Wednesday, March 20, 2019


A new bunting is ready for the Sheshed♥They fade as summer advances and by October they are I like to make a new one every yr..Fat quarters..cut inside ..slip into seam binding stitch again..easiest dress change :)Just need to do the final ironing before hanging..

I made little cookies..had lots of teas..coffees..

Made paper flowers..I follow @ loulei and lorra on IG   such great ideas she has..this is all her..except that I hand painted the poppies through a Youtube video by Peter Sheeler.
I have mentioned him his videos.

One of our son-in-laws will be 50 next month..I asked my daughter what he would like..she said your I tried a new one..
I must's tasty..shy away if sugar is a foe..Jacques got some too and he likes's runnier than we had in France..
And guess what?
it's a bread machine jam..I had never made one.

You can find her recipe here.

I will translate for you..

3 oranges
1  grapefruit
1 lemon
1 can crushed pineapple 10 0zs.
 6 cups granualted sugar. wash all your fruits..cut ..remove pits and chop in a food processor.
Add all the fruit plus the pineapple in it's juice and sugar in the bread machine.
Select "Jam" setting..
mine was 9.. I think..
Put into sterilized pots..
I then flip mine over till cooled..
She also added chopped marashino cherries..I did not.I felt it would be way too sweet as it already is.
My jams keep forever in the basement fridge.

Made some muffins too choco chip raspberry but I cannot say they are stellar.I only like then zapped in the I'll pass on sharing:)
Too dense I find..found..

We still have tons of snow..I will start some seeds in the basement very soon..I need to gather the pots the lights.
What I really need is a new bed..
Too old to add more I'll nurture the tomatoes until I harvest the garlic..which by the way is still so good!!

Played with new pencils a gift from Nancy..paints..stamps..papers..
the toys:)♥All the toys.
One of my daughters came in my craft room this past week..
she said :"someone will have to move"  "moving all this would be ..a lot."
I beg to differ.
My craft room is quite organized..not IG pretty but organized and nothing too much..I've recently seen craft rooms that are like Michaels..
Not here..anyway she made me laugh:)
After 45 have "stuff"..NOTHING like the Marie Kondo show on Netflix.
I am a neat freak.
That would simply drag me down into an abyss.To have rooms that were piled high with things.
I love coming home.
I do..I love our home.
It's bright and airy..and I can breathe and look out back and see pretty..not to mention my sink,,
Oh my sink..
Noah was trying to get his mom to stop talking while he was watching a movie here..and he said go back at look at her sink:) He is so funny!!
I showed Oli my sink and said "Look's impeccable"! He looked at me and said:"Nana,you're impeccable"!(Not sure he knows what that is.. I love them all so much..
Oh these Littles crack me up!!!

Watched Beautiful Boy on Amazon Prime..I love Steve Carell..and Timothée Chalamet was outstanding IMHO.Maura Tierney wonderful..
What a deeply moving movie..troubling..because you never want to see a child you love suffer so much.
Never in a million and one years.


  1. Happy first day of spring! That jam sounds wonderful.

  2. I just LOVE your blog...and you know I am new to it. You and I are a lot alike. I LOVE all the things the little's say, too! So funny.
    I think you probably are impeccable and I can't wait to come here and read more.
    Hugs from oen Nana to another---xo Diana
    ps- We used to have a bread machine. I have not seen them here in years...mine bit the dust several years ago. xo Diana

    1. I bet we are alike:) Birds of a feather tend to flock together:)When we first "talked" I followed you through a link..but no updates yet..must go peek..;)
      I ended up w/ more than 1 bread machine as my friend gave me hers but it makes a larger I keep it for when I need a larger amount:)The one I use regularly(dough only) is a Sunbeam that is a workhorse and was cheap and cheerful:) And still is..around $40.00 new..less maybe..Amazon:)

  3. Happy Spring! I love your marmalade recipe. XOXO

  4. Everything looks so wonderful Monique. I am glad that Spring is finally here. I can imagine your house, so filled with light, and everything in it's place. I have watched those shows on Netflix about house hoarders and I don't know how people can live like that. Soul destroying. I have not seen that film yet, but will look for it. I had never heard of making jam/marmalade in the bread machine. Interesting! I have a panasonic, not sure if it will work in that? Do you think? Your bunting, your painted tulips, your cookies, your grandsons, all make my heart smile. Are those watercolour pencils? Love them too, but not as much as I love you! Happy Spring. Joyeux printemps! xoxo

    1. Just look at the dashboard on your panasonic..if it says should:) I think every one I have owned or bought for someone has one..go look..oh it is so easy and I sterilize my pots in the oven:)
      They are so funny these Little/Bigs..

      Have a great day Marie:)

  5. I love that marmalade was requested as the birthday gift :-) Happy Spring, we have "garlic season" to look forward to. Did I tell you Joe admires his garlic plants daily? xo

    1. Oh my gosh mine are still buried under feet of snow..if you mean Spring and summer..I am a daily admirer also:) Many times LOL..Bonne journée!

  6. You are impeccable!! Love it!! Yes, I'm a follower of Kondo because with chaos I can't think. I too feel the new springtime energy!! Such a moonrise last night and sunrise this morning! I will post about it...

    1. I had tears in my eyes..they bring out such feelings in me..sheer joy.
      I cannot live in chaos..I need order:) I loved doing the poppies..both she with her art and Peter are 2 to follow..he is really helping w/ my line and wash:)

  7. Having my morning tea whilst at the beach. The sun is just rising up over the ocean. After reading your post I had to have toast with Confiture Bonne Maman Apricot jam. I bring the minis when on vacation. Now, the remind me of you! The marmalade sounds delicious. I’ve only ever made marmalade once, for a photo assignment. The littles say such funny things at that age. My daughter and I brought my grandson to the beach for spring break. The things he says! Sometimes so grown up and sometimes he just tries to make me laugh. Your bunting is coming along nicely! Have a lovely day!🦋

    1. I can picture you w/ your beautiful daughter and Little on the beach..a movie set in my mind..funny how you imagine things..eople isn't it?The minis are perfect for a vacation:) Cute and perfect..I can make a small jar last for 4 times;)Have a great day!

  8. Funny I check your blog often and I never catch your posts before you publish. Anyway the jam sounds wonderful but no bread machine here. Big Baker and I love it but no bread making .

    I love your paintings. I have seen many I would love in my home

    Oli made me smile that your sink is impeccable. Love kiddos.


    1. You are sweet re my paintings:)Was it one of the Sergei K classes?I dabble I just dabble and try to learn:)Yes these kiddos..I wnet through old pics on my computer last night and I mean..the tears of memories come with some of them..their little faces..that have changed so much..precious moments that we won't get back..we will get others:)Have a great weekend!

  9. I never knew I had a jam setting!!! I do and it's also #9 on my much-loved Sunbeam machine. Can't wait to try making marmalade :) I think you have one of the prettiest She Sheds and it will be well-dressed this spring. You add so many lovely touches to everything you do. I love my colored pencils too. Those poppies in a jar! ♥ I had to smile at Noah, Oli and your daughters' comments. Oy, I have drawers and drawers full of crafts. Neatly stored, but, OY. The attic on the other Miss Impeccable there - LOL.

    1. Oh I promise..our attic is no Miss Impeccable either..and a lot of it should be in a dumpster.The garage attic..the house attics are's that Spring ..I'll get rid of stuff:) Maybe;)

  10. Dearest Monique,
    Love your Paper Poppies in a Jar card!
    And that marmelade will be a hit; though very sweet with that amount of sugar...
    Wishing you a lovely beginning of spring and many hugs,

    1. Very very sweet.I hesitate to reduce amounts for preservation etc..they know better than I do..I must is in moderation..he loves his sweets but the marm will last and his treats like a cake..last the week..
      He is very regimented in everything he does.
      The engineer:)Clockwork..everything;)
      Thank you for your good wishes..I offer the same to you:)

    2. You sure don't have to reduce the amounts but substitute sugar by coconut palm sugar which has a lot lower glycemic index. Somehow later in life we all pay for it... as it might lead to pre-diabetes. Better buy a more expensive product and stretch the joy of being able to indulge!
      My husband Pieter is very regimented and such a sweet guy...!
      Mariette 🌞

    3. I will look into that:)So far neither of us show any signs of diabetes.Thank the heavens.
      Enough w/ other things not related to diet:)

  11. I love, love lovethat poppy-collage thing you made, please do more!
    Jusr spent an hour watching beautiful Boy-related stuff! Thanks ❤️

    1. Really wonderful movie:)I was happy to find out things are good for them.
      Thanks I thought of you making the poppies !


  12. Dear Nana, although living in a cold place - with lots of snow - you make your daily life extremely comfortable.
    This compote made in the bread machine is irresistible. In times, me too, I also owned one of these machines.
    Now I use to prepare jams using Bimby.
    It's spring here, with deep blue sky and 20 degrees C of temperature.
    I feel very happy with this new season that has just arrived.
    I wish you a happy spring.
    Lots of hugs

    1. I will feel the glow too..when the green on the trees will all be full of promise❤️

    2. I see Bimby is a Thermomix..I would love one of those☺️

  13. Happy spring ...💙❤️💜💚💗🧡💛!!? Ria

  14. Un superbe printemps en perspective ! Bisous

    1. Je te vois bricoler ces coquelicots!!Des bouquets de toutes sortes!

  15. Hello!
    Gorgeous photos...your cut out flowers are great! I thought it was a painting!
    Hope your SIL loves his Marmalade...”🖤made with love🖤
    Enjoy your evening...😉
    Linda :o)

    1. Fun evening! His bday is April..Fred's also..not sure what's exactly up as oe is a milestone..and I fear I may hae spilled some beans:(//Oh lala..Have a great day Linda!!

    2. Is there to be a surprise party???

    3. Yes..his sister..not sure..oh lala..but there will be just a family and friends things too not sure when or where..

  16. Jam sounds so yummy! Have a lovely Spring☺

  17. I actually opened this post a while ago when I was attempting to get caught up from our trip and then things kept going from bad to worse and there we are! Coming here is my happy place -- I should have come back sooner. I love the poppies -- I thought they were a watercolor, not paper. Very pretty as is every other wonderful photo here. I had to laugh at the assessment of your craft room. Rick doesn't even come in mine -- I think it gives him hives -- at least, mentally. I did one purge on it but I really need to do another one. Or two or three.

    The marmalade sounds wonderful but Rick is my bread machine! (My broken bread machine!) Somehow I don't think that one will work for me unless I get new equipment!

  18. I like your Sheshed bunting. :)

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