Friday, March 5, 2021

Cookie talk~Embossed.


On Instagam last week I posted these pics..

many love these rolling pins but still unsure how to use them..
Thought I would tell you what works for me.

Start w/ a simple cookie recipe that requires no baking powder.
Baking powder is a leavening don't want your cookies to rise..
I added a recipe below that works but many many many many do..

Make the dough..start w/ a half batch ..then you will not waste ...if the recipe does not work for you.

Chill it for a bit..

On a floured surface..  roll out your dough with a REGULAR ROLLING PIN.

Take your embossed pin..and flour it w/ a pastry brush..

AND flour your rolled out dough.

Place the pin on the dough.outside edge and roll either towards you..or away from you..ONCE.
Don't go over it..And USE FORCE..Not undue force lol but enough to emboss..If you wreck it the first time start over until you get it..this may be your practice batch..but once you have's like hula don't forget:)

Once done..take a cookie cutter..and cut shapes..Brush off extra flour..
Place on parchment lined paper and refrigerate( I put mine in our 3 season porch at this time of yr...)until cold..

Bake in your pre-heated oven..and there you have it!

Same goes for Nordic Wear Cookie stamps(Great recipes) Other cookie stamps..

Don't waste your money buying the rolling pins on Amazon.I tried..and it did not imprint deep enough to leave an impression.

I don't do videos:( No one takes pics of me here w/ just J..he never takes pics.
So this will be boring..sorry:)
Meet part of the family.

So many say roll dough out between 2 pieces of parchment..below..
You need a plain rolling pin to begin..
and the embossed floured one..

I don't mind the bottom having parchment..I like my top w/ dough..floured.NO PARCHMENT on top..See how smooth..rolled with a regular pin? YOU NEED THIS.

Here below  is my once over on floured dough w/ a floured pin. I love to go backwards..I drive well backwards too;)You have to PRESS but not like The Hulk..enough to create the pattern..don't fret if the patter isn't there ..roll the dough again and start again until you know which pressure to use..FLOURED.

And I like to flip lol.I have so make sense of what I will cookie cut.


Brush off excess flour..And CHILL chill chill..


Below..baked versions..

So..I LOVE making fave pins are undeniably Goody Woody..

There are so many recipes and I have so many..
Let me get you started on an easy flavorful one..

I want you to halve everything except my add ons..

TO you do not get discouraged.

1 3/4 cups of AP flour
1/4 cup rice flour
2 sticks of salted butter softened
1/2 cup of icing sugar..

1 egg (easy to halve!)
 1/2 tsp vanilla sugar..I keep this as is:)

You need flavor.

Cream butter and icing sugar and vanilla sugar until light and fluffy....add reg flour and rice flour..add egg.

Wrap and chill and follow all above..

I like to bake in a 375 F oven 7-10 mins..after the cut outs being super chilled! Keep an eye..mine were just starting to brown..You can start at 375 for 5 and 350 for 8.I find popping them in a hotter oven keeps the design crisper.

Keep an eye out..

After using..I dust off..and still using a pastry brush..I brush extremely lightly w/ veg.oil..

And that's a wrap;)

Or a bake;)

Make believe you are just playing..if all is floured and chilled and you don't go back and forth this should work for you..
You have the whole weekend;)
Let me know if you try:)

There are many ways..I encourage you to look here also:)

Inger's way:) She reminded me below..

Footnote March 18th ..
In response to Marie's question above I told her I never had to pay duty and taxes..well I did..I just received a Fed Ex bill..
So do consider that.
My Canadian dollar is not great so we pay more than most on any purchase in the US..Britain..Europe etc..
If something is $20.00 US we pay 25.00
20 EUROS equal $30.00
etc etc..
So on top of that..duties and taxes.

Just so you know:)
It's no fun getting an additional bill after.
This is NOT the sellers fault.
And it is written on sites.
However never having had duties this was just a surprise..:)


  1. I am loving that little blue n white watercolor ❤️

  2. I’ve always wanted to buy one of these rolling pins to try this. Thanks for the tutorial and the shopping tip! And the the watercolor is so pretty setting!

    1. Thank you..some of my friends have had the pins and not tried..I thought this might help:) Although long winded:)

  3. Oh, Monique! These are fabulous! I've always wanted one of these pins (thanks for the Amazon head's up) and they look gorgeous. I suspect my shortbread recipe might work well with these but yours looks good (I just never have rice flour!) Thanks for the step-out photos -- beautifully done!

    1. Hope it helps!!The egg helps a lot..well half egg;)

  4. You are such a doll for writing this post and sharing what works for you. Many of us have these wonderful rolling pins, however most of the cookies did not turn out. This will help. I will let you know when I make them. Thank you.

    1. Oh good!!! The egg(half) helps so much and all the other tidbits..You succeed at everything:)

  5. J’avais tellement aime vos photos and les instructions! Enfin, j’avais adore votre blog depuis longtemps—vos aquarelles, votre famille, vos recettes. Tous si beaux et gentils. And I, too, was brought up bilingual. Puisque ma famille ne parle que l’anglais, je crains que j’oublie ma premiere langue! /Fay in SE USA

    1. Fay ..merci beaucoup de ta gentillesse!!:)Thank you!!

  6. After seeing your chocolate embossed cookies a while back, I bought a Goody Woody rolling pin--and yes, so many Amazon rollers are full of bad ratings. I put colored jimmies in my dough for spring!

  7. How lovely! I would like to buy one of those rolling pins.

    1. Nina you would enjoy them..on Etsy..Goody WoodyūüĎĆūüŹĽ

  8. The problem is I forget to chill and when I cook them the pattern does not work.
    I will try again and chill them before cooking.

    1. It's a must Catherine..Enjoy and I hope it works!

  9. I love all of your rolling pins and your cookies are perfect! The houses and chickens ♥ I think I need another one now :) I love Inger's sprinkles in the cookie dough too! I haven't made cookies in so long. We've been busy with the 'new' place.

  10. The rolling pins are the nicest I have seen, and grouped together they make a statement on your counter. I haven't made cookies in a while, but do have the Starbucks cookie stamp so perhaps I'll use your recipe and give some shortbread cookies to a friend that was in a car accident last week. Surgery to repair broken bones today.
    I just looked on Etsy, and would love a mini Woody.

    1. A Mini Woody:) Oh do it.. less $ for you..I my Cdn dollar is still struggling..and so cute like your Cookie Molds.
      How nice of you.. make a full batch:) ♥

  11. Thank you for the tutorial....I will have to buy a new rolling pin and try! :)

  12. What a fabulous tutorial! I have long wanted a few of their pins. Do you end up having to pay much in customs duty when they arrive? That is what I would worry about. They have always been on my wish for list however. Even when I was in the UK. Your cookies are always stellar! Thanks for sharing how to do them! xoxo

    1. I have had to pay nothing.Which is great as our not worth much..You must notice a big difference having moved back?