Friday, January 22, 2010

My Husband's Prosciutto~

Beau! Beau! Beau!

He planned this whole process~ As I mentioned he enjoyed making it with Normand and Salvatore last year..and was grateful they included him in the process..
He thought he would like to do it here on his own..
He planned everything..again..we made several little trips here and there.. to get the trays..the containers..

The twine..the nylons:)the netting..the spices..

..the meat!

We had the wine..the room..the desire~He bought his hooks..

And now we are all set until the pressing starts!

He started by preparing the pork.. then salting and sugaring it for a few days..then it soaked in white wine..then it was rubbed again with many spices..then wrapped in nylons..and covered with netting..twine at each end for hanging upside down and alternating..There will be pressing processes..and a curing time.. By May..Early May..we will have 6 prosciuttos..There's some for family too:)
I was very impressed watching him work..:) And to looks beautiful..I know how good it tastes already..having eaten some all year from last years' process~


  1. your husband is really great!! I hope you 'll tell us how the taste is, on May.... My uncle made them in tuscany for us, when we were young... So sweet memories.... Thanks, Monique!

  2. I can hardly wait until May! Anxious to know how this turns out. What a fun adventure... and challenge.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. Oh my god, I am so jealous, first because I think my husband could never do this, and then because it's so good !
    At your place I can't wait until may !
    Congratulations to your husband

  4. What an amazing process, Monique. Do you cure the prosciutto in a cooler and at what temperature? I would never attempt this project but it is so interesting to know how it's done. What a treat you have waiting for you in May!

  5. It is wonderful to see folks still practice the art of charcuterie in their own homes. The two of you are marvels. I can only imagine how wonderful this will be. I'm envious.

  6. How wonderful to have your very own charcuterie in your home! How will your press it? What a deliciously interesting hobby J has!

  7. How fortunate you are to have a stash of prosciutto at the waiting!! The photos of hanging prosciuttos - just gorgeous!

  8. Monique...I've decided you and your husband belong here in Europe...Italy...France...I'm going to look for a house for you in the country, right next to us, so you can be our neighbours...I promise to be a good neihbour!I'm going to show this post(and the one of the sausages) to Hartman when he gets back - he will love it! Give my congrats to your HB..his prosciutto looks wonderful!!

  9. This looks amazing.. it must be so delicious... as for your search for Creme de Violette... you can easily get it online these days... one click and it's in your mailbox! email me if you want a purveyor!

  10. Hi~ The prosciutto is cured in our cold can see the pretty walls and lovely decor:) That's why it must be made now..perfect temp..he also has a fan circulating the air..He was very happy:) Years ago..I would have never thought of him making this when he was a hard working family that he is winter..he loves his hobbies..and I must say I am a grateful recipient of the fruits of his labors:)
    Thank you for the nice comments..I am off to tell him..

    Ronelle Europe sounds like heaven..I would have to accomodate my whole family:) I could not bear to live w/out them..But I am certain being a neighbor to you would great!
    Normand who is a contractor/renovator.. gave Jacques kitchen counters.. the prosciuttos will be in between the counters..w/ weights..We were grateful..

    I am so glad it's all in the cold room and not in the kitchen..~
    Bonne Soirée!

  11. Where can I get a husband like that?
    He sounds very dedicated!

  12. You're right Monique, it IS beautiful.

    I'll anxiously be waiting to see how you use the homemade treasures.

    Bravo to J! :)

  13. You have no idea how impressed I am! I can't wait to hear how the prosciutto turns out!

  14. Looks very interesting. I'll be trying it as soon as I can. I hope it turns out nicely.

  15. Wow, Jacques is amazing! Together, you are the dream team :) What he did is truly impressive. I envy you and your daughters and their families! You'll all get to enjoy the prosciutto. I can think of so many ways you can eat them. Compliments to Jacques! He is such a wonderful man. :)

  16. Wow, such an engaging process. The end result should be fantastic, based on the drooling factor on my end. Love the photos of the prosciutto hanging. Have a great weekend.

  17. Thanks for the 'progress report' - I am extremely fascinated by this proscuitto ham process. And, Monique, I love the pictures - very rustic - you nailed the whole atmosphere really well. Compliments from India...

  18. I wish my husband would make proscuitto.

  19. Well M...don't you feel rich!!!!Just looking at those handsome proscuitto hanging there in all their glory!!!!
    What a wonderful accomplishment for you both.
    How wonderful to have the desire, equipment and space to fulfill this.
    I made my rendition of Polpettone this evening...we both loved it...I'll share the photos. You would have laughed til you cried, quite an experience! Tell J...Bravo!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. Your husband is amazing to want to make his own prosciutto! I cannot WAIT to see what wonderful food comes of out it! Please keep us informed.

  21. Hello from Vegas! Amazing that your husband does that. I would love to learn to make prosciutto one day. You guys have definitely inspired me to learn. BTW, I did contact Ju, and we are planning on meeting up. Thank you for the suggestion however. Much appreciated :-)

  22. Jessica..that is amazing..Have fun I hope you do meet up!
    Thanks everyone my husband says you're all so nice he has read the comments:) Have a great day!

  23. Jacques est juste incroyable !

  24. WOW what a wonderful husband you have Monique! that looks might impressive! m sure youre all going to enjoy those...made with care n love!

  25. To make something that is a process and requires patience takes a special kind of person...Like Karen said...where can we find one like that;-) ??

    Yes, Ju...they do seem like the dream team!

    Keep us posted....Diane