Friday, January 1, 2010

Pour Commencer l'Année en Douceur~

They look like little pastry shop treats..

If mine turned out..yours will also..

They are as femininely dainty as can be~

They could be served at this shop and be so appropriate!

La Recette

I used 3 egg whites I let them sit out of the fridge ap 15 min

150 gr of ultra fine sugar
pinch of salt
a tsp of vinegar..
Rose Wilton food coloring.. gel..
I beat my egg whites in the KA.. slowly poured the sugar..added the pinch of salt and then the vinegar.. I used a small 1/4 inch wood dab some food coloring..
I had glossy stiff pale pink peaks..
I filled a pastry bag w/ a big funneled tip..
And made the meringues on my Silpat..
I baked on convection about 210 F.. for ap 1/2 hr and they were done.
I love these and can see my future having many colors:)
They kept their shape.. and taste just like I thought they would..


A lovely, sweet ... and petite beginning to the New Year..

Footnote..I was asked about the tip I the back you can see the regular tips we use..and at the front are my larger ones..I use a plastic snip off end bag..I have an accoutrement for the larger ones also but didn't use it..just snipped the bag..placed the tip..added the stiff meringue mixture and piped..I wish I knew how to use all these tips:) The round one at the front is for the next time I try Macarons.I am so in love with how they look..If you missed Julia's December posts..Go see:)You are in for a treat.Perfect macarons..all different and festive and beautiful~

I hope this helps.Bonne Chance~


  1. i saw the wand first, then the food, its funny how i look for your details and always come away with a smile~

    such a sweet beginning to a new year, cheers to my nbf, who needs champagne, give me cookies and tea!

  2. Beautiful! (I seem to say that about ALL of your images Monique, ever since day one.) :)

    These remind me of light and airy kisses ~ what an elegant way to begin a new year.

    All the best to you and your gorgeous family in 2010. xo

  3. How adorable they are! They would be so cute for a ladies' luncheon or shower.

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family, M!

  4. Happy New Year, Monique! What a wonderful start to the new year, with something pretty and sweet! Ooooh, I made pink meringues too ... last year, remember? Both of us now have girly meringues for company! LOL. I love everything that you make. They are always magical and perfect. It's that wand, right? ;)

  5. These are beautiful. I love the soft pink tint.

  6. Such a tasty way to welcome in 2010 Monique.

  7. Happy New Year M. I love this series of pictures. Especially the last one.

  8. Si belle, Monique. Je vais faire tout de suite. Maintenant de décider sur une couleur ... ;D

    (I hope I wrote that correctly...) Ack!

    Here's to more beautiful and serene posts from one of my favorite fellow bloggers!

  9. You have to show us Lori! J'ai tout compris ce que tu m'as dit:)

    Ju how can I forget pearls and meringues?:)Great post about Kuala Lumpur!

    Have a great day everyone..a little light snow.. and grey here for our first day of 2010.

  10. Lovely!!! I am always inspired when I visit you!! These are so darling, I think that they are just the right thing for a sweet something with a cup of tea!!!
    Hugs and Happy 2010!
    Margaret B

  11. Happy New Year Monique! As always, your photos are beautiful and inspiring!

  12. Pretty in Pink. Monique your meringues are sweet and beautiful just like you.


  13. so beautiful and so sweet!!! the perfect beginning..... kisses

  14. Oh my, so pretty! I feel magical. Happy New Year, Monique. I just got back to the States last night after being for 2 1/2 weeks in Australia. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog! I missed you.

  15. Hello! Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment! I love these sweets, so girly and lovely... and the rose cup is a perfect addition for a stunning shot!
    Happy New Year,

  16. Magical, indeed! You have no idea how much inspiration you bring to me! I am vowing for making more time for the things I love this year, and one big one is cooking!
    Happy New year, sweet one!
    xo Isa

  17. A New Year treat fit for a fairy princess...I think that might be you!
    Happy New Year!

  18. So sad - mine didn't turn out anything like your beautiful ones. What size tip did you use?

  19. You have no idea how much you all inspire me.. is dark here now..tomorrow I will take a photo of my tip.It's not a regular one... It's a very large one ..the one I use to pipe mashed potatoes as rosettes..Many of the recipe blogs suggest a much longer baking time..but mine were done after that time..could that be your problem?

    I will take a photo:) stay tuned!

  20. Oooh, thank you! Mine were much smaller (and less shapely) but still very tasty - just not pretty like yours. Thank you again for responding to my distress. They baked up nicely in the convection oven. I *will* stay tuned. :-)

  21. Nana....thanks for your very kind words.

    On a fat note: I must make these and when I do and they attach to my . . .uh . . sides . . .I will just smile and thank you!

    Happy New Year! Lylah

  22. Happy New Year, Monique...your meringues are so enchanting! Once again we are on the same wavelength. I made meringues today and was going to post in the next few days!! Just amazing.

    You always seem to make magic...thank you. Sheer delight!


  23. I love meringues too. Yours are like fragile little fairy cookies - gorgeous!
    Happy new year Monique. Hope it's a wonderful one for you.

  24. Oh M...The palest of Pink Meringues...How PRETTY...
    I will make them on the 11th.
    I'm hosting a late Girlfriends Christmas Luncheon...
    Your newest little one= will be a charmer...he has already captured my heart....sigh...
    Happiest new year to you and your Beau family...
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  25. These are lavishly sweet and exquisitely beautiful Monique! im amazed as always by your posts :)

    I would also like to thank you for the extremely kind and generous comment you left on Ju's post about our meet up. You are very very kind.:)


  26. Just a little footnote..I added a photo of the tip to help~ Bonne Chance..

  27. Thank you for adding the photo of the tip. I will try again!

  28. Simply gorgeous. They make me want to play with meringue the rest of the day. Sadly, my tips are haphazardly jumbled into an old shoe box.

  29. Quelles minions! I love the barely pink color too. Happy New Year!

  30. so pretty like little fairy drops sweet sweet. Happy New Year

  31. Those meringues looks very pretty - I love using piping tips - they just make everything look nicer! A great recipe to use all my egg whites!

  32. I dont want to miss to say happy new year monique, have a great 2010. I m looking for upcoming wonderful posts of you. anja

  33. A wonderful post, Monique, a New Year's present to all your readers. You've inspired me once again to get out my pastry bags and tips and see if I can create some magic with them. This year my resolution is to make a presentable macaron. Good luck to me!

  34. These are so pretty and elegant - what a beautiful way to set off the new year. I hope you have a brilliant 2010!