Tuesday, January 5, 2010

La Galette Des Rois~

King's Cake

I was looking forward to making this cake..and made it the very simple way..with puff pastry and almond paste:)
I made the tiniest one..I used a 6 inch springform pan because well,we still have shortbread~Many French people eat it on the first Sunday after New Year's Day..others on the 6th..
I love the idea of hiding a pea, a bean..or a small toy in it..the one that finds it(you must warn your guests!)..is Queen or King for a day..I used the little baby:)

You place the little treasure on top of the paste..then the layer of puff pastry on top..I remember Lipton tea always had cute little ceramic treasures..they would be ideal! I saw some recently and never thought of my cake~

We never take the tree down before the Ephiphany has come and gone here ~
It's a tradition..this year we broke tradition and it all came tumbling down today..I miss the mini lights everywhere and the feeling of the season..It came..and went~

The little baby bears a striking resemblance to one of ours:)I could eat him up too!


  1. Beautiful Monique! It looks ethereal.

    As lovely as your cake is, it's that little angel's head crowned with Happy New Year that definitely STEALS the show.

    There will be a big grin on my face all afternoon from that image.
    Always such a pleasure to visit your blog!

  2. Happy New Year Monique! What a nice cake :-) Love the explanation of the cake and the tradition that follow it! Thanks!

  3. I love your blog! I wish I had planned ahead and set aside tomorrow to bake a King's Cake. In deep south Texas this is a huge tradition. When we were living in Mexico I always looked forward to this. Whoever got the baby inside their slice of cake (which is actually a bread with frosting) then brings the cake the next year. Sweet memories...
    I'll be back for sure.
    Ladybug Creek

  4. What a lovely tradition. I love the crown on the cake. The most wonderful part of our calendars is that as one season ends it is followed by another. I'm already thinking about couer le creme for Valentine's Day. I think I'll add cocoa powder this year and see what we come up with. I also love the days of January which have no special significance that must be marked. A true respite from what has come before and will follow.

  5. Monique...
    all I can say aside from how gorgeous that little head in the crown is ...
    "I want a piece of that cake!"
    I love it...I love the true French version more than the one from New
    Orleans...maybe this year I will have to make one myself!

  6. I've never heard of King's cake. What a lovely tradition.

  7. What a great tradition! One that hasn't come to the prairie! A lovely looking cake! Thanks for sharing!

  8. M...The Kings cake is a charming tradition...oh... the baby! Perfect.
    I have been wracking my brain over this e-mail thing... I have removed it off my blog ...I cannot even email myself! from my blog.
    I have gone over everything...and I'm stumped.
    Can you try emailing from your personal email? ...Interested to see if that would even work.

    A few have mentioned difficulty in just leaving a comment on my blog...they'll come back the next day and their in...UGH!...
    I shall continue to search the problem...

    Who was king for the day?
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  9. It is a magnificent King of a cake! So majestic with that crown :) Who was the lucky one who was King for the day? ;) I know which baby you are referring to. He is so, so sweet.

  10. Would love to try your king's cake but you tiny meringue buttons looked so good.

  11. In New Orleans, they do something like this for Mardi Gras too!

  12. Oh this is something I wld love to make just for fun...its beautiful and that crown looks amazing too..Id like to have worn that :))

  13. Happy Three Kings Day!! I love your galette. It is beautiful! I love the addition of the crown.

    I just posted a Rosca de Reyes. I wish my photos would have come out as beautiful as yours did!

  14. What a great tradition! In my home we leave our shoes out for the "three kings" who bring us little gifts on this day. But I think I prefer to receive this cake!

  15. Oh lala I wish I could tell you who was King or Queen for a day..You won't believe what I did? I left the baby out:( In my haste to get the top on..I have a few babies..I took one out..while I was making the cake I thought keep a baby out to show.. well I did that part right:) Mea Culpa..Unless we ate it and never knew..but I truly don't think so now that there is a smidge of a sliver left and no baby...

    We will be just ordinary citizens of the kingdom...

    :) Have a great day!

  16. What a gorgeous King cake and beautiful presentation too. I love anything with almond paste.

  17. My tree comes down today... it always makes me sad...but if I had that cake it wouldn't be half as bad.
    Great cake!

  18. I love this tradition, Monique. Your cake is so festive. And the tradition of leaving the tree up until Epiphany is one I remember from childhood. My need to get my house back to normal usually over rides it however.

  19. What beautiful blog you have!! I discover it today fir the first time and I love it! Your King cake or galette des Rois in French seems to be delicious! Julie from France

  20. It is so much fun to learn all of these traditions. Growing up on a Canadian prairie farm, we didn't do anything for Epiphany.

  21. Bonjour Monique, je n'ai jamais fait de galette des rois mais j'aurais bien aimer goûter à la tienne car elle semble tellement bonne.

    Passe une belle journée.
    Josée xx

  22. oh im very certain u will make a spectacular looking n tasting tofu Monique! :)it will look heavenly ~in every sense of the word.

  23. What a wonderful tradition! I love almond flavor and I want to try this on just an ordinary day...with no Kings or Queens.

    A beautiful presentation as always...I probably would've forgotten to put the baby in as well ;-)


  24. Monique, we have the Galette des Rois here too! I didn't make one (or buy one either!) this year because we ate so much over the holidays. But Dan knows he's my king every day!

    LOL that you left the baby out!

  25. I remember your loving tradition and I always enjoy seeing your Galette des Rois. It does look so regal with the crown!

    Too funny about the forgotten baby :)

  26. Love the detailed photos of your Galette des Rois. I feel like I'm sitting at your table awaiting my slice. The little baby is so sweet looking, and a change of pace to the mostly blond haired ones we usually see.

  27. I had just heard of a Galette des Rois the other day and had even pulled up a recipe I was translating, but life got the best of me (assembling a new stainless steel work table for the kitchen) and before I knew it, I had run out of time and I was back to work.
    When I saw this pic I knew it was yours. The cake looks and sounds delicious. I especially like the photo of your grand son's head. To sweet!

  28. Ho beautiful your galette looks Monique..with the fleur de lis crown and snowy dusting of sugar andf the cutest "féve! Not forgetting that adorable angel on the bottom right photo, whose face we can't see, but no need, we know it is an angel!
    I forgot to put my trinket in the paste...so I will peobably have to see to the next galette too. A lovely tradition - la galetted des rois!

  29. I made one too! First time and will again. I loved it! And yours is so beautiful! Prettier than mine. I like the idea of baking it in a form.

  30. Everything about this cake is awesome. Your pictures are so unique. Love how you put the crown on top. Your family must love you for making such great food all the time.

  31. I've always wanted to make a King's Cake. I didn't have enough time in the kitchen this year. Too much travel. Maybe next year. What a beautiful tradition for you and your family.

  32. How delightful! The cake and photos are just lovely!