Thursday, March 11, 2021

Hi..How are you?


I discovered that new beater on IG..It's amazing..

It's from Side more scraping the bowl of my KA:)

I use my 30 plus yr old workhouse soooo much.

This was like the best youth serum.

Those cookies were found at Lynn Krizic's  blog.

I found Lynn on IG..

And lately..truly..all I have been painting  are people from GeeParee22's feed on IG too..

She posts gorgeous Paris pics on her feed but a lot of her stories..are people from Paris..Rouen..Provence..Normandy..

On IG I started adding little stories about everyone I paint..Kathy from Colorado who is also on IG suggested I did:)

So many people influence us don't they?

And we get close..

And grow fond of..

So me?  How am I..again I realize how fragile life is..

On IG I wrote about someone..everyone cared about..

You may have seen her comment here..and I at her online home..


We start blogs..make friends ..join IG..dear friends follow.
In this whole big wide wide world we make connections that are dear.
Through visiting each other’s blogs and commenting..keeping up with IG we get to know the heart and soul of people.
For years I have been friends with @lindakeaveney
We visited each others online homes..always..we got to know our children’s names..our grandchildren’s..the flowers we liked the passions we shared.
She was one of a kind .
For the last two years this loving mom..wife..grandmother..friend suffered terribly.Yet she kept in touch and even kept a sense of humor.
She fed the world with kindness and the birds with care.
She loved her beaches..Florida and Keaveney Court.
All this past year during Covid.
What an incredible strength she had.
I hope To have gleaned so much from her example.
We will all miss everything about her.
I lucked out being her friend as many of us did.
Bon repos Linda ~

She fought..with strength and courage..during Covid..can you even imagine..not being able to see your family as much as you want..on top of all this?We have all been compalining about it..she was a hero.

Here was her online home..

I'd like you to know her...she was a special family girl.


  1. Normandy, Rouen is my birth town!
    I like your painting it’s very well done.
    I will have a look at the links tonight.

  2. I did not see for Linda. I am so sorry for her and her family.

    1. I am so sorry for her family and friends also.

  3. Hi Monique!
    I'm so sorry of your loss of your dear friend Linda.
    I remember seeing that blog post thru your blog, but not knowing it was her last post she wrote. Sad.
    So glad you were the first one to leave her a comment that day and she commented back, that you can cherish forever.
    Wow, your a terrific painter!
    Oh yeah, those cookies look yummy too!

    1. I am so grateful we found each other..I think of her every day..even for small things..moons ago she told me who her cell phone provider was..I was with mine forever..
      A few days ago I Googled providers..and Jacques said..I am sure that was Linda's.I switched today.
      I wish I would have switched when she was here..but she sees..

  4. I love the Paris people so much. And those cookies look fabulous. Must check them out!

    I've read about Linda in several blogs. I'm so sorry -- it's hard, losing a blog friend. I'd never followed her but seeing her blog makes me sad I didn't discover it long ago.

    1. I know..down to earth like you..
      she was a gift to all of us.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss...losing such a good friend is so hard from me big hug ....❤️🙏❤️

  6. I am so sorry about Linda and that I never got to know her. How sad for all of her friends (even cyber ones) and family. It was so sad when we lost Barbara last year so I can fully relate. So sad. I ordered the LA beater a couple of days ago :) I got the red one ♥ Plan on making the cookies tomorrow to take to Dane's birthday party. 9 years old! I do love your sketched and painted people! I find the backs just as expressive and the stories you add to imaginative. Bon weekend, Pea. ♥

    1. I thought maybe you would have gotten to know her..It's amazing who we end up following along our paths..Barbara..she too what a valiant valiant courageous their love of family and sheer courage.
      RED YES..=YOU.
      I hope you love it..let me know..
      Have a great party..being vaccinated must relieve you soooo much.

  7. I meant KA beater - LOL. Have the cookies in the frig chilling :) Being vaccinated is definitely a relief! Fingers crossed yours will come sooner rather than later. ♥

  8. I'm so sorry you lost a good and dear friend Monique.

    1. As you know..we get to really really like people we get to know on the net:)
      I mean she was such a trooper a nurse you know how terribly painful illness can be..and all during tis pandemic..
      Time stolen from family..that bugs me so much..maybe that's why the anti maskers bugged me even more..they made all this so much worse.

      Oh lala.

  9. I was so saddened and surprised to learn of Linda's passing. I had no idea she was even sick. She was such a sweet and special lady. I am so sorry that her last year of life had to be during this horrible pandemic when our families have not been allowed to meet together. So not fair. I am really enjoying your people paintings and loving the stories you make up to go along with them. Such fun! Those cookies and that beater? Oh lala!! Hope your week is going well. Loving the new photos of your boys on the side bar. They do grow up so very fast. I hope and pray we can all meet together again soon. Love and hugs, xoxo

    1. She was unimaginably brave.
      I am flled with admiration.
      Even Jacques was sad as I told him of events ..she suffered many interventions..:(Kept going.
      In little messages she would add emojis that were funny ..just a wonderful person who adored her family and vice versa.
      I don't think any of us will forget her.
      You are being very courageous too Marie.

  10. Long time no see, as they say. I've not been to blogland, but just did a post. Glad not to be giving this up.
    Yes, life is fragile, I'm sorry for your loss....Yes, your paintings are just exquis!! You are still baking, creating...When this is all over, i don't think I'll be able to go to Europe again...but I'm setting my sights on more time in Canada...I can do car trips, probably not planes...I love your Canada...

    1. Thank you!
      Yes I have found a painting these days and it's ..well all those Paris and Provence people Geni posts.Severely inept at feet.I don't trace so I sometimes have to start feet over many times.
      But I love it..
      I have found likes and dislikes in papers for these people..and have started adding stories..
      Here..well pretty darn sure Europe is a no brainer no.Glad I saw what I saw when I did.
      Vaccines are slow here..Jacques is actually getting his first as I type..they just called 65 ers and up so I am booked for April 11th..sadly..the second doses are in July etc..
      Only Johnson and Johson is one dose and I have not heard of anyone getting them yet that I know.
      Easter will be out of the question 2nd yr in a row.
      We are such rule followers..My whole family.

      Going to see your post!

  11. Sorry for the loss of Linda. Peace and comfort to all that knew her. Very nice paintings.

  12. I have to say because maybe you dont know, I knew Linda for years we always talk each other and I love especially her grand daugther Miss V. I will miss her so much and excuse me but Im really sad.Was a wonderful woman and she always taked the most beaut9ful pictures of the beac and birds and of course miss V!
    hgs and love

    1. Aww..Gloria.. she was so loved.. yes her family meant everything to her..and her photos were wonderful..she kept in touch..cared for everyone..
      A sweet sweet woman.♥

    2. happens me still I cant believe she is not more here .. I think I knew her about more than 10 years

  13. Linda sounded wonderful...I am so sorry for your loss. Her photos were beautiful, full of love. Big hugs to you. xo