Monday, January 18, 2010

Soul Food #38 me.

Missing here..his first real Chess game w/ grandad..our SuperSpy journeys with flashlights through the basement:)Cars..Dinosaurs..Legos..Lunch..
We were going to go out and build a snowman..but he had a cold and no snowpants..The snow is deep here..he needed snowpants....

These are the Days Of Our Lives:)Well some of the best Days Of Our Lives...:)


  1. So enchanting! A gorgeous love..

  2. Et qu'est-ce qu'il faut en profiter, de ces bons moments de la vie ! ;o)
    Tes petits sont vraiment magnifiques, tu sais ?
    Bisous et bonne journée
    PS : Je dirai à Paul que tu as un jour rencontré les Stones ... Il va être terriblement jaloux ! ;o)

  3. I love these posts, Monique!! My favorite 'artwork' is from my little grandmunchkin. It hangs on my fridge, though I think I should have it framed!!

  4. Love....pure Love.
    the art work!!!!brilliant!

    the lemon Yogurt financiers below won my heart...I could taste them actually as you described them.
    We love clementines, xoxo~Kathy.

  5. who are you kidding, best YEARS OF YOUR LIFE!

  6. Like sand through an hourglass...

    What sweet Days of Your Lives!

    Our day is tomorrow ;)

  7. une telle joie et un réel bonheur tous ces moments de la vie !
    Mais pourquoi ton bonhomme de neige est rose ?
    si tu veux, j'ai un prix pour toi sur mon blog
    a bientôt

  8. Awww. So sweet. Love seeing these little snippets of your life. The pictures are gorgeous! Love your style.

  9. What a sweet child. What a fond and charming grandmother. This was a lovely post.

  10. The joys of being with your loved ones.....

  11. Beautiful photos..all of them. A magical charm shines through each one of them. Sometimes the camera can indeed catch it!

  12. I can feel their carefree and being who they really are. What treasured moments you share with us...I still have boxes of those masterpieces from my grand kids yet. You make me look forward to them.

    We just had another snowstorm...enough!

    Have a good evening!


  13. Thank you..Rays of sunshine for me the little ones. You don't expect it to be this GRAND..and yet it is and more~

    it's been grey and dark for over 1 week now..My car was a sheet of ice this am..

    Have a great evening!

  14. Oh how I miss delicious little boys...but I still have delicious big boys :)...I hope I get to see the next generation...
    What a super Nana you are...
    I love your pics!You are very special

  15. Sweet, sweet post! I enjoyed every picture and word. xo

  16. You are truly blessed with a great family. I love these little snippets that you share with us. It reminds me the world is a great place.

  17. Couldn't stop smiling :) They are so precious. I am glad you all had a wonderful time together. I can feel the closeness you have. :)

  18. Lucky kids! Lucky Nana!

    See my blog for a surprise!

  19. What a sweet post. Aren't you lucky?
    I remember playing Dollhouse with my daughter and thinking "I should remember this moment, it may never come again". Other experiences have come and gone, but playing dollhouse remains my favorite.
    Enjoy those delicious babies.

  20. they really are the best days of your lives so sweet

  21. These are the types of images that lift my spirits and warm my soul, not matter how fierce the January winds roar.

  22. Oh, Monique, you are just amazing. Never fail to impress. With your gorgeous photos, and recipes, your captions, your devine appreciationof all things precious. You are a lovely lady.
    Cheers Mon ami..Teresa...