Friday, January 8, 2010


I often read on my favorite French blogs a reference to "Confiture de Coings"~

Coings? What were they? Funnily enough I had never seen one here..I guess until I looked:)

When we were in Provence our most memorable breakfasts were at La Ferme De La Huppe..and one home made jam they served..the taste was unfamiliar to us and we loved it on our croissants..
Well after finding mes "Coings"..I made some jam yesterday and assuredly..this was the jam we loved of course.. everytime we open the jar..La Ferme De La Huppe..Our beautiful table,the pretty decor..and good food..come right back to us..

It is here to stay with us..

I found a video of a recipe that I thought looked interesting here..

I modified the recipe by cooking it less it was not like a gelée..just a thick rich jam..The addition of the vanilla sugar works for us..Our home smelled like heaven:)

I used just regular cane sugar..
La Recette

My way..
3 beautiful large Coings..Quince
1 kilo sugar
2 envelopes vanilla sugar or home made vanilla sugar
I peeled and quartered and cut up the quince and put in in a prepared bowl w/ water and lemon juice to prevent browning..
I put one kilo of sugar and two small glasses of water in a non reactive pot on my stove..once melted I added the drained quince.. some lemon juice..big rinds of the lemon and the equivalent of 2 vanilla sugar packets w/ one cinnamon stick..I omitted the cloves..My husband is not en amour with cloves..and I have never quite been en amour with that spice in a jam either..

I brought everything to a boil and simmered covered for ap 45 mins.. I then removed the cover and continued to simmer until it looked right to ,orange~ish..but not like jelly..
I put it in my sterilized jars and hot water bathed it also....I like the new small jars I found in the states:) And I hope to make Diane's scones soon to try w/ this..:)they look divine..

It made 4 jars..

I know it is laden w/ sugar..this is a treat and we don't devour:) We are careful and a treat..
I love it~


  1. This is beautiful. I love quince jelly/jam. I serve it with manchego cheese and other cheeses. Also a nice addition to a sauce for pork.

  2. le coing est l'un de mes fruits préférés.Ma mamie avait un cognacier dans son jardin qui donnait des fruits aux deux ans. Je peux t'assurer qu'elle n'en perdait aucun, elle faisait beaucoup de gelées, confitures et gâteaux !
    ta gelée a une couleur superbe :)

  3. What lovely color. This will be perfect on scones or crumpets. It is a lovely photo.

  4. What a lovely recipe for something I have never tasted before. It looks lovely in the small Ball jars, I love that size and keep dried herbs in them. Have a happy weekend.

  5. I've never had quinces. I have no idea what they taste like. I love, love, love your little jars.

  6. Evening M...
    A very pretty jam...color is unique.
    Just rearranged my baking cupboard and used those sweet jars for baking sprinkles and crystals...
    Would be nice for many things.
    I love to make jams...trying to eliminate sugars this depressing does that sound!Lol,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  7. Beautiful Monique...
    I love those tiny jars...they are so sweet! I have never seen them here...

  8. It's so true what you said - "until I looked". So many things go unnoticed until we really look ;) I have never tried Quince but it looks beautiful the way you made the jam. With Diane's scones - perfect! And Provence. WHEN will I ever get a chance to visit that magical place? :(

  9. Oh M, this brings back fond memories!

    W's darling grandmother (really a sweet woman) would make quince jam every year. At holiday time she would decorate the little jars with pretty fabric toppers and ribbon and give a jar with a little loaves of homemade breads.

    You have touched my heart with your post. xo

  10. That looks so good Nana. We used to have a quince tree in our back garden when I was a girl. Sadly it never produced much fruit. I have seen quince cheese/jelly (to slice and serve on a cheese tray) in our shops, but never many quince. I shall be looking out for some so that I can make this delicious jam!! xxoo

  11. Nostalgie, quand tu nous tiens !
    I can imagine, you open your jar, you smell, you taste and you're in France !
    The color is really wonderfull, one of my prefered jam

  12. Nice memories for everyone:) Of nanas and travel..and our mutual admiration for all cute little jars:)Ju..I hope you get back one day soon~Have a wonderful day!

  13. My association of quince is with cheese and wine. Never had I bothered to find out what it looks like... thanks to you, I have learnt something new today.

  14. I'm not sure I've ever seen a quince fruit either, but then I've also never looked for them.

    They look like beautiful pears.

    I would love some of your confiture on my toast this morning ;)

  15. Monique, what beautiful jam! I love those little jars too. I wish we could get them here. We have quince in our market from time to time, but I've never bought it. Next time I see it I'll have to try this recipe. Thanks!

  16. I've seen quince in the market but have never known what to make with them. This jame is a beautiful color and sounds wonderful. I would love a little taste on a warm scone.

  17. I haven't seen quince in the market, though to be honest, I've not looked for it before. I can't wait to give this a try as you've made it sound so heavenly!! I'm now on a mission to find a quince or two or three!! :D

  18. Quince jam is are your beautiful photos! I made some with rosewater and loved it... your recipe with vanilla... must try that next!

  19. A-ha! Quince...I had no idea. And I've never tasted quince jam. Yes Ju, wouldn't it be great to have a real smorgasborg from food bloggers posts? Maybe someday....

    Cheers, Diane

  20. Quince is one thing I have never cooked with. Wouldn't even know what to do with it. Thanks for your recipe. It looks so nice!

    Love the pic of your littlest one on the side bar. Too cute!!!!

  21. I have never tried quince altho when I 'looked' recently I think I saw them. at least it looked like quince. I must look again. How true what u say.:)

    those jars are beyond adorable...and perfect for the beautiful jam.

  22. I love quince - especially paste with cheese - I have never tried jam - or gelee - but it sounds divine and so easy to make too!

  23. Hi Monique, can you email me? I will send you the link to the table light that I have.

  24. Me revoilà parmi vous ! Avec ce billet sur les coings, tu me combles ... Si tu en retrouves, tu dois absolument essayer l'eau de coing dont je parlais il y a quelque temps. Ici, on l'appelle aigo de coudoun ... Je suis en train de déguster ma première "fournée" et c'est absolument fabuleux !
    PLein de grosses bises et à très vite

  25. Love love love quince jam. Your pictures are beautiful :)

  26. je découvre ton blog, il est superbe ! les photos sont géniales et cette confiture de coings est un pure délice !
    bises céline

  27. oh, how i miss provence...i miss it even more now.

  28. We have quince jam with brie. I've never thought of making it. Thank you for the recipe and for the little trip to Provence. So beautiful!

  29. Such beautiful photos of my favourite foods...qqoing!
    your confiture looks divine too...perfect with some freshly baked flaky why don't I see such a bread on this post too? Or is it still coming?