Monday, February 26, 2024

Thinking blooms..because the weather..

Coming up is unheard of..after Wednesday..In the fifties:) Oh my goodness if you know QC..this is unreal..

IYKYK lol.

 In reality my gardens need overhauling..many are dry..old.. decrepit..:(

So I am contemplating ..

I love them..but I know they need attention..

I look forward to my forget-me-nots and garlic shoots the first to thrive..

The apple blossoms..

The irises..

And everything thereafter...

 However I am thinking my seeds and flowers etc..for this coming season..

Like not to forget to buy..

Gomphrena and a plethora of things I forgot last year.

I'll plant:

A new kind of nasturtium and cross everything they bloom:)

Tip Top Pink Blush

Cosmos again:)




Flanders Poppies..


Ill buy my tomato plants..

I usually start them indoors but I have been wronged by critters lol..

I've been painting..once my humble gardens start.. I have less time..

All the usual suspects:). ..Backs of people for IG and some Yupo and other paper experiments..

Some meals are on repeat this one from A farmgirl'sdabble..
I often do not add rice..I just use a lot of cabbage:)
I like to switch up recipes sometimes.
I love the crunch of the cabbage I do not cook it until it turns to soup;)
Have a great week!


  1. I love your list of flowers. I look forward to growing some of the same myself. And I look forward to seeing your pictures. I plan to do more zinnias than I did last year. The do so darn well in the late summer heat and provide color when most eveything else has given up.

    1. I agree A.. they were an awakening for me a couple of seasons ago..Cosmos too..from seed..Some things shine from seed moreso than buying flats:) Here's to our gardens..where it all began;)

  2. Decisions, decisions. Sounds like reworking your gardens could be a big project…Me, I now have it simple due to Balconville. I just need to have returned from my trip to start looking. Last year I was so excited about the balcony I got carried away. This year I hope to stick to my plan but get me into the garden centers and poof all could evaporate! I love the paintings of the doors with the two topiaries. Reminds me of Provençal Life Instagram. We are going to have 70 degrees today and then snow and wind chill tomorrow. Wild! Take care.

    1. Ga ..i's exactly from his feed..I asked permission..That's Olive and Olivier..What a glorious feed he has.I sincerely hope you have a chance for Véoniques cooking class! Exciting!

  3. How can we not have spring fever?? Yesterday the temps rose to the still my heart. Of course, we're going to get cooler weather today, but those warm days bring us so much hope. I, too, love the flowers on your list. My problem is that I'm betwixt and between deciding how much landscaping/gardening we should try to do at this location. My husband encouraged me to take it slow (hmmm--that's really not the way I do things, lol), and I know he's probably right. Our son is a handy gardener, and he's going to build raised beds for his property. I'm anxious to see how they produce, then maybe I'll have him build some for me.

    Thank you for the Eggroll in a Bowl recipe. My old recipe doesn't have that sauce, which is probably delicious.

    Always admire your paintings, Monique. What a gift you have been given. You create beauty. Have a happy week, friend!

    1. Oh you sound like me:) Raised beds.. I only have one..hexagonal hiding a tree stump..I'm not crazy re its location lol.But I love the look of raised beds so much.I hope you go for it..:)I would say less is more at 70:) For me.I'll see if reason gets the better of me:) Thank you Pam..:)Have a great week.

  4. Contemplating a garden is something we all do. Every year I want to do more, however we are limited to the water use. I am looking forward to seeing more fabulous Iris flowers this year. Jain gave me a bunch. Your flower list sounds wonderful. We had a beautiful day on Sunday, warm and sunny. Love your water colors. Have fun planning your garden.

    1. I can't wait to see your new Irises.They are so beautiful in a garden:)We are so limited by water also.Usually bans:(

  5. Love your paintings to the max and I'm sure you are eager for the garden. We were over 70 degrees today and I should be raking out mine. Your blooms from last year are just gorgeous. it was 74 degrees here today (F). Who knows tomorrow -- it's supposed to cool. But it's enough to make us think of spring and think maybe, for real it might be soon!

    1. Spring will be early..In the 60's today dropping so much tomorrow but then back up for days..I see grass in patches here unheard of for Feb..I dont mind hibernating lol..the work begins soon;)

  6. I'm getting eager to begin gardening. I tried doing a little cleanup yesterday, but it was so cold and windy and when a bit of snow started to fall I called it quits. Your pink iris is gorgeous! Love your paintings.

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