awe me! I feel as if I were in that magical village. Makes me want to sprout wings and fly over tonight. The madeleines are my favorite. I need to make some! Thanks for brightening my day....well, evening.

    1. Thank you Sarah:) It can be magical..I thought so yesterday..:)♥

  20. How I miss home this time of year, snow and all... xo

  21. We still have a good bit of color/foliage here. I'm not sure it's peaked, and then you'll see a bare tree. It looks dazzling in your world!

    1. When the sun dazzles!:)When it doesn't..and it's cold and's très bleak!!

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  23. Dear Monique, what beautiful pictures, with vibrant colors. Actually, this year, autumn was short and quickly gave way to winter. Today we have a rainy Sunday ..
    I loved your photo - beautiful and blonde! Too bad you did not show your face. Like me, I refuse to be photographed .
    This coat is truly wonderful and timeless! Are you still wearing it?

    The apple cake with caramel is surely delicious and I have already saved the recipe t try it later.
    Have a good Sunday.
    Lots of kisses.