Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Some Baking And Painting..because it rained and will snow:(EGADS.

Today should be ok to finish up a few outdoor things..
And yesterday we did have some sun..

(note re the gloves..because of our rotten weather..I only tried them once and I give them a green thumbs up for my roses)

Marie's refrigerator muffins are delicious..you can find the recipe here:)
Thank you Marie!

Twigg Studios Anzac Cookies are simply addictive..printed..and in my forever book.

Diane Morrisey's Strawberry Balsamic vinaigrette  is fresh and delicious.She's on IG..worth following for sure.
Here you go:)

The only blooms here..  scillas..oh lala..what a Spring..had a good garden clean up day yesterday but it was cold.

Poor flood victims..I won't complain about garden clean up..c'est tragique pour eux.
Life goes on for the unaffected and I applaud the volunteers.
But we sip our coffees in our warm homes while others froze with flooded homes in the rain.
One of my daughters and  her son went to fill sandbags..which is unfortunately something we can't do.
The outpouring of volunteers was heartwarming to see..

Kids on bikes going around the neighbourhoods asking if people needed help.

Unfortunately this isn't a once in a lifetime thing anymore.
Flood season..and scilla season.

Sometimes I wonder where I would learn things without the internet..blogging..Pinterest and IG:)

All the recipes..books..stitchery..gardening..painting..
Not to mention photography.
Thank you everyone:)

(that's Oli's blanket for his 10th bday in Sept..I was concerned I would not finish it by Sept..but once you start..YOU CAN'T STOP:)..out of the blue and I am sure he won't remember and will hope that's not his real gift on his bday..he said..Oh can I have one?..Your wish is my command thought nana;))

I also wanted to share something with you..who also like to paint..
I had painted these girls..  omitting the eyes because I hate painting faces..
when I showed Jacques the cards he admired them..in his own way:) So it's not admiration..it's encouragement really..but he said:"There are no faces" ..LOL I said I hate adding eyes etc..I ruin them..
He suggested I make a copy and practice..it's amazing how confident you are when you can erase:)First try..:)

Just thought IN case you have the same fears..my engineer found a quick solution..never even thought about it..just said it:)
Just black and white draft quality..and They actually looked kind of ok in black and white..but that defeats the purpose of watercolor;)
I also like an hour or two of TV at night..

Last night's Game Of Thrones..was dark and way too violent.
Is it necessary?
Not in my mind.

Did I mention dark?Could not see a thing.
And he looks like my vision of what the devil has looked like all my life.

Maybe I am just not into fantasy and violence.
Give me Call The Midwife.

Have a good week!

PS I received a very sweet email from a  girl../blog I followed and she followed me.
I rarely get new posts from many of the blogs I used to follow.
This email ..well she mentioned WordPress was not that friendly to posting comments and that's why I have not heard from her and vice versa .
Hmmm..that's realy too bad.


  1. I use wordpress and have no problems leaving comments here. Sorry about your snow!! Those cookies look wonderful.

    1. The cookies are forever keepers!!Not heavy..almost like lace cookies but better:)

  2. I have had several followers tell me that they can't leave comments on my blog anymore. Tricia, Roz, Karen, say they cannot comment and their comment disappears. I've even allowed anonymous so I'm not sure what's going on. I don't think I want to start over somewhere else. Other places, other issues, I'm sure. I've read about the flooding in Quebec. I'm so glad it isn't affecting you but so sad for those that are :( Kudos to your sand-bag fillers and the kiddos on bikes!! We seem to be in a Rain, rain and more rain period. Had snow again this past Saturday! OY. I can't wait to try the Anzac cookies. Just made cookies last weekend for Lauren and Wes so will have to wait until those are gone :) Beautious salad!! I want to make bran muffins again and I usually make Ricardo's that you shared but would love to try Marie's too. They look great! Oli's blanket! ♥ I have the same fear of faces - LOL. Only watched the first episode of GOT because HBO was free that weekend. I read the recaps :) Call the Midwife - yes! I also like Father Brown very much.

    1. I have to Google that Father Brown..there is a woman investigator I would like to watch too..my age not a young chickie:)
      I know..I wait to finish things and I hate waste.
      It's beyond me..We just bought a big container of spinach and when I opened it some of the leaves were damp:( I used a handful and then thought of just sauté with garlic salt and evvo.
      Amazing how you have a bucketful and end up w/ 2 heaping tablespoons once cooked..:)

      I won't change..the day I change will be the day I stop.
      I am such a creature of habit.

      It's so dark and violent Susan I can say you're not missing much so far.
      People on the news etc are saying they will name their babies after Arya..well she's good but ..not sure about that;)

      It's sunny now..just put the fairies out in their respective homes..one is still headless she's not going out..many..if not all missing limbs..after yrs of fairy gardening..life is taking it's toll:)
      So glad we never fell out of touch with our blogs and so much more:)

    2. Me too, Pea ♥ I think you would really like Father Brown. LOL on the spinach. I love to use those two cooked teaspoons and add it to an omelette in the morning :-)

  3. Dearest Monique,
    Oh the weather can really cause problems in some areas!
    Scilla season is a great one, we are already past that. Now the big Magnolias start blooming. The Southern Magnolias...
    Your salad looks delicious with the sliced avocado. We scoop out half an avocado every morning for breakfast.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. It's in our daily food group too Mariette.
      Tjey are $11.00 dollars a bag now..ouch..but we still buy them.
      5 I think to a bag..big though.
      I love magnolias Mariette.Love.
      Bonne semaine to you and Pietr:)

  4. Hello Monique...
    I know that Oli will love his blanket...a treasure to take him thru life💙...keep him warm at University...and think of his Nana💙
    Love the colours that you chose...and I told you that you wouldn't be able to resist getting it done!
    I have a hard time commenting on WP blogs...it wants my info everytime!!! Of course...on my ipad, my google identity is gone...and I need to use my Mac to leave comments...very annoying!!
    Your baking is a delight...your paintings divine...and Jacques is right!😉
    Hopefully the waters wont rise any higher...and people can get back to some normalcy in their lives...I would nto do well in those kinds of situations...believe me...not a good crisis person...
    Your avacadoes are pricier than ours here in Ontario...but celery is over $5!!! Imagine!!
    Raining here this evening...I sure hope May is a sunnier month for all of us...
    Linda :o)

    ps....L O V E that vase with the Scilla!💙

    1. Good morning! I am good in certain crises..not in floods or loooong power outages..Turning into Davy Crockett is just not me.
      I can look at blood and all that stuff..but not things like floods.Discouragement is my reaction if it's not solved yesteday.

      At grocery stores the avos are less..it's Costco:(

      Errands today..J wants to window in our mini screened in porch..too hard for him to put winter barrieres up..so we'll see..I don't want my victorian screen doors to do..lolThats a Crisis.

      Have a great day..rain today.

  5. Bonjour ma chĂšre Nana,

    Je te souhaite un joli mois de mai avec le bonheur que symbolisent les petites clochettes du muguet !
    Un trÚs joli billet accompagné de belles photos et d'une adorable aquarelle.
    Je suis désolée pour toutes ces familles qui vivent des moment terribles à cause des inondations. Il existe de plus de catastrophes naturelles dans le monde. J'espÚre que ces familles retrouveront trÚs vite une vie sereine.

    Gros bisous 🌾

    1. Moi aussi..je te souhaite un beau mois de mai:) Ma fille retourne en Europe..la Belgique..et Paris 2 soirs..17 iÚme avec so fils..ils sernot en Europe 2 semaines:) Elle y est allée en voyage de noces.
      Les photos des gens qui naviguent leurs rues en bateau sont terriblement tristes..2017 et 2019.Ce ne sont plus des inondations historiques et centenaires.

  6. If I am on my iPad, I cannot comment on any blogs on blogger, however I can on the PC, which is good. So it takes me a while to respond and to comment because I am only on my PC in the morning. I try to stay off it the remainder of the day! My heart breaks when I see all of the flooding on the television, but I look at the helpers and think of how much they are doing to help out and it lifts me again. I remember my father going to Winnipeg to sandbag when I was a child when the floods were there, and my husband again for the floods as an adult, also to fight fires in Northern Saskatchewan and Ontario. It is a part of being a soldier these days. So grateful for those who help out. It is a great service. I remember floods along the Saint John River Valley the whole time I was growing up and when we had our house there I was outside watching and measuring the water every day for fear. Very scary. YOU are so right about GOT. I watched from behind a pillow, and we only got about half an hour into it and turned it off, will try to watch the remainder in little bits. It is very dark and hard to see I find, and yes violent. But I knew it would be violent as it is a battle. Yes, he looks like I always thought the devil would look, very evil. Your muffins and cookies look wonderful! Oli will love his blanket, but be warned, they will all want one! My son loves his and said it smells like Grammy and me. I said it smells like family. Now they all want one, lol. My fingers will be very busy! I always love your painting. Eyes . . . best thing is to just dot. You can get a lot of expression and feeling from just a dot. Love all that you share! Happy May! Bisous!!xoxo

    1. The soldiers are here:) God Bless them and every volunteer.Some pics are just heartwrenching.People navigating their streets by boat with water inside up to middle of front door.
      The coverage is not like in the US as Canada is smaller and not as newsworthy but all the same tragic pics as the US floods.
      Dots are a great idea:) I resorted to one w/ dots one w/ slits kind of:).
      Had to use my mannequin for body positioning..lol quelle artiste:)
      Happy May to you and yes bisou..bisou..one on each cheek:)

      TrÚs Montréal:)

  7. J'ai aussi Peindre la Provence Ă  l'aquarelle et je l'adore. Her paintings are delicate...Ah, a new book I haven't seen: My Year in Small Drawings. And of course, I'm a fan of Sara Midda.
    I am continually amazed at how stuningly beautiful your photos are!!! * And your people, now with eyes, very sweet.
    Here's a book recommendation for you if you haven't seen it: The Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures. And they have a day by day calendar too!
    *Please get a book published, OK?
    I heard it snowed for a tiny minute here yesterday! But today I saw a full cherry blossom tree!

    1. I look forward to apple and cherry blossoms..I love your book recommendations Rita..off to see..and thank you for your encouragement:):)
      I just Googled and yes right up my alley:) All sweet pleasures..♥

    2. Hahaha Rita..it also led me to 50 ways to draw your beautiful ordinary life..Chaching:)TY!

  8. So sorry to hear about the flooding. The salad looks divine, pretty as a picture. I am sure oli will absolutely love the blanket his Nana made for him. Your little people look fantastic. Happy Wednesday.

    1. Thank you Linda.. and it's almost le weekend already..so Bon weekend!

  9. To heck with April in Paris...Ok May
    I'm moving next to you...maybe in the attic?
    Miam miam❤️

  10. Dear Nana, I've had great trouble to comment on my friends blogs using my iPad. I hope to be lucker with my PC.
    Lovely blanket! I adore the colours you choosed.
    Lots of hugs!

    1. Thank you Nina,and you are not the only one..hmm...that is too bad!

  11. Catching up, my friend, and so glad to finally see this gorgeous post with your beautiful flowers and baked goods that looks so tasty and fresh, I can practically smell them here! I agree -- thanks to the bloggers and posters and authors and all who share. I learn so much. Your faces are looking very good. I guess it makes sense -- the practice part! We forget that sometimes, don't we? I'm not good with faces, either, which is why I draw a lot of people from the back! I love seeing your books. Isn't Sarah Midda wonderful? I can barely read the content but I adore the paintings!

    1. A comment from many re SM:) Especially a Bowl of Olives..all tiny prints:)But ADORE her.
      Just read your post..so much art! Good for you! La Seine and the boats are my 2 faves:)

  12. All look soo pretty Monique hope you will have a nice Mom's day ! hugs and love!!!xo

  13. The flooding looks terrible...seems like the new normal unfortunately.... :( Your paintings are as beautiful as ever!!!

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