Thursday, January 7, 2010


I came across this recipe a couple of weeks ago~

The photo was so stayed with me..I made them last week and I will make them again and again~

I found the recipe here~

Could you have resisted them? I got to them by means of Foodgawker..Pretty much the way I find myself traveling most days~And discovering great blogs..

The trick to these is a wonderful add-on to roasties.that I never thought of before.. but now discovered... through this great POLENTA~

I'll make it simple..

I pre- cooked my cut up and peeled potatoes..until a touch al dente~in broth..that's the way I like to boil my potatoes..
While they were finishing up..
I had placed some Evoo on my baking sheet..w/ garlic and infuse and warm the a pre-heated oven of about 350...
~I dried my potatoes by putting them back on the stove after draining them.. then coated them in the warm oil infusion..then one by one I coated them in polenta that I had seasoned w/ parsley..a little S and P too...
I then baked them on Convection at 425 for ap 1/2 hr-..until they were nicely browned..

The outer coating is crisp and tasty..the inside..perfect!

We had Poulet au Miel De Lavande w/ this..and some of the honey/lavender juices.. slid under the roasties on our plated meals..even better..
You really should try this grand nouveauté for me..polenta crusted roasties~

Un petit délice!

Perfect for this kind of weather~


  1. What a great idea! I would have never thought to coat them in polenta!

  2. This looks so yummy! I hope to try this very soon. I love polenta.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. They look wonderful but what I'm most interested in is the lavender honey chicken -- I want to try that!

  4. Me too! Lavender Honey Chicken...sounds like a 5 star recipe...
    I will try the polenta too.
    Love the winter photos...I wonder if birds do fly-bys like we do drive-bys when searching for a new home?
    Cute little birdhouse...
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. Now that is a great idea! They look so crusty and just downright good. Perfect for these snow covered days.

    I hope you aren't buried too much in snow, even though it looks beautiful through your lens.


  6. Oh, these look soo delicious, and you've captured the images so beautifully. You had sunshine?! :)

    Pretty winter wonderland photos, too. xo

  7. Ooh Monique, looks amazing! Maybe I'll try Sunday at the Maison. Been thinking about you this week and wondering what you've been up to. I'll have to get caught up this weekend. Is it really cold there like it is at the Queen's enchanted cottage?

  8. So simple yet so delicious! I do love a great potato - unfortunately some people don't do potatoes so well - but this looks like a winner! I hardly cook with polenta but must start!

  9. Those look soooooo tasty Nana! I am a real potato lover! xxoo

  10. OOOh, yes! Polenta! What a great idea. You always find the best recipes, Monique. And now I can find them too, thanks to you!

  11. It's a wonderful idea, Monique! Oh, they look like healthy comfort food. How beautiful you make everything look. And so effortlessly too. The snow photos ... they made me smile. You know why ;)

  12. These roasties look scrumptious and with that honey chicken the whole meal sounds divine! Love the crunchy coating. Clever! And a very very happy & healthy 2010 to you and yours!

  13. I hope you do try them and add your own kick of herbs..Yes it's been very cold here.. not quite enchanting:)

    The sun has been scarce,I am finding my sunshine elsewhere:)As in a Provençal dish~
    The lavender chicken is easy..make some lavender honey first is you don't have any..I always keep some now..I also brined the chicken in water ,brown sugar, a bit of honey..salt and lavender w/ Herbes De Provence.. and injected some diluted lavender honey in the chicken..You can roast it whole and add warmed lavender honey or if breasts.. you can pan sauté them..till nicely browned..remove and finish baking in the oven..add shallots and mix the lavender honey and herbes in the sauce scraping up brown bit.. WE had this in Gordes.. It's one of those meals that reminds you of the date ,place,time..The memories come back close your eyes..and smile.
    Have a lovely day~

  14. They look delicious, M..
    The snow, well, it is doing that right now..enough I say!

  15. OH boy...MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
    that is all I can say...

  16. Those potatoes sound wonderful! Who doesn't love a crunchy potato - much more comforting than crunchy snow too ;) We had 8 new inches of white yesterday.

  17. Those look very interesting. I can imagine that they are delicious. Love your outdoor shots too.

  18. Mmmm these look like breakfast. They just need an egg, a piece of homemade bread toast, and a cup of coffee!

  19. I'd never have thought of this idea and I am very thankful that you shared it! These potatoes look completely and utterly moreish :)

  20. They look yummmmmmmy. You're making me hungry, Nana!!!

  21. I love roasted potatoes, these look delicious. Who would have thought to add polenta? I bet these smell great while cooking.

  22. These look delicious. Who would have thought polenta? It's such a simple idea. How did this elude me?
    So glad you included the recipe for the Lavender Honey Chicken. I will have to make this one.
    Beautiful photos. You make winter look so appealing.

  23. So glad you enjoyed the polenta roasties Nana, they were a very happy discovery for me :)

  24. Great idea... and the lavender honey sounds amazing.. must find the recipe!!

  25. Mmm...that looks so good. Lavendar honey chicken? Please do tell more. Sounds so good!

  26. I think I'll try both of these. Lavender Honey Chicken. I have lavender in the garden, a little honey. Now if I were only in Provence!