Sunday, March 7, 2021

It's so nice...

 To be offered great tools from companies.

I was recently sent a  Nakiri knife from Tuo Cutlery and I could not have been more excited:)

That's me and kitchen things:)

Gleaming:) I really like gleaming..and SHARP and beautiful handles.

Knives such as these make you feel like a chef:)

I had made Ricardo's pickled eggs and's the color..I had beets and eggs etc..

I had Mandy's Salads crispy ramens..

And I made Thai crispy rice noodles..  so easy..

I first had these in a resto w/ my daughter.. they came garnishing spring rolls and sauce.

Easy peasy.

And I use a smidge of oil.

KEEP AN EYE soon as they blow up..remove..and put on paper towel.

I have 2 Tuo Cutlery knives and ..I asked Jacques to use our others..;););)

I am very grateful..and it's honestly fun to think of a certain focused piece when thinking of what to make.

A Nakiri knife is great for salads.

No sharp point..and you don't rock back and forth..

tuck your fingers's sharp..

And that's what you want.

I mean my garlic..was sliced though like magic.

I love garlic and magic.

And flowers.

And yes..knives:)

Thank you again Tuo Cutlery.

MY pleasure!

PS My previous post is about how to use the rolling pins if you are interested.


  1. You are a lucky woman. All my knives are so dull -- beyond self-sharpening. I'm hoping, now that things are easing up a bit -- to find a knife sharpening person here who can turn them into wonderful implements again. I love that yours has no sharp point. And the salad looks divine. The flowers, too! Happy week, my friend.

  2. I love good, sharp knives. Those eggs make me think of the pickled eggs my dad would eat after he went to the livestock sales yard on Mondays..and then stopped by a little dive afterwards for a beer and those eggs. Happy upcoming week. xo Diana

  3. The knife looks great and very Useful !
    Knives are never sharp enough.

  4. Even the handle is beautiful! I love using good makes cookies so much more enjoyable. The pinks ♥

    1. It does and I'm so grateful they thought of me:)

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful knife and you have showcased it wonderfully with your beautiful salad! Fantabulous presentation all round! I love LOVE the handle on that knife. It is so pretty! You are so very deserving of this gift Monique. So, so, SO deserving. You did it proud! You really did. Oh how I would love to just dig into that beautiful salad. How do you do the noodles? Which noodles do you use? I am curious!! I would love to try it! xoxo

  6. What a beautiful knife, one to treasure. I keep meaning to replace some of mine, but never get round to it, the only time I remember is when I'm using them and they don't do a good job.