Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Sunny Disposition~

We went to one of my favorite grocery stores last week and I found Clementines that I could not resist:) And Chestnuts that WE could not resist..Is there anything better than roasted chestnuts and fresh clementines for an appetizer or bouche-trou:) or dessert in winter? Shelling the warm chestnuts does wonders for cold hands..
There is a saying:"Cold Hands Warm Heart"..I hope so! My hands are often cold~

Having the fresh clementines and a nice pot of yogurt..and several lovely lemons from the same store..I thought what better time to make little Lemon Yogurt Cake financiers? With Lemon Clementine syrup to be drizzled on the little financiers?
I used a Laura Calder recipe this time..
From French Food At Home~
I like that girl..and her show~

Just a little something to finish off a meal:)~They're tiny!

La Recette~

125 g yoghurt
1 cup Sugar
2 Eggs
Grated zest of 1 lemon
1½ cup Flour or powdered almonds, or semolina, or mix
1-1.5 teaspoons Baking powder
95 g neutral-tasting oil or melted butter

Heat the oven to 350ºF/180ºC.
Beat the yoghurt and the sugar together in a bowl.
Beat in the eggs and lemon zest. Sift the flour with the baking powder and beat in.
Finally, add the melted butter (or oil, although it doesn't taste quite as nice) and beat the whole mixture well.
Pour into non-stick muffin tins or a greased and floured loaf pan.
Bake until a toothpick comes out clean, about 25 minutes.
To Make Syrup-Soaked Cakes
Heat orange or lemon juice with sugar, to taste, and cook until the sugar has dissolved, 3 to 5 minutes.
Prick the tops of the cakes with a fork, and spoon the syrup over so it sinks into the cakes.


  1. how gorgeous is this! and umm, i just so happen to know where i can find a lemon or two and dare i say i have a basket of clems on my deck this very moment! now if only i could take pics like you...

    sooo pretty here 24/7, thank heavens some things are just so darn reliable!

    how did i miss elmo, new? adorable!

  2. Bon dimanche Monique, je ne cuisine pas souvent des desserts à saveur de citron et cette recette me plaît beaucoup.
    Deux petites questions, est-ce que tu as fait un mélange de farine et poudre d'amande, si oui en quelle proportion?
    J'aime beaucoup les gâteaux au yogourt, j'ai toujours quelques pots en portion de 1 tasse au congélo pour les desserts.

    Passe une belle journée.
    Josée xx

  3. on Dimanche Josée..Cette fois..j'ai uniquement utilisé de la farine non-blanchie..J'aime beaucoup la poudre d'amandes:) Je faisais vite pour faire un peu de raquette avec était déjà deux heures:)

    Quand j'ai vu Laura faire cette recette à son émission en formes de muffins..elle utilisait le petit pot de yaourt pour tout mesurer! I pot de yaourt.. 1 et demi pot de farine..:) Sympa pour faire avec les enfants.. un pot de sucre.. ..

  4. They may be tiny but they are beautiful morsels with which to end a meal.

  5. Merci beaucoup Monique, je vais essayer très bientôt cette belle recette.

    Josée xx

  6. Gorgeous morsels. After the holidays, just a bite is all I need!! I have never had a roasted chestnut...maybe someday.

  7. This is my kind of dessert - just a bite. 'bouche-trou', a new word for me.

  8. I would starve at your house, everything is too pretty to eat!

  9. These are so lovely! And, they look très délicieux!

  10. Monique....these are really lovely and your pics as always magnificent...
    I also have everything to make these...but not the little molds...hmmm I will have to get creative!

  11. Oh my! This reminds me of a sunny day in Florida. Lovely.

  12. Beautiful pictures! I continue to look for a pan to make financiers in this small rectangle size.

  13. What beautiful clementines! Those offered in the stores here are sold in little wooden crates - no pretty leaves. Yours look like they were picked from the tree - fresh!

    Beautiful petits gâteaux!

  14. Delicious! I do love Laura's recipes and her show. The clementines look so lovely, I saw the chestnuts, but to be honest I have never known what to do with them!!!
    Great photos too!
    Margaret B

  15. It does look sunny! I need was gray..
    LOL, the red Elmo..brought a BIG smile to my face!

  16. Monique, they are practically glowing! I can see halos! This I know I can make. :) How simple and beautiful!

  17. That looks so wonderful!! Love it!

  18. These look beautiful and delicious!! I love that they are tiny - the perfect bite after dinner.

    Beautiful photos, as always, Monique!

  19. Beautiful! Simply beautiful, and I'm certain they are a delight to eat.

    Gorgeous pictures, too.

  20. I've juste discovered your beautiful blog.
    everything seems délicious , happy new year

  21. Laura has the talent! Thank you..Have a great day!

  22. Le gâteau au yaourt est le premier gâteau que les enfants apprennent à faire, en France. Et c'est vrai qu'on mesure tout à l'aide du pot ! ;o)
    Ils sont,mignons, en mini portions, tes petits cakes !

  23. Whatever you make is always so breathtaking... you can make dirt look good and your writing is full of warmth and charm.... always such a pleasure to visit!

  24. This is a beautiful cake that is sure to bring sunshine to anyone's life that it blesses.

  25. Oh my! Those look insanely delicious. They turned out so perfectly. Love the combination of yogurt and lemon. I am

  26. What a beautiful bake - these are really stunning. I can imagine these tasting truly delicious, I love them!

  27. Oh my, your pictures are priceless. I'm swooning over the clementine picture!

  28. They may be tiny, but the taste probably lingers on in one's mind.

  29. Hmmmm, I WAS going to make banana bread tomorrow...these look so much more enticing. I love seeing the leaves on the clementines. It makes me think I may have plucked them right off of the tree, in a nice warm climate!

    Thanks, Monique....Diane

  30. Great receipe, it looks so good, and diet !

  31. Love these Clementine bites! I've always loved clementines, even their romantic name.

    And, btw, I just caught a glimpse of Elmo, the snowman.
    My day is starting off right.

  32. Those look magical and fairy like! How cld I have missed this post? Im bookmarking this. Gorgeous pics give everything a special glow.

  33. What a fresh wonderful blog you have!!!
    This recipe looks so beautiful and so easy!
    I'm Phyllis :) nice to meet you!