Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soul Food #39~

A photograph never grows old. You and I change, people change all through the months and years but a photograph always remains the same. How nice to look at a photograph of mother or father taken many years ago. You see them as you remember them. But as people live on, they change completely. That is why I think a photograph can be kind.
-Albert Einstein

This is a photo of my dad outside his summer home before he married my mom..
I love the photo and wonder who the photographer was..I think it's an amazing photo ~ The perspective..the people..the home..the car..I can feel what type of day it was..
I wish I had one million old photos of my family..
I know of someone who does great honor to her old photographs..If ever you have time.. Go peek at Celestial Charms..Mondays with Mother and Fridays with Father..I hope she never runs out of photos or words~♥

I had some time in the afternoon Sunday..I have a very old linen tablecloth that is in tatters and I am saving pieces..Trying to give them an extra breath of life~

I stitched a little bag.. kept some of the embroidery at the top to slide my ribbon through..Stamped on some Iron on fabric a small Carte Postale.. added a gem where a hole was at the back..and stitched a ♥ charm to the front~
I may keep treasures in it~


  1. The photo of your father looks like something out of "Great Gatsby" Love the car and the perspective and the words and the bag, made from the old to hold tiny treasures so they may stay together. Such a sweet post.

  2. you know i already told you great gatsby too, so sweet all the treasures you keep~

  3. Your treasures can't be replaced. I think it's wonderful to see our parents when they were young. The bag is quite lovely and very "green". Have a wonderful day.

  4. Wonderful photo of your parents. Your treasure bag is lovely. I love Maureen's blog she has such an artful way of glimpsing into the past.

  5. I love old photos as well . . and on rainy days enjoy looking at them again! Brings back wonderful memories.

    Love your new bag -- how clever of you!

  6. Beautiful photo indeed... and I didn't know you do needle work as well. Very very pretty.

  7. I also treasure such photos of old. Thank you for your kindness and sweet comments. You're an amazing woman.....blessings....lylah

  8. M~ I remember. That photo took my breath away when you shared it with me. You did it again. :) It is beyond priceless.

    I just adore how have you have refashioned the table linen into a lovely new piece, blending yesterday with today so seamlessly. Very, very nice.

  9. I love your posting. This is so much of what I love best. Old photos and stories. This is inspiration for me to get back into it a little more.
    I'll visit the blog you recommended for sure.
    Ladybug Creek

  10. Your father was a very handsome man! I agree - gorgeous picture. I wish we had kept a lot of our pictures too...

  11. I honestly love all your stories. Lovely old pictures and memories.

  12. Nana, your photos ... they are all wonderful. But this one. This one is just special. It looks like a scene out of a Hollywood classic, where all the men were handsome and all the women were beautiful. I can't believe this one is REAL. Not from some studio, but from someone's (your) collection. It took my breath away. Treasure. Thank you for sharing this personal piece with us.

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  14. What a fabulous photo...I have a wall in my home, a hall way with many framed old sepia family photos...I love to walk by everyday and see Mom as a baby, my Dad as well...all of the relatives...

    Great Gatsby was the first thing to come to my mind...

    This past weekend we spent some time looking at our oldest videos of when I was pregnant with my first baby...a few early birthdays and felt so good, to see my Dad again and hear his voice and laughter, I miss him so...

    Just as it feels good to come to your blog every morning...
    Thanks Monique!

  15. It sure is amazing. What wonderful memories to have!
    My old family photos are no where nearly that glamorous.

  16. Thank you~

    Believe me our family photos as the years went by were not as glamorous..:)

    Linda I love our old movies too..although I have to confess..sometimes I say out loud what was I thinking wearing that?:)

    This photo and others are from a collection of a cousin of mine..she scanned and emailed them to me ap. 2 yrs ago..I had tears of course..
    Have a wonderful day ..and thank you for sharing your comments~

  17. What a treasure! precious beyond words! oh my....that picture of your father is aboslutely a movie..the car is a beauty...n ur dad so good looking.

    n how wonderful to make old things new again! lovely stitching and the embroidery is lovey...n the little heart! perfect. perfect post!

  18. Monique, what a wonderful keepsake. Your father looks so debonaire.

  19. Bonjour Monique, la photo est tellement belle, tout comme toi j'apprécie ces témoins d'un moment passé, c'est toujours magique pour moi.

    C'est une très bonne idée pour ton sac et il est vraiment beau, j'ai gardé justement quelques tissus récupéré pour faire de petites choses pour la maison. Je n'aime pas jeter surtout lorsque les pièces sont brodés ou crochetés.

    Passe une belle journée.
    Josée xx

  20. I love old photos and that one of your father is astounding. It looks like a scene from a movie!

  21. You're correct, you can almost smell the warm summer air mixed with the puff of an engine from long ago. And what were they thinking....your dad so handsome and proud...the lady on the porch, casually perched. Where was he off to? We can only imagine.

    I have photos of my dad in his Navy uniform, so trim and fit. Think of all of the gems of pics you'll have for your family.

    I love the bag...I too, repurpose vintage fabrics, buttons and ribbons. It would be fun to share one day.


  22. What an absolutely fabulous photo. When I look at it, I'm just waiting for the scene to become alive. It is almost like a dream, exquisite! Thanks for mentioning my blog. This post is right up my alley! Photographs are glimpses into both the past and the present.

  23. Whoever that photographer was knew what they were doing. I love everything about it. I wish I had old photos like that of my family!

    That little bag you made is worthy of treasures. It's so pretty!

  24. So Romantic...Your post!
    You did make a little bag...Now you've inspired me!!!!I have the SAME stamp!!!!!!I love that you used old linens...great photos...
    I agree with everyones words about your dapper father...the car , porch, such a steller day!
    Wonderful you recieved some photos to dream about...and remember...xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  25. My dad is surely smiling:)Thank you:)

    He was dapper..that's why my mom fell in love I am sure:)

    Of course..she was Grace Kelly to me:)

  26. Oh Monique I have few photos of my wonderful dad too and I love looking at them, he never ages in them and I can hear his voice and remember his lttle quirks. I love it. Your dad is lovely. and you beautiful little bag what a treasure, you clever lady.

  27. I knew you got you good looks from your mother but now I see your father had something to do with it also :) Wonderful photo of him! It's funny how so many pictures of that generation the men are standing or sitting in their automobiles.

  28. What a gorgeous photo! The picture gives me such nice feelings. I love seeing bits of your life. Thanks!

  29. Oh, Monique, I love your treasure bag. I'm wondering what I would put in one...

  30. I look forward to your address Kate~:)

    Thank you..
    My dad and mom were a glamorous pair at one time..I am sure they still are:)